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E-commerce sites

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Does anyone know of a good one-stop source for legal and tax info on e-commerce? I'd like to be able to suggest it to my clients (and keep as a reference for myself, of course)...Hi Slav. If you want to have a look at sites based on WebAS and BSP try[More]

Can anybody tell me which are the official site built on oracle portal

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i want to view some websites built on oracle portal. pl provide me some good urls to view and check sitesQuickest way to see a variety of sites that have been created using Oracle Portal would be to Google for some of the common parts of portal page[More]

Any e-commerce sites on NW Web AS success stories?

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Hi, I am just wondering are any e-commerce sites running successfully on NW Web AS? Or it is not suppose to be? Can anybody provide me with URLs here? Apart of which is not best example in availability so far . Thanks. Slav.Hi Slav. I[More]

Dear Friends, I'm just looking for a query to get the top 3 maximum values from a table. For example is a table contains the salary of employees, I would like to get the top 3 maximum salary. Can you please help? Thank you in advance. Regards, Senthi [More]
Hello, I'm having some difficulties using a newer version of eclipselink and JPA 2.0 in JDeveloper, and I was hoping someone has done this before and could shed some light onto what I'm doing wrong. In my weblogic-application.xml file, I add [More]
Hi Everyone. Sorry if anyone already addressed this issue before. I just can't find it. The preious wireless technician left our company and didn't leave the password. Now we need to re-ip the WCS, WLC and MSE. The only problem left is with the MSE. [More]
Hello, Does anyone know how to set job schedule at each month end? as you all know, for each month, end date is different from month to month. but we need to execute a job at month end... is there any good method? thanks advance for your kind reply a [More]
In my document, the text box is set to 2 columns. The paragraph text flows in those 2 columns, but headings/subheadings span. It all worked wonderfully until the client requested the addition of footnotes. I want the footnotes to be at the bottom of [More]
Hello.I have created a flex mobile project to open and show a native PDF file in Android. I have tried three different methods below , but  I failed. 1. I created a stagewebview and used "stageWebView.loadURL". I can see the PDF View in emulator [More]
Hi all; i want to show HTML page on a java 3D object say on a face of a Cube or Sphere. plz suggest something.. already posted in J3D forum. Thanks in advance!!Is there anything like HTML loaders or something of this sort so as to load a interactive [More]
I'm trying to print photos from iPhoto. The problem is they come out the wrong size or with the incorrect alignment (or both). I'm printing on an Epson using 4x6 photo paper. After I've believed to set up the size and print quality in the Print dialo [More]
I click open my Macintosh HD - open users folder-thank open user name folder - there are many folders a few with a red button with an minus sign ! I try to open one of these folder wiht minus sign only to get the following message: "The folder Docume [More]
Hi All, I am struggling with this issue. I am using sap design studio 1.2 without any custom components. Requirement is to display some high level numbers in the boxes. I can not see any component capable of doing that. Can anyone advice me on that p [More]