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BADI CRM_DOC_AUTHORITY for Auth. Checks on docs not processed in 7.0?

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Hello, after upgrading from CRM 4.0 to 7.0 it seems that BAdI CRM_DOC_AUTHORITY for Authorization Checks on Documents is not processed in CRM 7.0. Note 720434 seems to be not valid for CRM releases with WebUI (>= 5.2) but BAdI entry is still visible[More]

How to restrict editing documents uploaded in CRMD_ORDER ?

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Hi All,      In CRMD_ORDER transaction, Transaction Data -> Documents Tab, we can upload our documents,     Once the document is uploaded and the transaction is saved, I want to restrict editing and deletion of the document.     I got this BADI CRM_D[More]

Auhorization for Attachments in Oppt

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Hi, We have a requirement wherein we want the user to read, edit and delete attachments in the opportunites which are created by him. We are trying to use Auth object CRM_ORD_OP with Partner function category as 0008, but it is not working. The user[More]

hello! who can help me find a driver for windows xp 32 bit for my hp deskjet 5940?? the drivers that you download from hp website is for xp 64 bit! thanks Ansthanks for your help! I tried this but it does not work for my windows xp 32 bit! I have tri [More]
I tried updating my nokia 5800 today when the new firmware was released. i have already updated my other phone including another 5800. But when I updated the firmware of another 5800 (my 5800 through nokia software updater from pc/laptop), after the [More]
I seem to have a similar problem like the one Crash brought up, my phone is not rebooting and I cannot connect it to my pc to reinstall the update, has someone solved this issue, without going to nokia care center ? I disconnected the battery and put [More]
I am working on a much larger project, but to keep this simple, I wrote out a little test that would convey the over all theory of the program. What I am doing is starting out with a 2 JFrames and a Class. When the program is launched, the first JFra [More]
I had an issue running Bridge CS6 on my laptop yesterday and after failing to troubleshoot I un-installed it from my system but have yet to find any way to download/reinstall it. I have web design premium and tried uninstalling/reinstalling photoshop [More]
Hi experts, I have a question about the user default print format. When I try to print out a output, the print format turn to be a format that I donu2019t want to use, I have to change the format manually everytime. Is there any method that I can set [More]
Just started using iMovie and I downloaded a clip from Youtube and converted it to mp4. All I want to do is make it faster but all of the 'clip' options in the top bar are greyed out so I can't use them. Any help?You need to select a clip from the Ev [More]
What does that mean in the editor configuration. If I click on bottom right corner of editor window, the options menu opens. OK - No help at all, the new SAP stanbdard. What does the parameter %SurroundedText% in patterns like this stand for: DO |  T [More]
I have a WD USB with approx 70,000 songs on it. When I try and scan the Music, it gets approx halfway though the songs, then the Media Servers stops all communications. The only way I can get the Media Server to recover is to power cycle the E4200 An [More]
I was doing some performance testing using different file protocols (NFS, SMB mainly). The last test was with NFS, I mounted on the command line the nfs exported directory, did my test, forgot about the moment and shutdown the NFS server. Since then [More]