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bapi for update afru confirmation


Wage group is not getting updated in confirmation.

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Hi When confirmation is done through idoc ( type Conf21) then wage group is not getting updated in confirmation table AFRU. When confirmation is done through co11n then it gets updated. How to get it updated when confirmation is done through idoc.Hi,[More]

BAPI to update a single characteristic in IE02

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Hi,       I am trying to update a single characteristic in IE02.I am able to do that with the BAPI "BAPI_OBJCL_CHANGE",but this BAPI is updating only 1 characteristic and is initializing all the remaining characteristcs.       Any pointers on th[More]

BAPI for updating Maintain Duration in Transportation and Delivery scheduling

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Hi all, Iam looking for a BAPI to update the Duration Times in Transportation and Delivery scheduling. I reluctant to use recording on SM30 Table maintenance T code and use it in LSMW. Is there a BAPI or Standard i/p Program to load these details. I[More]

BAPI to Update the OA/PO with the new partners from vendor masters

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Hello All, We got a requirement to update the Contract or purchase order with new partners from vendor  master. In brief the partner information of a  PO when created with reference to a contract  will be reflected from the contract but not from Vend[More]

Need name of a function module or BAPI to update the Tax Classification val

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Hi Guru's Need name of a function module or BAPI to update the Tax Classification value for Material master. Thanks in advance.Hi U can try to use BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEREPLICA MaxRead other 3 answers[More]

Updating Vendor Confirmations in PO

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Hi Friends, I am trying to update Vendor Confirmations(TABLE EKES) in PO using FM ME_CONFIRMATION_UPDATE.  Even checking for EKPO-BSTAE. But i could not able to update EKES table, its throwing an error 'SYSEM ERROR:ERROR DURING UPDATING TABLE EKES'.[More]

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Hiii The scenario is like this... In a table there are 2 columns ( statically created , nothing is dynamic UI  creation ) . The 1st column has a textview and the other has DDBK . In the DDBK the value to be populated is dependent on the value in the [More]
I followed the instructed provided in the below link and while accessing the dyn/admin am getting the following error Error getting compiled page Unable [More]
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We would like to create a custom field on the header of the business partner to store information that would then be used in the security roles. For example, we want to create a branch field on the header of the business partner and then use this fie [More]