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BADI CRM_DOC_AUTHORITY for Auth. Checks on docs not processed in 7.0?

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Hello, after upgrading from CRM 4.0 to 7.0 it seems that BAdI CRM_DOC_AUTHORITY for Authorization Checks on Documents is not processed in CRM 7.0. Note 720434 seems to be not valid for CRM releases with WebUI (>= 5.2) but BAdI entry is still visible[More]

How to restrict editing documents uploaded in CRMD_ORDER ?

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Hi All,      In CRMD_ORDER transaction, Transaction Data -> Documents Tab, we can upload our documents,     Once the document is uploaded and the transaction is saved, I want to restrict editing and deletion of the document.     I got this BADI CRM_D[More]

Auhorization for Attachments in Oppt

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Hi, We have a requirement wherein we want the user to read, edit and delete attachments in the opportunites which are created by him. We are trying to use Auth object CRM_ORD_OP with Partner function category as 0008, but it is not working. The user[More]

Before I set up my wifes new Mac book Air I want to be sure I am doing the right thing. The main thing is that any changes I make to my iCalendar on my iMac or iPhone get pushed to her laptop and, when she gets one next month, her iPhone. Do I regist [More]
Hi , i got an exception in R12 environment. i developed one simple OAF page and deployed in apps import script run successfully. but when i am opening that page in Front end it will give an exception. That is Exception Details. oracle.apps.fnd.framew [More]
hi All, Pls give me the detail for smartform ie how to use standard smart forms and how to modify them in SAP 4.7EE Thanks, NitinHi, first u copy the standrad smartform to z and then modify it, SOME STANDARD SMARTFORMS SF_EXAMPLE_01, SF_EXAMPLE_02, S [More]
So I installed the newest iso, got things ok in terminal and installed SLiM, but I'm stuck at the SLiM login. Neither root nor user works. I've tried console as username to force xterm, but all I get is a black screen with an X for a mouse. tried exi [More]
Hi All, I have a need for a customized inventory cube, and am planning to use BX, BF and UM extractors into the same cube. I will enhance all the 3 extractors where they have all the characteristics needed for my cube and queries to match my requirem [More]
Hi there, I'm trying to copy some text from a PDF that wast created using InDesign CS. The text is on Arabic, I can read it correctly but when I copy it, it transforms to strange characters. What is confusing is, the latin text can copy correctly! Yo [More]
I use Audiobook Builder to convert Auciobook CDs to an ipod-compatible bookmarkable format, and the program handles all of the steps transparently.  in iTune 10, how can I make this same conversion from an mp3 audiobook CD into iTunes?  I tried follo [More]
Hi all, I am aware that the iweb sites tab whenever I click on it, is supposed to show me settings that I can change. However when I click on my sites tab it does not show me a single thing, just a blank page. I want to access the settings such as FT [More]
Can someone tell how to convert the llb from LabVIEW version 8 to version 7.1? I hope to sent the program to the others, but the other side are using LabVIEW version 7.1 but not version 8.0. I know I can save to VI file as previous version, but it co [More]
i made my account like 4 years ago and have tried every possible answer to my questions i can think of but everytime it says one or both of them is wrong.  i tried changing them but there isnt a button that i can click to change them as far as i have [More]