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I dont have any Applecare registration number. I bought my Mac a year before and is still under the warranty. I dnt how to find or purchase applecare registration number. Please help

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I dont have any Applecare registration number. I bought my Mac a year before and is still under the warranty. I dnt how to find or purchase applecare registration number. Please helpEnter your MBP serial number here and you will then be able to deter[More]

What is the proper AppleCare part number...

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...for the original 11" MBA? I have the option to purchase 2 different part numbers that are both for MB, MBA and 13" MBP. One is less expensive than the other. I can't seem to find any part number beyond the current one sold in the Apple Store.[More]

Can't find Applecare number!

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ok so i just bought my macbook pro and everything works. i opened my apple care box and it only has a CD and a getting started guide. In the guide it didnt tell me how to register so i just thought i would put in the CD. I clicked on the register app[More]

Apple Support for purchase of AppleCare for Mac Mini / Cinema Display Combo

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Below is an email that I recently submitted to Apple for feed back on the support system. I am writing here to find out if anyone might have any ideas about how to address this issue without resorting to a 2 hour wait on the phone (my last experience[More]

Hi, We are execuating the incoming excise cycle then in MIGO and J1IEX.It is perfectly working.But in case of cancellation the excise tab is not dispplaying in MIGO.We are using option "Only Capture and Both Capture & Post".Whatever the exci [More]
Hi all, I have two disks, each with a (OEM) installed OS on it, a Windows 8.1 (64 bits) and Windows 7.0 (32 bits). The later came from mine old computer that unfortunately died to soon. So I have two disks and two OS in an brand new machine (with UEF [More]
Hi, is there a way to implement eRoom using Single Sign On to our EP6 SP2 Portal? I know there were iViews for EP5 available, but what about EP6 SP2? We would like to use SAP logonticket and not usermapping. Thanks for any help, Holger.Hi, I encounte [More]
I've read all the post with the same subject but still can not get the Apple TV to show up in the device list of itunes. I have multiple computers on a wired/wireless network, one is a windows XP laptop machine and it sees the Apple TV fine, can sync [More]
So I upgraded to windows 8.1 from 7 and now when I plug in my earphones there is no audio. I can still hear something when I just use the laptop speakers, just not with earphones. I also don't see the beats audio program on my laptop anymore or the h [More]
Hi everyone! in my program, clients choose a number from 1 to 10 and send it to the server. server produces a number every 5 min and send the client the result (if they win or lose) immediately. i 'd like to convert this, in order the result to be se [More]
My son received an iTunes gift card for his birthday (he is 10). we are on the family share thing & I am the organizer. I pay for everything... I have to approve to buy his purchases. So I added the iTunes gift card to my account. And there it sits. [More]
A while ago I submitted my podcast as : and everything worked fine. However, I wanted to change it to: I thought that using the url change code (<itunes: [More]
Hi, Oracle 11g R2. Looking for a way to replace multiple space characters in a row with a single space. For example, the text "abc abc" should look like "abc abc". I tried toying with replace, but it only works for the case of 2 spaces [More]
How do I get a custom web safe font so that it doesnt look pixelated in the preview? Please don't ask for images to "clarify my query".You may want to refer to : Adobe Muse Help | Typography > working with web safe fonts.Read other 2 answers [More]