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Hi, I have an issue I can't get thought out. I have an AppV5 SP3 full infra, with SMB share and local caching of packages enabled. Everything works from a functional level. However I have an issue where users with a roaming profile get a very slow Ap [More]
i have an ipad mini with ios 7.1.1 it lags a lot and the lower part of the screen is shaky after updating to ios 7.1.1Thank you for the advice Randy. Very helpful of you to jump in with a post that adds so much value for the OP. A bit of advice for y [More]
Hi There I have a Direct Access 2012 R2 setup, and all the clients are working fine but we can't seem to resolve them internally. On a DC if I try and ping one of the live DA clients it won't resolve but a nslookup returns its IPv6 address. ping cis- [More]
Hi all During GRPO the client wants to allocate freight, custom duty on the cost of item. The allocation of freight should be on the basis of CBM/ Volume. The calculation is shown below: Item           custom duty     CBM/Volume       qty    unit pri [More]
Can anyone tell me how to determine the correct value for a "Hyperlink Dest Index" value? I have a script which creates a tagged text file that specifies about about 280 pages of tables (thank heavens for autoflow) , and would like to add live l [More]
I've created the "Faces Example" project in Workshop Studio 3.2.0 and it's running fine. However, when I export the war file to run it on another server the class files located at "WEB-INF/classes" are not included with the war. Any su [More]
I got an ipad for christmas and when someone chats me on Facebook it doesn't pop up like on my iPod touch and the same happens with my mail it just has a little number on the top corner of the app icon. ThanksCheck Settings > Facebook to make sure yo [More]
Hi, I'm the proud owner of an MSI G3Ti200 proTD vga card, I bought it almost 1 year ago, and never a glitch, never a fault. This card works flawlessly. but I have a question to you guys (especially technically skilled onez) QUESTION 1) I'd like to bu [More]
Hi, What is the solution to the error message " Attempt to register more than one resource in transaction"? I received this error today after converting some DataSources in an existing project to TXDataSources. The database is Oracle 8 using the [More]
Hi everyone, When accessing the following URL http://server:port/useradmin , you got to the UME. There's the "Certificates" tab. How can I add/read certificates to it by coding of course ? Thanks. Regards.Hello, Using UME API you actually is try [More]