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How can I do automatic backup of Firefox bookmarks? What is the name of the bookmarks file and where is it probably located in Windows?

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I want to back up Firefox bookmarks automatically. I know that Firefox has manual bookmark export and bookmark. Can it be automatic? If not I will use backup software to do it, but I need to know the name of the bookmark file and where it is located[More]

I want to change the file location for the automatic backup file bookmarks.file, but I can't find browser.bookmarks.file in the list on the about:config page.

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I asked about automatic backup of bookmarks and received the following answer:You can make Firefox 3 create an automatic HTML backup (bookmarks.html) when you exit Firefox if you set the pref [[More]

How do I import backup files of Thunderbird profiles and Firefox bookmarks from my Windows XP computer, which are on a USB flashdrive, to my Windows 7 computer?

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Carbonite provided me with complete backup copy of all files on my prior Windows XP computer, on a 32GB Data Traveler USB flashdrive, so I can transfer them to my new windows 7 computer. Many of those files will simply restore....but, I believe that[More]

How can I make a backup listing of all of my Firefox bookmarks, with complete URLs, so I can print it out from a word processing document?

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== Issue == I have a problem with my bookmarks, cookies, history or settings == Description == How can I make a backup listing of all of my Firefox bookmarks, with completely written out URLs, so I can print it out from a word processing document? Pl[More]

How can I return my Bookmarks from esktop back to Firefox Bookmarks

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For some reason ( unknown to me) the bookmarks in Firefox were sent to my Desktop and I can not return them back to the Bookmarks in Firefox. Would appreciate any assistance in accomplishing the return of my Bookmarks.Hello, Firefox automatically cre[More]

How can I take multiple Firefox bookmark libraries and combine them all on one computer without losing any? (importing results in an overwrite)

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If I have multiple saved Firefox bookmark files how can I combine them all into one?If you have JSON backups then easiest is to have two profiles open at the same time by using the -no-remote switch to open a second instance with its own profile.<br[More]

My new computer has backed up Firefox bookmark files from my old computer on the new computer's desktop, but I can't open them ; also, how do I get this desktop file into firefox's bookmark list?

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My old Vista computer died, but I had backup of my old Firefox .json bookmark files and installed this folder on my new window's 7 computer's desktop. But I can't seem to open these files (windows cant find a program to open them with, and I don't se[More]

How do I transfer my firefox bookmarks from an external harddrive to my new windows 7 computer?

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I backed up my old pc on an external hard drive. Now, I have a new computer with Windows 7 and need to transfer/import my bookmarks from the external hard drive to my new computer. I found my bookmarks file on the external hard drive, I think, but do[More]

Turn off automatic update of Firefox on Gnome 3, Fedora 15

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On Fedora 15, using Gnome 3, I am unable to turn off automatic updates for Firefox, I am only able to turn off auto updates for Add-ons and Search Engines.Possibly you have obtained a modified version of Firefox. Preferences, chrome, js or whatever m[More]

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Hi, How to access the value of the counter outside an  infinite loop in the BPM, i have to use the counter calculated in the first infinite loop in the next while loop. Let me know if any one has done this.. thankx, ShreeYou mean inside the same BPM? [More]
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