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How to change AR aging 4-bucket report to 7-bucket

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hi 2 all how to change AR aging 4-bucket report to 7-bucket  in oracle apps r12 . in AR module 7 bucket report also exist but it include all collection (applied & unapplied) my requirement is that aging create on applied collection just like 4 bucket[More]

Aging - 7 Buckets Report needs to display by Calendar month not by days

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The requirement is to display the Aging - 7 Buckets Report display by calendar month not by days. So is it suggestible to customize it or write a new custom report? Please let me know if you have any solution on how to do it? i appreciate your help a[More]

Aging 7 Buckets Report ARXAGMW  error REP-1212 Object Body is not enclosed

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Hi I am customising standard AR Aging 7 buckets report by account(ARXAGMW). I just need to add 2 fields,That i have added successfully. But the report output format is not printing properly. I mean if there are 4 columns custname,custno,endcustname,e[More]

AR Aging 7 Buckets Report

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select rpad('a',50,'-') cust_name_inv, rpad('a',30,'-') cust_no_inv, rpad('a',4000,'-') sort_field1_inv, rpad('a',4000,'-') sort_field2_inv, 0 inv_tid_inv, 0 contact_site_id_inv, rpad('a',60,'-') cust_state_inv, rpad('a',60,'-') cust_city_inv, 0 addr[More]

Aging  - 7 Buckets Report

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Hi, I have to add some conditions in this report. So, i did corrections in After Parameter form trigger. After the corrections, i can't able to compile that. When compiling it is coming out from Report builder. I have downloaded all RDFs related to t[More]

Aging - 7 Buckets - By Account Report

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Hi All, I need sql script to get the same output of Oracle Standard Report 'Aging - 7 Buckets - By Account Report' as i am gone through the data model but the query is written in Dynamically and using Dual table. Can anyone tell me how to write the s[More]

AR Aging 7 Bucket Summary Report Outstanding Amount Query

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Hi All, Please help me on below query, I want to do a report based on AR Customer Outstanding Balance/Amount and it should tally with AR Aging 7 Bucket Summary Report Outstanding Amount. 7 Bucket Report used Parameters - (1000, 2025, ARXAGS, 50308, ,[More]

AR Aging - Need to change 7 bucket to 5 bucket - Report Builder

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Is there anyone out there who might be able to help me? We've recently implemented Oracle Applications 11.5.10 and I have to use report builder to change the Accounts Receiveable Aging (7 bucket) to a 5 bucket report. I'm not a big Oracle Reports guy[More]

Customer Aging Report Query (without invoices offset by incoming payment)

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Hi All Experts, May I know is there any field from JDT1 mention which invoices is already offset by the Incoming payment or AR Credit note? Because I do not want those invoices that already offset by incoming payment appear at the Customer Aging Repo[More]

AR - Aging Bucket report Customisation

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I have a requirement from end users to be able to run an aged debt report for any date range in the past e.g. From 01-Jan-2008 to 01-Jan-2013. Aging Bucket report only has, "As of date" field in the parameters. Is it possible to add additional p[More]

Adding a filed to Aging - 7 Buckets  - By Account Report

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Hi, I have a requirement to add a filed to standard Adding a filed to Aging - 7 Buckets - By Account Report. I am fetching the new filed value in a formulae column,This column value i want to add to the layout to dispay that values on the report. Is[More]

Aging - 7 Bucket - By Collector Report

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Hi , Can anyone help me how to create Standard Report 6i (Aging - 7 Bucket - By Collector Report) in Discoverer 10g. Regards, SushantCan i know the field which is generating the above value that containing the report name.Open the report in Report Bu[More]

Aging 7 Buckets - By Collector Report does not take RTF template

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Hi All. There is standard Receivables Report (Aging 7 Buckets - By Collector Report). We needed to have output of this report in nice pdf format. we created a RTF template using XML publsher When we run the report from applications, It does[More]

Need to create report query to get latest open and last closed period for given application

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Hi All, I need to create a report query to get below result displayed in report output. 1)   -   Application name 2)   -    Ledger name -o/  -Operating Unit 3)   -  Last Closed Period 4)   -  Current Open Period 5)   -  Date Closed – Last Closed Peri[More]

Report-Query Value

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Hi Experts, Currently we are using one BW report in 3.5version(report query against multi provider). Current issue: Cube Fields: PO Number: 123 Order value 100. Confirmation value 50 Final Delivery Indicator: X (YES-No more confirmation is expected)[More]

Performance issues when creating a Report / Query in Discoverer

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Hi forum, Hope you are can help, it involves a performance issues when creating a Report / Query. I have a Discoverer Report that currently takes less than 5 seconds to run. After I add a condition to bring back Batch Status that = ‘Posted’ we cancel[More]

Report query with bind variable

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Trying to create a report query for xsl-fo print. For output format I pick "derive from item" then pick the item name from the list, on the next screen, I paste the query with the bind variable. on the next step test query, I always get "da[More]

Hi, I need a new printer and would like recommendations as to what to buy. The last printer I bought was an HP 1220c for an Imac running OS 9. When I upgraded to OS X I lost many of the printer's features, booklet and two sided printing most frustrat [More]
Hello community, I have the following requirement: create maintenance orders with order address data, the creation of these orders will be triggered by an interface with a legacy system. For order creation I intend to use BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN but [More]
Bom dia, Estou como uma situacao de emergencia aqui. Após implementar as notas do Decouple, quando colocamos o ambiente em contigencia e vamos enviar a mesma para a Sefaz, que estao com codigo 3, eu recebo uma mensagem de 'Atualizacao Cancelada' com [More]
I'm Vietnamese. My father bought me an iPhone 5s in Hong Kong on 5th, November, 2013. However, on 5th, May, 2014, my iPhone went from working perfectly fine to "searching..." for a signal despite being in an area with good coverage. I tried to t [More]
I've have just posted a version of this in the iMovie forum, and they suggested I go to the iPhoto forum. Here is what I want to do: 1. Prepare a presentation of member's photos (slides, prints, digital) for a camera club. The presentation will consi [More]
Let me be clear about a key point first - I can connect to the iTunes Store in the program, I can connect to the App Store in the program, and Safari has no problem acting as a browser. BUT, I want to use RSS feeds and this is where things fall down. [More]
Hi, I m trying to run a JSP Report from a HTML parameter Form. The JSP reports requires a parameter named userid in the URL with a valid value for database connection. eg. URL " [More]
Hi everybody! I've a problem that puzzled me on how to assign a bean value to a local variable like String in JSP using struts. we can have someting like this to display the value <bean:write name="detailService" property="status" / [More]
Hi Guru, We want set our priority in the service desk message and then create a change request from the service desk message. When the change request message is created, the priority defaults to 4. How can we set the change request message to copy th [More]
I have an iPod Classic 160GB in version 2.0.4 that is not recognized by itunes. It's about 2 years old and had presented a few problems with sincying in the past, but I hadn't tried to sync it for a while. I've transfered all the music from my Window [More]