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WHo uses my network?

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I found a Mac address that I cannot trace to one of my wireless devices that is connected to my network. It could be my TP linkpower network adapter, but I don't know how I can find out. In the past I could use Airport extreme utility to find wireles[More]

Dear Experts, One of our vendor's Invoice billed in currency USD, several payments has been posted with different currency according to our Bank currencies. Full payment has been made to the balance of ZERO, but we still unable to clear this vendor a [More]
Hi , I am trying to create a new CROSS TAB Discoverer report. I made all my development done using the Discoverer desktop edition and is fine. When I saved in the database and showed the same report the User, in the Web Version, the report shows ' >' [More]
I have birthdays entered in Address Book on my Mac. I've enable show birthday calendar. Birthday calendar appears in the side bar as a subscribed calendar. The birthdates display in iCal on my Mac. Birthday calendar appears on my list of calendars on [More]
Hi, I used to have MS Remote Dektop Client on my Mac, and access my PC regularly. I also accessed the MySQL server on the same machine from the Mac. I use AirPort Express. Then, I left for a two month travel during which I used the AirPort on other c [More]
In addition to above I wish to inform you that Babylon addon is not available in my computer so that I may remove the same. I suspect some scam as I want Google as my default web browser & I want that whenever I start Firefox I should see startup pag [More]
My iphone 5 will not sync.  I get the following error message.  iPhone cannot be syched. An unknown error has occurred (-50) Anyone encountered this error?Try here. other 2 answers [More]
I'm having a big problem trying to download my iCloud pics on my PC. They are all there in the album, but as I'm scrolling up and down I see only the same single page of pics until I hover over each photo. When I attempt to select pics to download, a [More]
I lost all contacts etc with new iphone.  I found (Windows 7) the backup folder in Mobile Sync but the entries are just clusters of numbers/letters  which make no sense and I can't open them with itunes.  How can I get at  the data? thank you for any [More]
Hi, can any one tell that where we can get all tables related mmHI, go to  SE15 then go to OTHER OBJECTS Select TRANSACTIONS In transaction field Type M*  Execute it will display list of Transactions or 1     Customising 1.1     General settings 1.1. [More]
How can I remove leading zeros from a column? The data looks like *00-04-071* The output should display 4071user10876532 wrote: How can I remove leading zeros from a column? The data looks like *00-04-071* The output should display 4071try select to_ [More]