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[SOLVED]Multiple Problems after a new install on Arch Linux

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Hello all, I just finished installing Arch Linux from the core ISO which I downloaded from the site. The install went smoothly and booted up fine. Also I was able to install gnome and its extras fine as well. On the first boot after installing gnome[More]

Nvidia 173 and kernel 2.6.28 compile failure & nvidia 180 crashes

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**please if this the wrong place to post this tell me or transfer so i can know** Hey , im having troubles with my Nvidia driver for long time now i hope you can help me solve it out so theres the deal : my computer is : NVidia Geforce 9600 GT , inte[More]

Arch linux resolution

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Hello, Im having a problem with resolution at arch linux. I can't put anything else than 800x600 or 640x480. I installed ati drivers and I still have the same problem. Here is the output of xrandr [[email protected] ~]# xrandr Screen 0: minimum 640 x 480,[More]

[Solved]How can I create a bootable backup of my arch linux partition?

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I'm trying to get my arch linux installation to have a gui, specifically KDE. I downloaded Xorg and the nvidia proprietary driver 340.24. After installing the nvidia driver and rebooting, my screen stays black and I can't see my console. I can still[More]

Progress on Unity under Arch Linux!

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See here for information about the new GNOME 3.12-compatible packages: … 3#p1404683 I'm now on IRC! Come join us at #unityforarch on Freenode To install Unity from my repos: See the wiki: https://wiki.archlinux[More]

System encryption using LUKS and GPG encrypted keys for arch linux

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Update: As of 2012-03-28, arch changed from gnupg 1.4 to 2.x which uses pinentry for the password dialog. The "etwo" hook described here doesn't work with gnupg 2. Either use the openssl hook below or use a statically compiled version of gnupg 1[More]

Recovering earlier installed Windows 7 after installing Arch Linux

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I'm trying to boot windows on my ASUS notebook. There was windows 7 from the very beginning (disks C:\ and D:\), then I divided disk D:\ on several partitions and installed Arch Linux. I overwrited Windows boot information by boot part of Linux. Now[More]

[SOLVED] Arch Linux on Macbook Pro 4.1

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Hey There, I'm a 2 years old Arch Linux guy and due to the problems I've had with my HP Pavilion PC, I've bought a Macbook Pro 3-4 months ago.. Because that it's a pain in the ass to install, upgrade and remove software on Mac OS X, especially develo[More]

Hi , Tax is not getting updated in Condition of sales order when creating Sales order but when we click on update button it is calculating correctly. Following are the changes for in the standard Pricing: 1) Created ZPSC condition type to calculate t [More]
I upgraded to IOS5 and iCloud on my MacBook Pro after I upgraded my iMac to iCloud. I keep my phone in sync with my MacBook, but now my Contacts and iCal will not sync with my iPhone3GS.  What have I done wrong?I had the same problem and believe I fi [More]
Moved our 11.1.2 Windows 2008 SP2 (not R2) 64 bit machines from one domain to the other (test to prod) and reconfigured the repositories to the prod SQL server (2005). Configuration is all green yet the EPM_epmsystem1 will not go to started. It stick [More]
I have a new MacPro.  I am trying to install a Office 2010 Professional cd.  After I insert CD nothing happens.  I hear the hard drive run for a couple of seconds, but still nothing happens.  I am used to using a Dell notebook and the control panel i [More]
Hello everyone, I am trying to read data from a .txt file which look like below. "13.000000,393.000000 13.000000,291.000000 92.000000,284.000000 94.000000,380.000000 64.000000,385.000000 13.000000,388.000000 "The problem is every time i tried to [More]
Need help and Apple or Reader's Digest are no helpThere is a customer service 800 number on here that may be of some help for you (I hope) EDIT. I had a link that was working and now it will not work. OK - this is really ticking me off now. Here is a [More]
     I knew that I needed to update my Ipod (4th gen) but it randomly stopped using the wifi and when I would go into "wi-fi" under "settings" the loading wheel would not stop spinning yet there are 5 wi-fi networks around me. Then I t [More]
I would not have installed the new firefox if I had known in advance that two of my essential add-ons would no longer work. Now I want the old firefox version back so I can continue to function until the add-ons are updated. Suggestion: when you noti [More]
Hello I'm trying to design a set up that will allow me to share my iPod with my PS3, Xbox 360, and G4 Powerbook. I only need to use one sharing device at a time. As of now I plan to have my 30Gb iPod Video, a USB Keyboard, and USB Mouse, running thro [More]
I'm kinda wondering why the id's are preceded with a class if you open any of the premade CSS layouts in DW CS3. example: Two Columns, all widths in percent, with right sidebar header and footer. CSS: body { font: 100% Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans [More]