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Insert "Mobile Device Setup Disk" or Itunes not regonizeing Itouch/phone

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How to fix itouch that said install mobile device setup disk or it was not recognized by itunes. So here this can help you fix that. *> = go to.* First: Make sure you have the latest itunes installed. Second: Open up device manager.To get there, Star[More]

Raw device setup

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I need to have a raw device setup and shared across two nodes. Is there a good documentation for this eventhough it's more like SAN admin type. Also is there a troubleshoot guide when the shared storage not "visible" to other nodes. The issue is[More]

Device Setup Incomplete

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When I connect my phone to BB Link to restore it gives me this message "Device Setup Incomplete: Disconnect your device from your computer and complete the Setup app on you device. When complete reconnect your device." I don't know what I'm miss[More]

NI-Device Setup Problem

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We have Device computer(PentiumII) with Windows NT 4.0 OS on it. The computer has PCMCIA GPIB card on it. This computer is part of the Device/Instrument which will have GPIB interface. We have 'NI-Device Std. for Windows' for Device application devel[More]


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problem at device setup processI am from india . I have purchase old iphone 4. I have been erase iphone . Generlly to start a phone first step select the country second language & than conect to wifi or skip and than setup newly iPhone & than conn[More]

CNA and Device Setup Wizard

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Hi @ all, i´ve installed the latest CNA 5.6(3) and try to setup a device with the Device Setup Wizard. The problem is from the drop-down list i only can select the CE520 device. I do not have such a device in my network. How can i select other (suppo[More]

Core Audio question - global multiple aggregate device setup possible?

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Hi, I'm new to CoreAudio, so easy-to-understand explanations are appreciated. I'm trying to write a simple CoreAudio application which will provide an easy way (basically like an AppleScript program) to specify global audio output devices. Currently,[More]


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We have one home computer (with Windows), and have 2 IPOD Touch's plus 1 IPAD all setup in ITUNES on this same computer.  We are also setup with ICLOUD.  Kids IPOD's get music and FACETIME contacts all mixed up with each other and with the IPAD.  Wha[More]

Bluetooth device setup doesn't work

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I have updated all of the Mac's I look after and now I can't setup up the Bluetooth on the student logins? Does anyone know why this is? Kind Regards TimCheers for the bump!Read other 4 answers[More]

Cisco 881 integrated services router - I am unable to set up the device using the CCP New Device Setup Wizard.

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I am unable to set up the device - I get the following error: CCP encountered an error while executing the command : yourname#term len 0 yourname#conf t Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z. yourname(config)#username ccpuser p[More]

Network device setup

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I put in an airport extreme and it works good.  The only problem I am having now is that I cannot get into my network devices to set them up.  I am using a PC and IE or Chrome (dont judge I am work on switching over).  I can ping the devices and see[More]

HT201441 the device has already been erased, but is still linked to the previous owner's account, you will be prompted for the previous owner's Apple ID and password during the device setup and activation process

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I could not contact the previous owner so that can help me the way you have describedThe Help page you came here from gives you all the information; without the previous owner's password or his removing the phone from his list of devices you cannot p[More]

RMAN backup device setup

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I am fairly new to Oracle, from the Informix environment. I am trying to get more familiar with Oracle. I have a test server on which I have installed 10g. The server has a tape drive. From what I can tell, to use RMAN to do hot backups, I have to ha[More]

My Blackberry Classic is frozen after 1 day in use, stuck at Finalizing device setup 100%

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Hello ; It finally worked, my BB is usable again and I could apply my backups - it seems that I lost nothing, that's good. Regards,Bertrand.Does anyone else find this absolutely INSANE that on such a supposed high quality, business dependent, expensi[More]

My Blackberry Z10 is frozen, stuck at Finalizing device setup 100%

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My Z10 re-started automatically this morning and since then has been stuck at 100% with the message 'Finalising Device Set Up'. I have tried re-booting many a times but no luck. I have searched the forum and all talk only about reseting to factory se[More]

IPS Blocking Device setup

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I have configured my IPS to manage a router and block traffice when certain sig. fire. I created the login info and ACL through the IDM. My question is by setting up the ACL through the IDM do I still need to apply the ACL to an interface on the rout[More]

I have the same apple id on three devices need my daughter to be separate on find my friends, but right now we have to pick which device is found, can I change this with a different id?  We share an itunes.

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I have my phone, ipad, and touch all on my itunes and same apple id.  It is my daughter's touch and I want to have her on my "find my friends" but it is not allowing her device to be separate than mine.  Do I get her a separate apple ID, and can[More]

How do I stop receiving iMessages across all devices?

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I have multiple apple devices setup to receive iMessages, but I have changed my main phone from iPhone to another phone and would like to stop receiving iMessages from my contacts. How do I disable iMessages from being sent by all of my contacts?Sett[More]

We have 3 devices used by 3 different people under the same Apple ID, how do I stop getting my daughters texts, both sent and received?

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We have 3 devices used by 3 different people under the same Apple ID, how do I stop receiving my daughters texts? Both sent and received.When you use the same Apple ID on 3 devices it means you are all using the same (email, imessaging, calendar etc)[More]

HT4436 how can i setup one account for me and my kids ?

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how can i setup one account for me and my kids ?One account each, or one account for all of you to share? Either way, follow the instructions here: Remember, if you share an iCloud account, you won't be able to main[More]

How can I assign a date value to a parameter declaration in SQL? Here's my existing script. CURRENT: select distinct summary as "iCash EAD Error Summary",count(*) from AAA.BKS_ICASH_EAD_ERRORS where creation_date > to_date('5/26/12 8:50','mm/ [More]
Hello- I'm having trouble with Acropbat Pro and color matching. I tried the magnifying glass for the editable text box I created, but the color is slightly off. I used command 3 to open up the CYMK slider. I adjusted the slider to the color I do want [More]
Please advise how to uninstall firefox completely and then a new install.This article has instructions to uninstall: [ Uninstalling Firefox | How to | Firefox Help]. Regard [More]
Dear sir/madam, I am using an iphone 5s, it is a great phone. However, i dont have the FaceTime app.. Could you please help me with it. Thank you Regards, AdeemYou can't download it, it's a built-in app. If the app doesn't show and it's not hidden vi [More]
The problems you are experiencing are most likely the result of Web filtering software, firewalls, popup blockers or ad blocking software. You may resolve this issue by visiting your browser's website and searching for instructions on temporarily dis [More]
Hi I try to import integration scenarios from Integration respository to Inetgration directory. But when I click on Tools --transfer scenarios from Irep, and then click on the question mark, there are no scenarios showing up.The Table is empty. Can a [More] No this is not for the vanilla MacBook or Pro. But at least one issue knocked down that has been present in the forum.hoi Jordy, try my tip in this topic: Changing the [More]
Help! I charged my iphone last night to 100%; streamed 5 minutes of radio and my phone shut itself off and won't turn back on; I've tried the sleep/on/off button on the top, the home button on the bottom, and I've tried plugging it in. I'm not in a l [More]
Can any one tell me the standard table name where the details of the Configuration Profile (tcode CU41) are stored... I know some tables for this transaction CUCO T134 TC04 TC04T TCLA TCLST TCU0S TCUQD But i didnt find the fields like MATNR , Profile [More]
Is there such a thing as a diagonal guide in Illustrator CC?Thank you so much, Monika, for answering the question and getting back to me so quickly!Read other 3 answers [More]