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E-commerce sites

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Does anyone know of a good one-stop source for legal and tax info on e-commerce? I'd like to be able to suggest it to my clients (and keep as a reference for myself, of course)...Hi Slav. If you want to have a look at sites based on WebAS and BSP try[More]

Can anybody tell me which are the official site built on oracle portal

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i want to view some websites built on oracle portal. pl provide me some good urls to view and check sitesQuickest way to see a variety of sites that have been created using Oracle Portal would be to Google for some of the common parts of portal page[More]

Any e-commerce sites on NW Web AS success stories?

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Hi, I am just wondering are any e-commerce sites running successfully on NW Web AS? Or it is not suppose to be? Can anybody provide me with URLs here? Apart of which is not best example in availability so far . Thanks. Slav.Hi Slav. I[More]

I have configured 10g webgate with OAM 11g and everything seems to work great. I have a requirement to unprotect /xlWebApp/ to allow password reset without challenge. I get the below error in OIM when trying to access the page. Looks [More]
I have two DVD/CD dual layer readers/burners and would like to be able to import audio CDs into iTunes from both drives at the same time. Is this supported? If so, how do I do it? If not, is it planned for future releases? Thanks in advance! AMD 3500 [More]
I just wiped my macbook pro harddrive and upgraded to Lion OSX. I bought the CS5 Design Premium last year (in a case). Unfortunately, my discs are unavailable, but I do have the correct serial number. When I downloaded the CS5.5 Design premium trial [More]
I have a iPad that uses a third-part app to connect to and read data from a wireless hard drive.  This works great in my house over my local network.   What I want to do is create an ad-hoc network to use in my car or other remote site to basically j [More]
Can anyone advise if I can change the snap range (number of screen pixels around a graphics point) for the mouse pointer. I use a CAD program and need to increase the area on screen that the mouse pointer uses to pick up points etc. With the increase [More]
Everytime I try to connect my iPod touch (2nd Gen, 32 Gb), iTunes hangs on that spinning ball and won't respond or recognize my iPod. The strange thing is that iTunes works fine with both my nano and shuffle and the iPod touch is also working perfect [More]
My iPhone sets off an alarm/reminder sound when I have it connected to a power source and have the clock application displayed. I cannot find any place I've set it to do this. I can't use it for my alarm clock because this sound comes on randomly--us [More]
can some please guide me in the right directionYes but the page I want to rotate doesn't turn David M. Killon Consultant TASS Inc. Cell – 321-961-7337 [email protected]Read other 6 answers [More]
how did this app error 523 come about on my curve? Please help, let me know how to fix it.Very detailed instructions here: Article ID: KB24395 "Error 523", "App Error 523", or "JVM 523" appears on the BlackBerry smartphone 1. [More]
I can not find the correct battery to this model. I have looked on Toshiba websites, but I haven't find yet. That model doesn't recognize by toshiba tool finder. If somebody has some idea where I can find suitable battery I will be grateful. Battery [More]