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arch on 128mb ram and pentium 4


Developer install fails 128mb RAM ???

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AMD-XP1900 (1.6GHZ) 512MB RAM 1024MB SWAP 7000MB / Slackware 9.1 (kernel 2.6.4rc2) Oracle 10g java pack for Linux Recently got 10g pack in post, installed 'Standard' database ok, started db ok, got listener + isqlplus + enterprise manager running ok,[More]

Which version for pentium3 WinXP 128MB ram

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which version of firefox can I use on old pentium3 computer WinXP 128MB ram 6Gig disk freeYou should use Firefox 33.1 (the latest version). Please note that the amount of RAM you have for that computer isn't even enough to run Windows XP properly, yo[More]

128MB RAM MX440?

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I purchased a system from Gateway a few weeks ago and it came with what they say is a GEForce4 MX440 Graphics Card with TV out and supposedly it has 128MB of RAM: Link for the card and specs on it On that page if you click on the "Specifications"[More]

128Mb RAM vs. 256 in the graphics card?

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I'm going to buy a Macbook when they are released; and initially was definitely going for the 1.8Ghz version. However, I can save a few hundred by going for the 1.67 and losing 512Mb RAM (cheap to upgrade) 20Gb disk-space (not important) and going fr[More]

845PE Max only sees 128MB RAM

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Hi all, Hope you can help.  I have an 845PE Max running a Northwood P4 2.8GHz and have installed 1GB (2x 512MB) DDR 2700 RAM.  Only trouble is, the motherboard's only saying I've installed 128MB of RAM.  This is the only problem I have with this boar[More]

Can a Labview application EXE run on a PC with 128MB RAM

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Hi,   What is the minimum requirement of the LabVIEW application exe  to run on  a PC. Is it necessary to have 256 MB RAM PC. Regards, SowmyaSee Release notes. They can be found in the support section of the website or on the install CD/DVD. Message[More]

WM advice for PIII 600MHz, 128MB Ram, IBM Thinkpad T20

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I just want to see what WMs people are using for lower spec machines. So, what are you using? How well does it perform? How easy is it to configure? What's the memory footprint? Etc. By the way, I do want it look good; Not real flashy with effects, b[More]

How to install Arch from hard drive?

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Hello I have an old laptop - Pentium II 266 MHz, 128Mb RAM and I want to install Arch on it. The problem is that there is no way to boot from this laptop -> floppy is broken, CD drive is not bootable, no available boot options from BIOS to boot from[More]

Cannot start the setup of Oracle Client 8.1.6 on Pentium 4 Windows 2000 Professional

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I need to install the Oracle Client 8.1.6 on a Compaq Evo D500 Workstation running Pentium 4 1.5GHz with 20G hard disk 128MB ram with OS Windows 2000 Professional. The autorun screen popup but no response when I press the Install/Uninstall products.[More]

Ram problems with Adobe Flash Player 9

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Hi, I have a program that runs with Adobe Flash Player 9 and it seems that there are memory leaks with this program, in conjunction with a poker program known as Jungle Poker. My system resources seem to go to 1 or 2%. The text gets bigger and I have[More]

PlugBox Linux - Arch variant for ARM plugbox

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Today's woot was a $20 Seagate DockStar. Basically, its a little usb hub with a 1.2ghz ARM Marvell Sheeva cpu, 128mb ram, gigabit connection, and very very low power consumption (like a SheevaPlug or TonitoPlug with half the ram). Curiosity got the b[More]

Installation of Oracle11i on Windows 2000 Professional,Pentium 4

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Hi My system is Pentium4,128MB RAM with Windows 2000 professional OS.i am stuck at the first cd i.e i could not run is coming to the command prompt just leaving "start .bin\launch.exe" on the screen with in no time.[More]

Portege 7200 256Mb RAM - Where from????

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Hi, Picked up a Portege 7200 running XP dirt cheap, it's currently got 128Mb RAM which I want to replace with a 256Mb, where the hell can I find one that isn't priced the same as a new laptop??? Thanks! LeeHi The notebook is an oldie and all parts de[More]

[XFCE4] ram usage problem

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when i using xubuntu with xfce ram usage was ~120-160 with only pidgin and xchat but on arch with xfce ram using just on start up ~160 and it with out any apps.. what the problem?2b9anders im using htop im install xubuntu to comare them.xubuntu show[More]

Performance of AIR Windows desktop app on Intel i7 4770R & integrated Intel Iris Pro 5200 128MB

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I'm developing a Full HD AIR desktop application to run on Windows, and it is likely to use the classic display list, rather than Starling. There will be quite a bit of animation on screen, mostly using GSAP Tween engine. I usually spec a fast i5 / i[More]

Ram = 1 chip 2 slot's who wins ????

