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WHo uses my network?

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I found a Mac address that I cannot trace to one of my wireless devices that is connected to my network. It could be my TP linkpower network adapter, but I don't know how I can find out. In the past I could use Airport extreme utility to find wireles[More]

Hello, I am receiving an error "Business partner 30000011 does not exist in role TR0151" while creating a Fixed Deposit Transaction through FTR_CREATE. Whilst testing Fixed Deposit accounting in SAP Treasury, i was testing a scenario of a MINOR [More]
I currently use apple mail to access my gmail emails however every so often I notice that some of the emails that mail picks up from gmail do not contain attachments (.pdf) that are visible when I log into gmail. Any suggestions as to how I can make [More]
Hi can we say "call transaction" in the background?.while using user exit... regds gunjanHi Gunjan I've to consider you ( or your exit) are in trx, so if you need to update some tables or another object don't belong to main trx, you make sure to [More]
Hello all. I upgraded my wife's iPhone 5c to the ios8 last night. All day or had been showing the cloud drive as upgrading. I don't think that this is right? Any help is appreciated.She will have to log into your iCloud account on her iPhone and sele [More]
Hey guys, I want to have SLiM set the resolution to "auto" once it boots. At the moment, it seems like it boots directly into 800x600, and not into my native resolution, 1366x768. Sometimes I have an external monitor connected as well, and it's [More]
hi We have a requiremnt for inspection lot to be created during 2 step transfer posting between storage locations (removel from one S.Loc and post another S.Loc). I have a plan to use movement type 313 and 315. But in Std - movement type 313 - lot or [More]
Hi All, i am using Jdeveloper 11g ver- I want to know that what action we can perform with PrepareForDML() in ADF ? Please tell me the answer thank you.Hi, If you want to assign programmatic defaults for entity object attribute values befor [More]
Hallo, I successfully installed the Bridge 4.0.3 CS5 update this week manually via download from However, updater6 - started out of the application - shows me this update over and over again. Installing [More]
Hi Experts, We are on CRM 6.0. On selection of proceed to check out with configurable products we are getting the following runtime error URL: http://Host:port/b2c/appbase/layout/genericLayout.jsp JCO Exception: COMMAND_EXCEPTION Function: CFG_API_GE [More]
before this change in discussions i would get notice that a message was added to my topic if i subscribe i get the whole forum emails how do i get in each topic a notice sorry but this is so inconvenientDerek, As a quick check, make sure you have ass [More]