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BADI CRM_DOC_AUTHORITY for Auth. Checks on docs not processed in 7.0?

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Hello, after upgrading from CRM 4.0 to 7.0 it seems that BAdI CRM_DOC_AUTHORITY for Authorization Checks on Documents is not processed in CRM 7.0. Note 720434 seems to be not valid for CRM releases with WebUI (>= 5.2) but BAdI entry is still visible[More]

How to restrict editing documents uploaded in CRMD_ORDER ?

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Hi All,      In CRMD_ORDER transaction, Transaction Data -> Documents Tab, we can upload our documents,     Once the document is uploaded and the transaction is saved, I want to restrict editing and deletion of the document.     I got this BADI CRM_D[More]

Auhorization for Attachments in Oppt

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Hi, We have a requirement wherein we want the user to read, edit and delete attachments in the opportunites which are created by him. We are trying to use Auth object CRM_ORD_OP with Partner function category as 0008, but it is not working. The user[More]

Hi All, We have portal ( SAP EP 7.0) as the front end for SRM 7.0 ,We have integrated SRM with portal through the system alias SAP_SRM. With the PDP scenario the users are facing the below issue while they try to open any documents ( let it be RFx/co [More]
I am trying to configure the Oracle thin driver and am getting an SystemException when the pool tries to test the connection at server startup. It looks like the start() method is failing. I have put Oracle's,, and the [More]
Hi, I recently had enough of junkmail getting through my ISP's filters and Sylpheed's bogofilter, even after regular training.  I decided to make a white list by making filter rules that would divert spam to the Junk folder, if the From: header did n [More]
hi i have an imacg5 the model with the isite built in, and i just got ahold of an 17 inch apple lcd studio display...ive had a real hard time looking for adapters, i bought the apple adc to dvi converter thing for 99 dollars and i have that dvi wire [More]
I gone through SDN Search and found no solution with PI Standard Import to support FTP inside the Adapter Module Requirement This is File to IDoc Scenario. I am trying to write Module which takes care of processing 50MB to 100MB file and split based [More]
Updated to OSX Lion. Startup on MAC Side does not see Bootcamp Partition. In Disk Utility can see Bootcamp Partition, but cannot mount it. Reboot holding OPTION key boots fine to windows. Errors out in MAC side triing to start Bootcamp partition in V [More]
Struts 1.1 (with tiles) Java 1.5 Tomcat 5.5.9 MySQL 5.0 I have downloaded the sslext.jar from sourcefourge, in an attempt to implement transparent switching betweek http and https action mappings. I have followed the implementation guide here http:// [More]
catcherror event "catch all system exceptions" is not catching subLanguageExecutionFault in BPM processhi rani, thanks for the response i supply all the connection details(gatewayhost, gatewayservice, programid, clinet, systemnumber, application [More]
How to executemenucommand for Document Color Mode in illustrator using JavscriptAre you using the Extendscript Toolkit Editor (ESTK)? In the Help menu you can find all the properties for Document that can be queried/changed. (Personally, I don't use [More]
Hello, I deleted part of the files, and the uninstall one. How do I uninstall now ?HI Thecle Please download the Acrobat Cleaner tool from below link and run it to completely uninstall Acrobat XI. Please Refer : [More]