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WHo uses my network?

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I found a Mac address that I cannot trace to one of my wireless devices that is connected to my network. It could be my TP linkpower network adapter, but I don't know how I can find out. In the past I could use Airport extreme utility to find wireles[More]

Hi Experts, I'm new in Visual Composer 7.0, my report is work fine, but when I want to show the data in bar-chart, the values on y-axis are 0.0,,1.2, but i want like 1,2,3,4. Normally, this happen when values on y-axis less than 5, if [More]
Hello, In Yosemite (on my MBP early 2008), the town of the weather forecast (with an arrow pointing to north east) is not my actual residence, but a previous one. Yet in Maps or in Date & Time pref panel, the location service works properly. It's str [More]
          Hi,           I am working on J2EE applications.I am using Webgain studio and weblogic server.I           got a problem while invoking EJB from the servlet.           While calling an EJB from the servlet, it is giving that "Class Cast Exce [More]
When purchashing ibooks the payment is taken out of my bank, yet I have credit in itunes.  Is the process of downloading ibooks different from downloading products in itunes?Hello Philcyp, Thanks for using Apple Support Communities. For more informat [More]
Hi everybody, I made a webhelp with RH 7 and the call from the website to display the help worked well (with Firefox and IE). But since i upgraded it to RH 8 i have an issue with the webhelp call (only with IE, it workds well with FF) : when i call t [More]
Hi Folks, I have some questions regarding the archiving of purchase info records. 1. what are the functional dependencies that we need to check for before Archiving a PIR. 2.bold I was unable to Archive some Purchase info records even after it is mar [More]
What happened to the "Block Popup Windows" menu item in Safari 6?  Seems to be gone.Shheesh!  Loki is saying that this was a very useful tool/option.  Is there any way to BRING IT BACK TO THE SAFARI MENU?  Not how to do it in Preferences. What I [More]
Is there some way to tell from within Premiere Pro CS5 if a clip (e.g. in my project window) is progressive or interlaced?  If not, is there some other tool that will?  Windows Explorer (I use Win 7 x64) will give me the frame dimensions and rate, bu [More]
hi, I m not able to figure out the sheet name which has to be included in the select statement.... i only the filename of xls which the user will be uploading but how shall i get the sheet names from that file?So you want to read and interpret an xls [More]
I reloaded iTunes from the site and have the next to newest software on my iPhone. I finally am able to 'see' iTunes on my laptop but when I try to download the tunes from my iPhone, they are not highlighted.Hello there, clarencetoo. It sou [More]