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We have one home computer (with Windows), and have 2 IPOD Touch's plus 1 IPAD all setup in ITUNES on this same computer.  We are also setup with ICLOUD.  Kids IPOD's get music and FACETIME contacts all mixed up with each other and with the IPAD.  Wha[More]

I have the same apple id on three devices need my daughter to be separate on find my friends, but right now we have to pick which device is found, can I change this with a different id?  We share an itunes.

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I have my phone, ipad, and touch all on my itunes and same apple id.  It is my daughter's touch and I want to have her on my "find my friends" but it is not allowing her device to be separate than mine.  Do I get her a separate apple ID, and can[More]

How do I stop receiving iMessages across all devices?

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I have multiple apple devices setup to receive iMessages, but I have changed my main phone from iPhone to another phone and would like to stop receiving iMessages from my contacts. How do I disable iMessages from being sent by all of my contacts?Sett[More]

We have 3 devices used by 3 different people under the same Apple ID, how do I stop getting my daughters texts, both sent and received?

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We have 3 devices used by 3 different people under the same Apple ID, how do I stop receiving my daughters texts? Both sent and received.When you use the same Apple ID on 3 devices it means you are all using the same (email, imessaging, calendar etc)[More]

HT4436 how can i setup one account for me and my kids ?

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how can i setup one account for me and my kids ?One account each, or one account for all of you to share? Either way, follow the instructions here: Remember, if you share an iCloud account, you won't be able to main[More]

Hi, Please give guidance on doing XSLT mapping for unbounded elements in Altova Mapforce. I am not seeing any functions (like FOR loop etc.,) in the XSLT mapping screen for the same. I appreciate your input. Regards RameshHI, For XSLT Mapping refer t [More]
I am looking to set up a shared storage for use in a small editing network and I am having a hard time getting my head around what exactly I need. I have 4 edit stations that currently run externals. I am looking at a solution like FCS to centralize [More]
I just hooked up a 1TB drive to my new AE and think I have it configured properly in the disk pane of airport utility. I'm very much hoping that I have it configured correctly! I chose to configure "with a disk password", and not " accounts [More]
hi in excel sheet it contains 4 upload data from excel to internal table i have used this fm text_convert_xls_to_sap .but error wil comeing.that error in tables parameter.iternal table does not contain data.ple help me.(v 6.0) ple give me one [More]
I have an external disk that was used on Tiger iMac. I used Backup to save files. Now that I have this external drive connected to a new IMac running SnowLeopard, how do I restore files?Backup 3.2 is still usable if you have a MM account and can down [More]
Hello,  I am a teacher and want to make some videos to post online for my class.  I would like to have it set up so that I have a powerpoint presentation going, a video camera pointing at a piece of paper I can write on and another video camera point [More]
I received a dozen pictures in a few emails and I saved them all into one file in pages.  I just copied and pasted.  I do not have the originals any longer.  Iphoto will not permit me to import the pictures as it does not recognize a .pages file, nor [More]
Hello, I wonder if a lot of families have this problem. I have a POP3 email ,, that is our family email shared between my wife and I. I am tired of deleting the same emails from my iPad and my iPhone over and over so I am looking to find a [More]
How to I change the font size of a document when I print it?To specifically and fully answer your question, no, you absolutely cannot change the "font size" as a function of print. First of all, there isn't a single "font size" associa [More]
Accidentally deleted firefox "profiles.ini" and now says firefox is already running when I try to open it. "a copy of firefox is already open. only one copy of firefox can be open at one time. Now I'm aware this happens often and people hav [More]