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Audigy 4 (non-pro) he

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I just recieved my audigy 4 *no pro* driver by mail. It does not work because I need a driver, and I can't install the cd because it says I need windows XP to use the Disc. All I want to do is play multiple streams of music from this. I have old driv[More]

Please Help! Problem with 'whistle' when using Audition and Premeire Pro 1.5 with Audigy

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I hope someone can help with this problem. The start of these messages is at the bottom. Any suggestions would be most welcome...Bill Allen Hi David (00)... Thanks for your reply. I just wanted to let you know that I am going to post all of this corr[More]

Help - Need Line in and Aux inputs active at the same time..... Audigy SE

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The company I work for purchased 3,000 of the Audigy SE? SB0570 sound cards to replace our aging original SB6 PCI cards used in our call centers. The application and Hardware require that the AUX connector and the Line in connector are both acti've a[More]

Audigy 2 or Audigy 4 safe in Nforc

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Think the older Audigy 2 or Audigy 4 are safe bets for my DFI NF4 mainboard? I already know the hard way X-Fi is a no go. Are these any different in PCI bus behavior from Audigy types? Meaning if the Audigy worked, either of these should behave preci[More]

Temporarily freezing audigy 2 and firewire not working - sol

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hi, i had two problems with my audigy 2 using windows xp: a) my firewire port didnt appear to work. i had only one device using firewire which was my creative jukebox zen. i could only transfer 95% of the first mp3 and then it would say that my mp3 p[More]

Audigy 2 Tech support little help for n

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Original Message Follows: Subject: CLI - Technical Support Request Self Description: ID(3) Advanced PC UserSupport Inquiry: ID() I am installing or using the product for the first timeProduct: Audigy 2 ZSOperating System: Windows 2000Creative Model N[More]

Is the Audigy SE cound card fully compatible with Windows Vista

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Hi, all. Is the Audigy SE sound card fully compatible with Windows Vista? I see conflicting posts about this issue. TIA. -- Bob Website: E-mail: [email protected]?Exchange ideas and investing tools at our Real Estate Maste[More]

Audigy 4 Pro - I/O Hub does not get any po

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Hello all, I purchased an Audigy 4 Pro a few days ago and I cannot get the external hub to power on. This somewhat sumarizes what I tried so far: . Uninstalled all drivers and software of my old Soundblaster Li've 5. Platinum 2. Also removed all entr[More]

Audigy 4 Pro "beeping, cracking" where is créativelabs label quality

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I just installed my new audigy 4 pro with the Gigaworks s750. Well, all is fine with the sound quality but when i solicite more the system hard dri've, there is some loud bad noise that appaird. i contacted the heldesk, they told me to r?install my w[More]

Hi there I recently bought an apple imac with a view to editing DV footage taken previously. I had captured some of these tapes on to a PC before buying an imac. These files I was able to edit on FCE and imovie (once I had transferred them from the p [More]
My AiO remote updated on my iPad today and i have issues scanning from the scanner. The printer and tablet functions properly when scanning using the glass however when using the document feeder, AiO remote scans the sheets then before saving it says [More]
Hi, I have created and deployed my view project having all the jspx files and managed beans into a different managed server(created a new server,not into the soa server). I have created a bpm process and now I want to use the jspx page(deployed into [More]
I am trying to restore my backup to my new iphone 5 but the backup is greyed out and I cannot move forward. It says that my backup requires ios 8.2. How do I upgrade my iphone to 8.2 before restoring my backup ?Howdy splatnet, The article linked belo [More]
Hi, I have created a workspace in APEX 4.0 and named it POC_TEST with a schema called POC_TEST .I am trying to run the below command in SQL Commands Window to automate the creation of any workspace in APEX. ALTER SESSION SET CURRENT_SCHEMA=APEX_04000 [More]
Hi all, I have created a project where i will extract job_id from source instance(which i am getting from AIAServiceConfigProperties.xml file) and populate it in the xref table. Now i have imported 3 knowledge modules for this project:- 1. KM_LKM SQL [More]
Following the recent death of my Macbook Pro (due graphic card problem) I've switched to my backup laptop and moved all my files to the windows 8.1 laptop. I knew that connecting my Ipod Nano (7th Generation) to the new laptop would result in losing [More]
Good Day everybody! I have sccm2012 r2 primary site. After install in component status component SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER shows error 4951. This is a chunk of mpMSI.log file: Property(S): CcmValidateServerConfig_ActionText = Validates that IIS, BITS an [More]
Dear Friends, I want to change the maturity date for money market transaction. Currently the due date is 29.09.2008 but I want to change it to 15.04.2008. When I change it using tcode TS02, an error massage "End of term is before end of calculation p [More]
Hi, We are on BI 7.0 SP 10. I just applied the FEP 11 on my system and now when i run query from Analyzer, the screen freezes ( selection box does not popup as well for queries with selection ). But if i try to create a workbook in design modeby atta [More]