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BADI CRM_DOC_AUTHORITY for Auth. Checks on docs not processed in 7.0?

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Hello, after upgrading from CRM 4.0 to 7.0 it seems that BAdI CRM_DOC_AUTHORITY for Authorization Checks on Documents is not processed in CRM 7.0. Note 720434 seems to be not valid for CRM releases with WebUI (>= 5.2) but BAdI entry is still visible[More]

How to restrict editing documents uploaded in CRMD_ORDER ?

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Hi All,      In CRMD_ORDER transaction, Transaction Data -> Documents Tab, we can upload our documents,     Once the document is uploaded and the transaction is saved, I want to restrict editing and deletion of the document.     I got this BADI CRM_D[More]

Auhorization for Attachments in Oppt

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Hi, We have a requirement wherein we want the user to read, edit and delete attachments in the opportunites which are created by him. We are trying to use Auth object CRM_ORD_OP with Partner function category as 0008, but it is not working. The user[More]

Purchased a new Ipad for my wife and integrated it with my windows 7 system and Itunes and made it through.  Was able to sync and bring pictures, contacts and bookmarks over.  Not to say it was easy because I never used any Apple product except my Ip [More]
Using OSX10.10.1 on Mac Air. I can not open Adobe reader.   It responds with "An internal error has occurred." I have uninstalled Reader and removed to trash all files from libraries related to reader, emptied the trash and have repaired permiss [More]
Hi Gurus Please help me related to the following issue.... How can i get all the standard program names in SAP related to some perticular functional area(eg. FI or FM)? Is there any direct method to identify the report programs only? please help me w [More]
Hi, We have a report which has Date variable in selection screen. When we enter selection as interval and then when we click on Check option before executing the report, the date format becomes garbage. Here is an example: This is what I enter in Dat [More]
Hello, Since the last two weeks, we're experiencing Full GCs that take long time and block our application. Our platform is: Windows 2003 Server 64 bit Tomcat 6.0.18 Java 1.6.0_u13. Total memory: 8Gb. -Xms4096m -Xmx6144m -Xss256k Old generation: min [More]
I've created an album with 82 photos which will each display for 3 seconds. I now want to create a slideshow with a playlist of 2 or 3 songs for the background. If my math is correct, I need a soundtrack that plays for 246 seconds (82 x 3. I don't ha [More]
can u please tell me why a recently purchased app has crashed (bento4) and since then i have this permissions problem regarding ARDAgent???  most importantly the app only works when running on a different user!!!Hey, The Below thread might help you E [More]
We must migrate our functions module in our namespace (/ITESOFT/). I create a function group /ITESOFT/BALANCE. Which name must I give to my function modules ?    Must it begin with NameSpace:          Function Name = /ITESOFT/Function_1 ?    Must it [More]
Oracle 11g R2 Windows. I have an oracle user, named user_1.  User_1 needs to be able to grant select on a table owned by another user, User_2, to a role. I keep getting the error ORA-01031: insufficient privileges. User_1 has the following system pri [More]
I have installed itunes on a new computer, but when I log into my account my library does not come up.  Is that correct?  Shouldn't I be able to access my library as long as I'm logged into my account?  If so, what am I doing wrong? 1. Yes. 2. Not au [More]