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Need ACPI\HPQ6007\3&2411E6FE&0 Driver for my

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Hi I just did a clean install of 8.1 pro on my notebook to free up some more space for my ssd and I have found every Driver but this one. In the driver details it lists Need ACPI\HPQ6007\3&2411E6FE&0 Any help with this would be amazing. Thank You.[More]

New system, MSI X800XT PCI-E Issues

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Hi there! I just bought a new motherboard, new ram, new cpu and new videocard and was eagerly wanting to set this stuff up.   My system is now as follows: Motherboard: MSI 925X Neo-54G CPU: P4 3.40Ghz (1 Mb L2 Cache) (Socket 775) RAM: 1 GByte DDR2 53[More]

Need help with audiodrivers.

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Got a Hp Nettle 2 motherboard in my pc from a  i need drivers for audio to windows 7 64bit. i have tryed to install and it says reboot and then it dosent show up in device manager. got an error trying to manually add it in device manager in[More]

About my earlier post

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i tried to respond to it, unfortunately, because of this program, adobe flash player 11, i am unable to do so. i un-installed it and downloaded and re-installed version 10.3 and still i'm having the same problems. i am also unable to see what is in t[More]

Sound Drivers

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Hello, I have an Hp pavilion dv7-4060us, and my sound drivers haven't been updated since 2010.  They are IDT HD audio Codecs, and I went to the IDT site, and couldn't find them.  I also emailed the IDT support team, and they said they couldn't help m[More]

Green Screen on HP 15 with AMD Radeon R2

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I am having a similar problem on a laptop that my wife had just purchased for herself through her college, it is no more then a week old, and all flash powered games and videos are only showing green screens (for videos) and a notice that I need to u[More]

Looking for dv7-1130us ENE0100\3 for Windows 8

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I installed Win 8 x64 and in "Problem Devices" found device ACPI\ENE0100\3&2411E6FE&0 because ther was no driver found. Searching for driver via Windows 8 update and calling Microsoft provided no help. What is this device and is there a[More]

Performance issues in latest PPAPI Flash Player releases?

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Hi there, I've recently noticed some pretty serious performance issues in the latest versions of the PPAPI Flash Player in Chrome. I'm using: Windows 7 64-bit Chrome Version 41.0.2272.101 m (64-bit) Flash Player PPAPI Version: I've noticed[More]

Unable to install lan realtek rtl8101 and network controller driver on windows server 2008

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Hi Guys, i am trying to install realtek rtl 8101 f amily driver and network controller driver on windows server 2008 but unable to install. Hp device Model.:- hp pavilion g4 1303au Model no.:- 5c03213jsh network controller Device ID: PCI\VEN_168C&DEV[More]

3d Enabling? Help Photoshop CC

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Hi, uh I just want to run the 3d option in Photoshop. Can someone tell me how to do so? It tells me I need I think like 512mb of vram. Here's my info. Name     AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics PNP Device ID     PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9802&SUBSYS_169A103C&[More]

Missing Controllers & Drivers

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Hi all. My HP Pavilion g6 crashed a while ago and had to format it. Uploaded Windows 7 Ultimate. Now my laptop is missing drivers & controllers. I suspect these d & c's were factory installed as i didnt recieve any recovery disc when i purchased t[More]

Devices Drivers

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Cannot get my card reader to work since I reinstalled Windows 8.1. And there are 3 other devices in Device Manager that has a yellow ! in front of it. PCI Device, PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_5229&SUBSYS_213C103C&REV_01\4&110ac11b&0&0012, ACPI[More]

HP Hard Drive 3D protection software

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Hi. After reinstalling the windows I have unrecognized deviceACPI\HPQ6007\3&2411E6FE&0 I've managed to find that it is a HP 3D HD protection device thing - I am guessing acceleration sensor?and if I am correct required driver is sp67280.exe Since[More]

Flash Player High Memory and CPU

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Hi, I can't find any information, or solutions to this. Ever since Flash updated to the version, it is using a ton of memory, and high cpu. I have everything updated(windows,browsers,plug-in's,video..etc) I am on Windows 8.1 using Firefox[More]

Interesting problem here - when I switch the player off (it gives me the "Shutting down" screen) it powers down, and then decides to switch itself on again! Recently I put a bit more music on there (which caused it to crash more than regularly - [More]
There have been a few comments / complaints / articles around the web regarding the T430s and difficulties using multiple monitors. But since this capabilitiy is clearly documented in all of Lenovo's specifications and marketing literature, I went ah [More]
good evening bro, iam tried as u mentioned n created new volume when i click finish after  finish new simple volume it showing "the operation you selected will convert the selected basic disk to dynamic disk. if u convert the disk to dynamic , u wil [More]
got a ipod for my daughter unable to imessage to work/activate.... cheersTry the steps provided in the article below: iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime and iMessage activationRead other 2 answers [More]
hi there please help me out i have been using iphone and my 4s got wet in rain and after that issue i got a problem that my speaker are not working for music and videos but my ringtone rings and i could hear my calls in loudspeaker and then after som [More]
Whats up guys, I want to find or make a graphics animation to put into a birthday video i'm editing for my 1 year old nephew.The software I'm using is Final Cut Pro on a Mac. The animation could be something like toys moving around in a room or playg [More]
Hi experts, I am getting data in hexadecimal format  "#SBP0#1123456789 #SBS01 " while transfering  to internal table it appears in field as SBPO1 1123456789 SBS01 but i want SBS01 1123456789 SBS01 Please tell me how to convert the above hexadeci [More]
Hi Experts             I have created a ztable and transported to production system.            Now i need to delete one column, or change the data element and domain, is it possible, will it create any problems.         if data already exists for a [More]
hello,  I was wondering if anyone know how to fix this little (annoying) problem I have with the T61. Basically, I use the trackpoint more than the touchpad and therefore I use the two trackpoint buttons right below the space bar. My problem is, the [More]
I have Acrobat 4.0 installed on our Win 2003 server but I can not see Adobe Distiller in my printers and Faxes. Can anyone tell me how to add the Distiller printer/ Where is it located? Which driver should I use? ThanksPost your question in the forum [More]