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E-commerce sites

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Does anyone know of a good one-stop source for legal and tax info on e-commerce? I'd like to be able to suggest it to my clients (and keep as a reference for myself, of course)...Hi Slav. If you want to have a look at sites based on WebAS and BSP try[More]

Can anybody tell me which are the official site built on oracle portal

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i want to view some websites built on oracle portal. pl provide me some good urls to view and check sitesQuickest way to see a variety of sites that have been created using Oracle Portal would be to Google for some of the common parts of portal page[More]

Any e-commerce sites on NW Web AS success stories?

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Hi, I am just wondering are any e-commerce sites running successfully on NW Web AS? Or it is not suppose to be? Can anybody provide me with URLs here? Apart of which is not best example in availability so far . Thanks. Slav.Hi Slav. I[More]

I just did the OS X update and then the iTunes update and now my iTunes won't open on my Mac mini. I click the icon and it doesn't do anything and I even tried opening it in my applications folder and it still won't come up. Is anyone else having thi [More]
Hi All,         At the moment we are having an on click action event "EXECUTE"  [GSACTIONS/ActionOV ->eh_onexecute] , on click of this event , it is triggering a BADI which has a rewritten method "IF_EX_EXEC_METHODCALL_PPF~EXECUTE" [More]
I am running this query to a oracle 10 update ETY_MEDIASHEET set PUB_TYPE = 'REVOKED' where id in (9090,9094,9100,9106,9112,9118,9124,9130,9136,9142,9148,9154,9160,9166,9172) I am using ejb3 with hibernate as entitymanager. However, due to performace [More]
I have created two FG divs for Mission and Vision. And i want to move the Vision div to its  right side and also the Mission div to its right side ,so that both of the divs appear some what in the middle of the browser. But when i move it the vision [More]
Along with the BPM container element there is the containar element and specific variables maintained in ALERTCATDEF also while declearing the Alert, is it possible to access these variables in UDF.Hi, Kidly refer to the Divya's thread for the alert [More]
I had to restore my iPod touch to factory setting when it froze up. Now I can't get iTunes to read the iPod. I get a sceen on iTunes that says "An iPod has been previously synced with this computer." Then there are two choices, "Set Up as a [More]
iTunes itself is working fine but I cannot open the Store. It flashes and I can see the page for a second but the download indicator at the top only goes to about 92%. Then where the iTunes store choices are supposed to be, the screen turns white and [More]
Can anyone will tell me which tables I have to use to create this report................ Report to identify the contractors who provide services to the company for a amount more than 1000 FC during the 2000 year.Hi, You need to work out how to identi [More]
I have a dashboard that contains 2 analyses (created in 'answers'). Is there a way to have the results refresh only once a week (I'm assuming an ibot schedule could be used)? The goal is that when a user views the report, no refreshing occurs (fast) [More]
I cannot get SMTP online on a POP email accout. All settings confirmed with email provider....any ideas?Hello, Who is your eMail provider, the part after the @ sign? In Mail's Window Menu, choose Connection Doctor, any red dots for status, if so what [More]