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hi, my requirement is to call a scenario from another scenario. the main scenario contains an interface to get data from jms que and put that in DB and then invoke the inner scenario through ODIStartScen and am executing the scenario through an agent [More]
Hello, I have an Excel spreadsheet that I get daily and cut and paste into an existing SharePoint list. Is there a way to make that Excel spreadsheet a data source and copy the data to an existing SharePoint list with less manual involvement? Tools a [More]
Hi, my ibook g4 was purchased on ebay through a seller with 100% feedback (a school district). It came with Tiger already installed, and I bought the Leopard Retail upgrade disc, installed all that, and did software updates to get it up and running a [More]
Ok. I successfully connected my macbook to my sony bravia L Series, but I can only get the sound to play through the laptop. is there any way to have it play through the tv when i watch online vidoes? thanks.How do you have the TV connected to the Ma [More]
My Mac has slowed down to an absolute crawl. I have reinstalled the OS, run Disk Warrior, Disk Utility, removed my preferences folder to see if something in there was actin' up, I've repaired the permissions, etc... Yet in any application (whether it [More]
Hi I want to create a query that list the purchasing orders created or modified during a given period. however, the creation date and the modification date are two different fields stored in differents tables. if I have these two fields in the select [More]
I installed the 64bit system and then KDE but when I start KDE the screen freezes and I have to reboot, any ideas Last edited by normc (2009-04-06 19:23:01)is xorg working properly, what graphics driver are you using? also, is the hal daemon running? [More]
Hi, After performing initial jdeveloper set ups when I run the test JSP i get following error It prompts about Port conflict. Upon clicking OK I get following error Fatal Error: Unable to write to the transaction log (/E:/p4045639_11i_generic/jdevhom [More]
Hi, I am getting a message that "application not found " While deploying the web dynpro java application .......... please give me a solution for this .Hi Ram, This error comes generally when your webdynpro project does not have an application. [More]
Like everyone I've been having trouble with the speed of itunes on windows. I now have a new problem. When I connect my Nano, iTunes fails to load as it should and whenever I connect it, Windows opens E:\, almost as if iTunes doesn't exist. When I do [More]