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E-commerce sites

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Does anyone know of a good one-stop source for legal and tax info on e-commerce? I'd like to be able to suggest it to my clients (and keep as a reference for myself, of course)...Hi Slav. If you want to have a look at sites based on WebAS and BSP try[More]

Can anybody tell me which are the official site built on oracle portal

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i want to view some websites built on oracle portal. pl provide me some good urls to view and check sitesQuickest way to see a variety of sites that have been created using Oracle Portal would be to Google for some of the common parts of portal page[More]

Any e-commerce sites on NW Web AS success stories?

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Hi, I am just wondering are any e-commerce sites running successfully on NW Web AS? Or it is not suppose to be? Can anybody provide me with URLs here? Apart of which is not best example in availability so far . Thanks. Slav.Hi Slav. I[More]

Closing windows version using "x" at top right corner of screen or selecting Exit from file menu makes iTunes clear the screen, but it's still runnning. I have to do a ctrl-alt-del and then manually quit the process tree. Otherwise, re-clicking [More]
I didn't realize until it was too late that Mavericks would be unable to run Canon and HP software we've been using for years. Now what??Canon stopped producing this application several years ago. My Image Garden and Easy PhotoPrint are the new produ [More]
I was using this iPod on a Macbook Pro last night, doing a transfer on Music Rescue. Halfway through the transfer the program crashed, and my iPod's data got corrupted. I hooked it up to my Macbook Pro and the computer wouldn't recognize it. I then h [More]
Once you have done fun stuff with BitmapData in Flash 8 is there anyway you can export the image back to a server as a JPEG or PNG? TIA Kevinyes, check mario klingemann's bitmapexporter class: other 2 [More]
I was using software update to get 10.5.8 and the garageband update but when the files were downloaded and about to be installed, I received the error message: "installer could not validate contents of the (garageband/10.5.8) package". I have lo [More]
Hi, I am having some difficulty creating a SWF file that had a FLV embedded that is completely clickable at any point during the video. Created a new Flash document and imported the video, using the "Progressive download" option.   I have tried [More]
Except for those who run cute lil' programs that could disorient or disrupt the system, possessing someone's MAC is possessing the 'true name' of at least one portion of their computer. Follow the computer in your accumulated files, and somewhere, th [More]
Please help!! I made the mistake of putting some of the most info in my life into notes on my Iphone 4 and then backed them up to the Icloud!!  Yesterday I was about to sell my Iphone so I decided it would be a good idea to wipe clean the phone so th [More]
Hi Experts, I am working on a IDOC to file Scenario. Sometimes the scenario works perfectly and the files are generated successfull Somtimes the status of the messages are "HOLDING" in  RWB--->MessageMonitoring---->Adapter Engine(Messages [More]
<SPAN>Hi.............. I have just had my sleek photo replaced, now when I?m downloading from napster to go it keeps locking up. <SPAN>I have download 30+ albums and now I keep getting ' your portable device is not responding' errors. <SPAN [More]