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Okay Pbook g4 1.67ghz 15" dl-dvd tiger 10.4.5 latest updates. Using Xbench placing a 1gb Samsung dd2 pc-4200 533 etc.etc. chip in the slot furthes from the Motherboard/logicboard I ran xbench with CPUOpenGLQuartz . Best performance in power options.[More]

Best Browser and OS for G3 Indigo Clamshell w/128 Megs Ram

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Hey Everyone, I am buying an Indigo G3 w/128 megs of ram that's running OS 9.2 and already has some version of MS Office on there. It's never been used on the net at all! All I want to do is e-mail, web surf, and maybe run iTunes. I am also scavengin[More]

Intel HD Graphics 3000 Shared Up 128MB

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Hi I got e new Macbook 13" with Intel HD Graphics 3000 & Lion. I upgraded the RAM from 4GB to 8 GB RAM. Why my Intel HD Graphics 3000 have 128MB Ram and dont shared up? The Problem are Virtual Box... i can only use 128MB Video RAM. What i can do[More]

Is one of these ram modules compatible?

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Hi, I just wanted to know if one of the modules is compatible with my iBook Tangerine 300MHz? INFINEON SO-DIMM 512MB PC133 CL3 Sync.- 144 pin IBM SO-DIMM 512MB PC133 CL3 Sync.- 144 pin Thanks in advance! iBook Tangerine 300Mhz, 120GB HD, 128Mb Ram  [More]

What Kind of Ram?

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Hello I Have an iMac g3 400mhz with 128mb ram. I was wondering what kind of ram it takes. THanksit takes PC100 SDRAM Uses 168-pin PC100 SDRAM memory modules. 512MB Max* *Maximum RAM as officially supported by Apple. "Unofficially" this model can[More]

Hi Gurus, I have an upload program to upload the vendor Master Payment Transaction. The fields included are Vendor Code, ID, Bank Key, Bank Account Number, CK, and IBAN. I will be using the update method to update into the vendor master table and not [More]
Hello, I have a web application using CR XI R2 that has several reports which are pushed a dataset.  These reports have been runing fine until today when I received an error stating "Database login failed."  "Object reference not set to an [More]
Buyer beware. I purchased a University 365 subscription, not from Apple (but legally, as I am a student). However, after downloading Office to my iPAD Air, when I attempted to activate Office on my iPAD, I could not use the code because the activatio [More]
While installing 11g on OEL 5 the net configuration assistant failed: Oracle Net Services Configuration: # An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine: # SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0xb7e772f3, pid=7352, tid=3084941520 # Java VM: Java Ho [More]
I am trying to set up a message bridge on Linux, using the same procedure I successfully used on Windows. I got the following error message:           <Warning> <Connector> <BEA-190032> << Weblogic Messaging Bridge Adapter (XA)_eis [More]
When I sign on I get a pop up that says to download File///C:/...P/rpc.html It says it runs with Firefox but in it is Infinity stuff from Comcast but Comcast says it is not their issue. I Googled this problem and here is a link where 113 people have [More]
Sorry for this stupid question, but is there anyway to access directly a LAP 1522 using a console port? Best Regards.Yes all the settings are as you suggested. Scott the problem is that it does not allow me to type anything. I have attached the log m [More]
Hi, I need to send a picture to a Database table. Please can you assist? How do I get the picture into the SQL query. Your assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated. Regards Willie HugoThe binary data for BLOB should be hexadecimal encoded [More]
Hi, Could u Please Tell me The  Disadvantage of  RFC Adapter ? Regards & ThanksHI RAMS, One of the disadvantage of RFC adapter in SAP PI is that it sits on Java Engine of PI. So whenever you are suppose to call a RFC, the request goes via Java Engine [More]
User after receiving the approval notification in mail from workflow is confused whether he has approved or kept in hold. Some times does not know which he has approved if he is checking later after reading the mails of approval notifiction from work [More]