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Need ACPI\HPQ6007\3&2411E6FE&0 Driver for my

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Hi I just did a clean install of 8.1 pro on my notebook to free up some more space for my ssd and I have found every Driver but this one. In the driver details it lists Need ACPI\HPQ6007\3&2411E6FE&0 Any help with this would be amazing. Thank You.[More]

New system, MSI X800XT PCI-E Issues

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Hi there! I just bought a new motherboard, new ram, new cpu and new videocard and was eagerly wanting to set this stuff up.   My system is now as follows: Motherboard: MSI 925X Neo-54G CPU: P4 3.40Ghz (1 Mb L2 Cache) (Socket 775) RAM: 1 GByte DDR2 53[More]

Need help with audiodrivers.

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Got a Hp Nettle 2 motherboard in my pc from a  i need drivers for audio to windows 7 64bit. i have tryed to install and it says reboot and then it dosent show up in device manager. got an error trying to manually add it in device manager in[More]

About my earlier post

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i tried to respond to it, unfortunately, because of this program, adobe flash player 11, i am unable to do so. i un-installed it and downloaded and re-installed version 10.3 and still i'm having the same problems. i am also unable to see what is in t[More]

Sound Drivers

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Hello, I have an Hp pavilion dv7-4060us, and my sound drivers haven't been updated since 2010.  They are IDT HD audio Codecs, and I went to the IDT site, and couldn't find them.  I also emailed the IDT support team, and they said they couldn't help m[More]

Green Screen on HP 15 with AMD Radeon R2

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I am having a similar problem on a laptop that my wife had just purchased for herself through her college, it is no more then a week old, and all flash powered games and videos are only showing green screens (for videos) and a notice that I need to u[More]

Looking for dv7-1130us ENE0100\3 for Windows 8

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I installed Win 8 x64 and in "Problem Devices" found device ACPI\ENE0100\3&2411E6FE&0 because ther was no driver found. Searching for driver via Windows 8 update and calling Microsoft provided no help. What is this device and is there a[More]

Performance issues in latest PPAPI Flash Player releases?

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Hi there, I've recently noticed some pretty serious performance issues in the latest versions of the PPAPI Flash Player in Chrome. I'm using: Windows 7 64-bit Chrome Version 41.0.2272.101 m (64-bit) Flash Player PPAPI Version: I've noticed[More]

Unable to install lan realtek rtl8101 and network controller driver on windows server 2008

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Hi Guys, i am trying to install realtek rtl 8101 f amily driver and network controller driver on windows server 2008 but unable to install. Hp device Model.:- hp pavilion g4 1303au Model no.:- 5c03213jsh network controller Device ID: PCI\VEN_168C&DEV[More]

3d Enabling? Help Photoshop CC

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Hi, uh I just want to run the 3d option in Photoshop. Can someone tell me how to do so? It tells me I need I think like 512mb of vram. Here's my info. Name     AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics PNP Device ID     PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9802&SUBSYS_169A103C&[More]

Missing Controllers & Drivers

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Hi all. My HP Pavilion g6 crashed a while ago and had to format it. Uploaded Windows 7 Ultimate. Now my laptop is missing drivers & controllers. I suspect these d & c's were factory installed as i didnt recieve any recovery disc when i purchased t[More]

Devices Drivers

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Cannot get my card reader to work since I reinstalled Windows 8.1. And there are 3 other devices in Device Manager that has a yellow ! in front of it. PCI Device, PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_5229&SUBSYS_213C103C&REV_01\4&110ac11b&0&0012, ACPI[More]

HP Hard Drive 3D protection software

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Hi. After reinstalling the windows I have unrecognized deviceACPI\HPQ6007\3&2411E6FE&0 I've managed to find that it is a HP 3D HD protection device thing - I am guessing acceleration sensor?and if I am correct required driver is sp67280.exe Since[More]

Flash Player High Memory and CPU

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Hi, I can't find any information, or solutions to this. Ever since Flash updated to the version, it is using a ton of memory, and high cpu. I have everything updated(windows,browsers,plug-in's,video..etc) I am on Windows 8.1 using Firefox[More]

I have been trying to download the newest version of itunes, but an error message kept occurring and I haven't been able to complete the download.  So to fix this problem, I decided to delete itunes and all of its components and start fresh.  I am ab [More]
Hi, I have Oracle 11g ODAC installed on my Application server that has 32 bit Windows 2008 Standard. The Oracle database 10g is installed on another 2008 server. On database server I can connect using SQLPlus. But on application server I [More]
I used Pages '09 to create and maintain a test log covering some 16 hours of testing effort. Now that I want to open the file Pages reports: The document "Parallels Test" couldn't be opened. I was still able to QuickView the document in Finder. [More]
Hi, im looking at the following scenario for a DRM encryption and hosting service for a client of mine: short term: serving 150 books per year with 5000 copies each long term: serving 1000 books per year with 20,000 copies per book per year. i'm a fr [More]
Guys, Iam loading the data from AS/400 TO ORACLE Using ODI interface. Iam using LKM SQL TO ORACLE AND IKM SQL CONTROL APPEND. I have set the array fetch size and Batch update size to 200 and ODI_INIT_HEAP=256m ODI_MAX_HEAP=4096m Iam trying to load 4. [More]
Hi, I am facing a problem when i run the workflow for booking participation request. The following error happens when the workflow reaches a step which is a sub-workflow. Error when processing node '0000000425' (ParForEach index 000000) Error when cr [More]
OS X Lion. When dragging a file from Downloads folder to desktop I acquire a sudden video flicker/scramble on my displayAhh, I'd forgotten about that feature since it is not really that easy to find and I always use MPEG Streamclip which does an outs [More]
We have regularly updated Firefox on Windows Vista, with McAfee provided by our ISP (BT, a UK telecoms ISP). Because of our young children, and my dislike of having to be wired into every little thing, social media is generally disallowed, except tha [More]
Hi All, I want to create a Flex application that will communicate with the facebook chat interface, did someone do it before? Thanks, Lioryou should be able to update if you connect your phone to iTunes on the computer. Create a backup first and then [More]
I made an account 2 year ago (i had an ipod) and now i bought an ipad and when i want to buy stuff on the app store with my ipad apple ask me for my security question and i dont remember the answer and when i send the security question by email i rec [More]