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E-commerce sites

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Does anyone know of a good one-stop source for legal and tax info on e-commerce? I'd like to be able to suggest it to my clients (and keep as a reference for myself, of course)...Hi Slav. If you want to have a look at sites based on WebAS and BSP try[More]

Can anybody tell me which are the official site built on oracle portal

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i want to view some websites built on oracle portal. pl provide me some good urls to view and check sitesQuickest way to see a variety of sites that have been created using Oracle Portal would be to Google for some of the common parts of portal page[More]

Any e-commerce sites on NW Web AS success stories?

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Hi, I am just wondering are any e-commerce sites running successfully on NW Web AS? Or it is not suppose to be? Can anybody provide me with URLs here? Apart of which is not best example in availability so far . Thanks. Slav.Hi Slav. I[More]

Hi,      What is 'Goods Issue To Maintenance Order'. Transaction code for that and Related table names. Thanks, sudheerhi, please refer the below link which contains all tcodes [More]
When I turned on my lap top for first time, it asked me if I wanted to transfer files with the help assistant and said No, I havent been able to find it again. I transferred from my PC to Mac like 4 years ago using an external hard drive but thought [More]
When I attach RGB jpgs, or pdfs to an email they display correctly in the window, but a CMYK jpg displays looking like a photographic negative. Why is this? and does the person who receives the email see it displayed in the same way?hi, i think image [More]
icloud still shows my old email address when I try to enter, asking me for a password I no longer have. I need to change my email address and password in ICLOUD but I can't find a way to do it. Any ideas? Thanks.Logout (System Preferences>iCloud) the [More]
I just bought a iPod nano 7th generation for my husband along with some wireless earbuds.  He likes to listen to the radio a lot but he has to plug in headphones in order to get a radio signal.  The purpose of the wireless earbuds was to help elimina [More]
Can any one Please confirm, if Oracle Developer suite 10g is supported on windows 8 or not? Any types of Documents/materiel in this regard shall be highly appriciable. Regards, Nahidullah KhanIt is an unsupported/uncertified combination - so the inst [More]
This is my QuoteSearch.jsp <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <%-- jsf:pagecode language="java" location="/JavaSource/pagecode/quotes/property/ho_webservices/jsps/" --%> [More]
Hello In ABAP context, what are the differences in SAP version 4.0 and 4.7. Is there any diff in data types,FM's or other functionality? Regards DavinderCheck the links: [More]
Using iPhoto 6, I imported a number of image files from another computer. Many of the images were shot with cameras that save both raw and jpg files. I see that iPhoto, in the Library view, is displaying only the file number but not the suffix (.crw [More]
Hi, I am new to the forum so please excuse if I post incorrectly without conforming to the standards. We need to send mails using the UTL.MAIL package and have installed them on the database. Whenever I am trying to send an email I am getting the fol [More]