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arch on 128mb ram and pentium 4


How to install Arch from hard drive?

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Hello I have an old laptop - Pentium II 266 MHz, 128Mb RAM and I want to install Arch on it. The problem is that there is no way to boot from this laptop -> floppy is broken, CD drive is not bootable, no available boot options from BIOS to boot from[More]

Installation of Oracle11i on Windows 2000 Professional,Pentium 4

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Hi My system is Pentium4,128MB RAM with Windows 2000 professional OS.i am stuck at the first cd i.e i could not run is coming to the command prompt just leaving "start .bin\launch.exe" on the screen with in no time.[More]

Hi all, Please let me know if the steps involved to pin frequently used sql statement in library cache to avoid reparsing Thanks for all your help.Frequently used SQL ought to be retained in the library cache without pinning. Oracle only starts flush [More]
My Macbook Air with Lion does not show up on my network to any of my other computers (PC's) , even though it is connected to my wifi and does access the Internet. In addition, my other computers sometimes show up in Finder and sometimes they're not t [More]
Just started using VS2008, and it keeps adding assemblies to the web.config that cause errors. I had to manually add the CR Viewer to the VS toolbox, adding version 11.5.3700.0, and when I then add the CR Viewer control to the form, VS drops a bunch [More]
Hi. I'm a Unix newb. I am reading Mac OS X Support Essentials and I'm a little stuck on the command line chapter. There is a command that just does not work for me. I am an Administrator using an Administrator account. I am using bash Terminal and tr [More]
Apex 3.2.x I can authenticate fine with my custom authentication and all of my pages work okay except for one page that uses the Interactive Report feature. When I click 'Filter' then enter the column name, operation (contains, =, like, etc.) and the [More]
Hi community, I am tryying to apply changes to paragraph styles in keynote 6.1 (mac). But in the list which opens when i click in the triangle only the basis paragraph styles are seen. Any ideas how and whre i can find theses styles. Thanks slyrsI am [More]
Hi, I am wondering if there is any way to get the current conversation id from within a process flow (from the ProcessDefinition). I'm using Weblogic Integrator 8.1. I looked at ProcessControl, but that makes me implement a whole bunch of other funct [More]
Hi, All, I have a RFC in which an import parameter is a structure (not a table). I want to put data into that structure. I know how to put data into a table or a string. I tried to use IRecordSet MyTABStr = (IRecordSet)structureFactory.getStructure(f [More]
I need to publish messages to a Websphere JMS Queue whenever any changes happen on a particular column of a table in oracle 11g. For that I have written a trigger on that particular table which in turn will invoke one java procedure. I have written t [More]
Its now 7:30 pm eastern time. When I tryed to upgrade Ipod was at 1:30. Still getting the same error message. I switched ports till I am blue in the face. Now I am trying to at least get 4.1 back on by restoring by ipsw files and still not working. T [More]