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Hi Guys, I'm having a minor issue. I'm running a report in the crystalreportsviewer in The report is retrieving it's data from a view. The report also has a subreport with an overview with totals, using the same view and the same parameters [More]
I recently upgraded to Apache 2.4. This is now the bane of my existence. I run several servers with mod_perl and perl-libapreq. I cannot figure out how to these modules to work with Apache 2.4. I get the error: httpd: Syntax error on line 39 of /etc/ [More]
hi all, i have a req, req says "system would need to block Customer Master Data irrespective of account group getting copied to the Contact Person home address and then to General Data tab" i didnt understand it correctly. how the data is copied [More]
HI, is it possible to use another Logical Systemname (Sender Service) ? i know 2 possibilities. 1) Change the LS in the SLD but i can´t do that because a lot of companies using this LS. 2) Check "Using sender from payload" but this is already ch [More]
I'd like to use this remote for my iphone 5 in my car to listen to music. The iphone will be plugged  into the stereo and be stowed away but I want a way to change the song because my stereo doesnt allow complete ipod control. Can i use the 30 pin ad [More]
Dear fellow SAP users, We use the payment cards feature but we do not need to connect to a clearing house because we know that the credit cards are actually valid. In order to by pass the connection to a clearing house, we copied the standard CCARD_A [More]
I'm using the trial version of Acrobat to work on a project, and I'm having trouble embedding the fonts. I'm following the instructions provided in the online documentation, and I can select the text with the Touchup Text Tool, but that's where I get [More]
When attempting to save the document to a network share folder of her choosing, the PDF document is not in the folder. User is saving the pdf from a loan system. To trouble shoot I saved a txtx file and it did appear in the shared folder - any though [More]
We are running SC 3.2 on AMD 64 We keep getting this relocation error: file /usr/cluster/lib/amd64/ symbol free_rpc_args: referenced symbol not found are we missing any patch. Thanks a lot bash-3.00# scswitch -e -j ms-server im [More]
The CRM system has a status profile established for the changes to the statuses within case management.  Could someone please point me to a document which shows me how I can extract those statuses to the BW environment? Thank you. KarenHI http://help [More]