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I am running OSX Lion 10.7.5 on a late 2006 iMac with Intel. Can I upgrade to Mountain Lion 10.8? If so where do I find the download for the upgrade? Thanks.thanks MichelPM.  I appreciate the prompt reply. shocked... The upgrade and support on a Mac [More]
I have a MAC OS 10.5.8 with i photo 08, version 7.1.5. I prepared a photo book to order via the Apple Shop as i did several times before without any problems. But this time  when it comes to order the book I get the message" Version 07 no longer vali [More]
Hi, Since the update to 19.9.1 mail groups began working again, but now they've stopped.  It used to be I could enter the first few letters in the address field and either a person's or group's name would show up to be selected.  Not groups don't sho [More]
Hallo, my iPod mini is still having problems with the battery. I did select+menu and then put it to recharge, but when i listen to music it keeps telling me that the battery is low even if it's full, and the battery image comes up. Any ideas? It's re [More]
From what I've read this is the process for a web client to find an EJB object: the client uses JDNI to find a reference to the EJBHome interface and then it uses the create method from this interface which makes the container to begin to work, creat [More]
how do I download or upload pictures to my laptop from my iphoneJust connect your iPhone to your laptop with the 30 pin to USB cable. It should be recognized as a camera and you can move camera roll photos to the laptop.Read other 2 answers [More]
I'd like to hide Windows and Oracle Logo in Oracle window or move application higher. Does someone know what to do, if anything? thanks m.Abdetu wrote: Thanks JeanYves i found that parameter [More]
PROB 1 Does anyone know why my HP Deskjet 895 CXi won't print the from/to/date stuff at the top of my emails? Also it leaves unprinted gaps - especially if the email contains links. Is it a printer set-up problem? I'm running 10.4.8 on a 550 G4 Titan [More]
Hello, I recently had some problems with my MacBook Pro and had to reinstall OS X Lion. After doing so, I also had to reinstall all my adobe applications. Everything works great except for Premiere CS5. Now when I create a project and save it it seem [More]
where is security relevent information such as Password for ITS are stored?Single Sign-On with User ID and Password Purpose The Single Sign-On (SSO) mechanism with user name and password provides an alternative for applications that cannot accept and [More]