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BADI CRM_DOC_AUTHORITY for Auth. Checks on docs not processed in 7.0?

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Hello, after upgrading from CRM 4.0 to 7.0 it seems that BAdI CRM_DOC_AUTHORITY for Authorization Checks on Documents is not processed in CRM 7.0. Note 720434 seems to be not valid for CRM releases with WebUI (>= 5.2) but BAdI entry is still visible[More]

How to restrict editing documents uploaded in CRMD_ORDER ?

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Hi All,      In CRMD_ORDER transaction, Transaction Data -> Documents Tab, we can upload our documents,     Once the document is uploaded and the transaction is saved, I want to restrict editing and deletion of the document.     I got this BADI CRM_D[More]

Auhorization for Attachments in Oppt

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Hi, We have a requirement wherein we want the user to read, edit and delete attachments in the opportunites which are created by him. We are trying to use Auth object CRM_ORD_OP with Partner function category as 0008, but it is not working. The user[More]

I just finished using iTunes, closed out and then tried to get ack in.  Got this message "The iTunes library .9tl file is locked, on a locked disk, or you do not have write permission for this file."   How can I get back ino iTunes ?I actually f [More]
InDesign CC 2014 Crashed today. When I relaunched it I found that some of my fonts are not available. I'm on a Mac Pro running Yosemite (10.10) For example, two weights of Proxima Nova are available (Light and Regular) but the other weights are not. [More]
Hi all, iam facing performence issues with tomcat 5.5.9. i have developed one webapllication which uses 20,000 employees... problem is tomcat not releasing the memory ...memory is growing up to some peek stage then it is not allowed any requests and [More]
For several months I have enjoyed wireless conectivity through my AirPort Express connected to my DSL router. When attempting to connect the other day I was unable to access the network eventhough I had full signal strength. Upon examining the AirPor [More]
Hi, I am working on "STACKED 2D COLUMN" flash chart. I want to control the width of the Columns, because when there is only single column in the data. it fill's the whole chart region itself with single column. Thanks in Advance. Regards SanjayH [More]
I have already been printing my photobooks through Apple, which have a few size options, but at least one doesn't correspond to Kodak or Shutterfly (10x13). I would like to continue using Apple for consistency on size and other attributes Apple offer [More]
I'm new to Captivate and these boards. I saw new, but I'm really self taught. I took an Element K course, and we've also purchased the Iconlogic book. But I still have a few questions that I can't find the answers to, and here's one of them: I want t [More]
Hi, I am just wondering if anyone else is currently in out position? Our Infinity service went down on Tuesday morning at 7.30 so I logged a fault straight away.. The DSL link is down (flashes or isnt there at all). We did all the power cycling etc a [More]
Greatings, I have all my ebook (Pdf, epub...) In a external HD, and I still want it in that way, but when I add a new ebook to my library automatic copy this file to ˜/Document/iBooks/Books . In iTunes If you dont want to Mp3 go to the HD just unchec [More]
Tried the preferences thing, but same problem persists. Gotta get some work done. What can I do?If you're on Mac you can post your crash report on and put a link here. We might be able to give you a clue about why you are crashing.Read o [More]