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Vl10d outbound delivery

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Hi everyone: I have a question, do you know if exist a function o Bapi to create outbound deliveries in R/3 Release 4.6C ? We have a program with a batch input for transaction VL10D to create outbound deliveries, but it doesn't work when we process i[More]

Open Purchase Order UPload Using the BAPI 's

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i need to upload the open Purchase Order using the BAPI function BAPI_PO_CREATE1., below is the given fileds blod are for Header, header will Repeat for the line items,can any one help me out  using the BAIP's for upload the PO, i need sample code fo[More]

URGENT: Function modules or BAPIs

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Hi Experts, I need function modules or BAPI to get the open items and cleared items G/L Account wise. Useful replies will be surely awarded.Hi Chakradhar, Check tcode : BAPI u will get all bapis there. Regards, HemantRead other 3 answers[More]

Questions on BPS BAPI calls and PDF forms

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I will need to create a button on a BPS form and that button is supposed to call a BAPI.  One of the buttons will create a PDF of the form (using the contents of the form) and print said form to a 'default' printer.  The issue is that not all cFolder[More]

Deletion of Scheduling Agreement and Delivery Schedule using BAPI

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Hi SAP MM Gurus, Please assist in inquiry below: My scenario is that I am trying to delete delivery schedules and scheduling lines using BAPIs. I have no issues when there is no GR made yet for the delivery schedules. The error arises when there are[More]

BAPI for training and event management

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Hi all, I need a bapi that returns the list of the attendees of a training course. I've seen that a FM exists: RH_GET_PARTICIPANTS and i know how it works. I would like a standard BAPI to be called by an external system. If it doesn't exit I will cre[More]

Scheduling BAPi

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Hi guys, While scheduling a BAPI(ZBAPI_WS_REPORT ),am gettin an error msg says Program ZBAPI_WS_REPORT is invalid or does not exist,even though it exists in the target client.What could be the problem?Please help me out in this regard asap.Its very u[More]

BAPI Error: No account assignment exists for service line 0000000000

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I am using BAPI : BAPI_PO_CREATE1 to create a PO. I am getting this error while creating PO  "No account assignment exists for service line 0000000000" Please help.Yes... for each item i am creating one parent service record and one child servic[More]

Need BAPI for MIGO to create a Goods Receipt against PO &Outbound Delivery

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Hi Friends, GRN’s (Good receipt notifications) created in DHL (Non SAP system) will need to be communicated to SAP. I need to post goods receipt using input data in MIGO. Is there any BAPI that i can use.The requirement is like below: PO number field[More]

How to change pricing Conditions in Sales order in change sales order bapi

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Hi Experts, How to change pricing Conditions in Sales order in change sales order bapi. I have used the 2 function modules bapi-changesalesorder and sd salesdocument change, But it is creating the new record , instead of changing the existing one, Co[More]

Error in BAPI

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Hello , While using the BAPI 'BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA', to extend material from one plant to another my code is throwing an error 'Currency initial v,current amount 6,000.0000 in MOVING_PR was transferred without a currency' Enter a material number' I[More]

Issue in material master update from presentation server  using BAPI....

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Hi Guru's... i am trying to change the material master from presentation server (desktop flat file) using BAPI(BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA) .... while executing my program i am getting the message like material had changed... but while in mm02 i am un abl[More]

Problem in creation of sales order using BAPI

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Hi Guru's,               I am currently working on Minimum Order Value problem. If the ordered item is less than 5$, the requirement is to add a new material MOV to the existing order by filling the difference amount and making it to 5 pounds. I am u[More]

Problem in Creation of BAPI

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Hello friends, I'am facing problem in creating BAPI. I've created and released BAPI function module successfully. I've also created Business Object type, included the function module in business object type, and released Method of this business objec[More]

Issue in creating sales order using BAPI's...?

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Hi Guru's, i had generated the sales order using the BAPI..but could please guide me how to declare the data declaratin same fields as globally and how to move internal table and how to append .... thanks in advance... REPORT z_bapi_salesorder_create[More]

How to populate a custom field of a Std. SAP Tx with BAPI usage 2 Load data

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Hi Experts, For instance, I created a custom field (say, custom_field_1) on a screen of standard SAP tx(say, ME21N) by using screen exit. And in order to populate the data into it (custom_field_1), will use the Function user exits of this Tx(ME23N).[More]

Which BAPI meets my req. for creation of Pur Order - PO??

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Hi Experts, User enters a Sales Order on the selection screen, say Order_1. So, my requirement is to create the Purchase Order - PO, by pulling the data of Order_1. 1 - I need to focus the to populate the Order Customer # into PO's HEADER TEXT 2 - Af[More]

Service order creation using bapi with repair order number

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Hi experts, Pls suggest me a BAPI to create a service order for those repair orders where a PGR has been done(for return delivery type : LR). The plant should be 0260 with storage location wh01 and item category ZRRE Creation of a service order with[More]

Background scheduling in BAPI

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REPORT  ZIND_BACKGROUND_JOB MESSAGE-ID zsd                                     NO STANDARD PAGE HEADING                                     LINE-SIZE 160. Tables TABLES: mara,mvke. Data Definitions. TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_mat,          matnr     TYPE mar[More]

Filtering the data in BAPI

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Hi,     we are using bapi_PRODORDCONF_GETDETAIL to fetch some data in a transaction. For this we have to use a condition that it should display records only from plant 1000. for this I'm trying to use genericfilterandsort action filter the results. B[More]

Chaps, I am in a strange situation I am having a hashtable with the flwg values Entertainment Games Entertainment Video PIM Calculator Entertainment Jump Settings Set Entertainment Poker Now,I need to search this hashtable for the Object 'Entertainme [More]
I used my HP Office Jet 6600 All in one; yesterday to make several copies and it worked just fine. Today when I went to make some copies, the printer read "Error: There is a problem with the printer or ink system. Turn th printer off, then on. If pro [More]
Before the questions, the context: Here at Iowa State, we've set up "sub-admins" for each of the colleges by managing an exceptions list. In this way, the sub-admins can create new courses from templates and help faculty upload content, but with [More]
Hi, first of all my congrats on another great release of my favorite Java IDE. Bad thing is I can't enjoy it as much as I want currently because of the following issue: I'm working on a large project based on Struts, Tiles and Spring. The thing was b [More]
I've built an uploader for my new photo gallery, and it's pretty basic.  I can either upload using the new <cffileupload> box, or I can FTP files to an "upload" directory.  Since the entire site is local still, I've just been copying the f [More]
Hello all, I have checked multiple scenarios and they do not work: Current situation/setup: 1. <b>Creation of several variables and adding each of them to different queries</b> : Variable   Type   Processing      Infoobject                     [More]
Hello, I've just moved and switched to DSL from cable modem. SBC DSL One phone jack with the supplied filter on it allowing connection to the phone and supplied wired router They provided a CD that configured the connection for me. In their ethernet [More]
hello, We are a web company that is interested in doing quality videos of our client speaking about their company or for testimonials to put on the site. We have a green screen, and have did some tests with a borrowed Sony HDR-HC3 HDV 1080i. THe resu [More]
Hi All we are trying to save the variant in the report S_ALR_87012013 i have selected 10 asset classes and save the variant. again i go back to variant display it is selecting only one asset class. i asked authorization team to create a test userid w [More]
About a month ago my iPhone 5 turned itself off. It does this now a couple times a day and I have to hold down both the menu button and the power button for almost 10 seconds to have it restart. Lately, I go to take the phone out of standby and it sh [More]