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I purchased a brand new 80 gig iPod yesterday, and I'm having slight problems with it. When I plugged it in, it told me that my iPod software was too old and couldn't transfer some of my songs (which ended up being the songs I downloaded from the sto [More]
Hi All, I have a new requirement. I need to extract the following information from r/3. So can anyone please let me know the base tables in r/3 where I can find the following fields. The fields that I need is: 1. Purchase Order number & PO Line Item [More]
I updated my computer to Maverick and now photo booth is not opening. I could care less about the application itself but there are pictures that I really do not want to lose. It says that "You can't use this version of the application "Photo Boo [More]
Hi, I've trawled the net, searched forums and been told to go away by Adobe so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help. We have a network drive where we store clients photos/images. When visiting a client we'll export as catalogue onto a MacBoo [More]
I am trying to explore Oracle's UTL_HTTP package to invoke external web service without having to use java stored procedure. I downloaded a demo scripts from OTN web site ( [More]
Wow, what a joke Verizon is becoming! Been waiting a week now for my DSL, they say " there are not enough ports available"...{word filter avoidance} does that mean???  Anyone else in this part of the world (45309) having problems with VerizoN? I [More]
SQL> desc testload Name Type Nullable Default Comments TEST_XML CLOB Y VERSION SQL> SELECT 2 xmlcast( 3 xmlquery('/osd/customerNumber' passing XMLTYPE(test_xml) as "d" returning content) 4 as NUMBER 5 ) 6 from Testload 7 ; SELEC [More]
All the app icons, text pic here's is blow up and it's not able to make normal except I turn off and start the mobile. Now it happens more often and severel times a dayHey Stevendals, Thanks for the question. It sounds like you may have the accessibi [More]
On the older version of word and power point, compressing images was very easy: right clik, compress images, and done.  I don't have this option on my 2008 version.  I am finding it very frustrating to work with very large image files.  I write a lot [More]
I have downloaded and unzipped JDeveloper via: Patch 8431482 10G Jdeveloper with OA Extension ARU for R12.1.1 The JDeveloper I am using is: Studio Edition Version, Build JDEVADF_10. On working through the tutorials, we [More]