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With a new hard drive on a Windows 7 machine and transferring my purchases (Mostly Apps, Music, and Photos) from my iphone to a fresh and the latest install of iTunes, how do i sync my apps the same way including the folders they are in on the iphone [More]
It has been almost 6 long years since our forum was launched. You would think by now people would have run out of new and different issues to report here… and you would be wrong. September saw over 15 thousand new topics where customers reported of v [More]
Hi Gurus, My client is in the service industry ( oil exploration work for ONGC) Now when client procure the material, he paid the excise duty and take the CENVAT credit against service tax.They does not maintain the excise register like RG23A & RG23C [More]
Hi Any Idea how can we put and maintain Validity Dates for any Document uploaded in DMS Server. Validity Dates here means (Documents cannot be used if validty is over) I could not find any option in CV01*   T-Codes. RegardsDear Prasant, You can also [More]
the only time i shutdown a window is when i shutdown firefox. having mutiple windows invites to mistakes. please fix.That issue can be caused by an extension that isn't working properly. Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of [More]
I am just getting into Java so forgive me if this a newbie question because well, I'm a newbie. I downloaded JBuilder 6.0 and got to work learning the language. The problem is that anything I use written in the Java lanuage when I move the Window it [More]
I have been trying to play video from ipad to HDTV. The sound comes through great, i have used HDMI cable and component connections and niether has worked.  Has anyone had any success in getting it to work. The video streaming comes from xfinity onli [More]
Hi there, when switching to CPU-Mode (which is faster in my case) all is fine, except the scaled images look very bad. I'm compiling with AIR 2.7 and I've read somewhere that cpu mode has no AntiAlias. Can I use some other method / pixelmanipulation [More]
We use CS3 on one of our machines and now, as some others have experienced, whenever we try to open any CS3 application, the 'register' window opens, but is blank and cannot be skipped. Thus we now cannot use any CS3 products. This has been raised a [More]
Does anyone know how to configure oracle streams and dataguard to work together? I've set up an environment which successfully captures and applies records in a streams environment using log_archive_config=SEND, RECEIVE, NODG_CONFIG as soon as I try [More]