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Hi, We are on OBIEE 7.9.6 and we have a requirement of adding new DW table. I created a new table in DW and getting error "Could connect to data source process. Process failed during creation of connection pool", while trying to import this new [More]
I would like to have the ability to highlight page items other than "text." For example, if a page has been scanned in (and has not had OCR performed on it) you cannot highlight the text, because Acrobat views the page as a raster image, not as [More]
I am having problem with installing nokia Ovi store in my E51. Whenever I try to download Ovi store from my E51, it shows a error message that the component is built in and cannot be installed. I dont know wat to do now. Can anyone please give me som [More]
Hi One of my client have a proxy server and firewall and when they try to access my webserver then all the AWT applet are downloaded and rendered on client properly. However, the swing applet written using JDK 1.3.1 is downloaded and rendered but it [More]
Hello all, I have a Sony VX2000 connected to my G5 by firewire with an NTSC monitor connected to the A/V ports of the camera so I can watch the timeline play on a regular TV. The problem is that after I have been editing for about 30 minutes or so, t [More]
I am updating a couple dozen columns with this program. Is there a way to include the column name that caused the error in this message? Thanks H10g includes the columnname when throwing an error: michaels>  create table t (a varchar2(2)) Table creat [More]
I have just set up the file sharing option in my newly arrived iMac. I am now able to access my iMac via an old iBook G4. But for some reason, I do not have networking access in reverse: that is, I cannot access my iBook via the iMac. The iMac runs t [More]
Since running System Updates beginning in late March '09, during the downloading of any updates, sudden there appears a popup screen requesting that I OK the installation of something called "Warbirds Classic" or "Classic Warbirds".  I [More]
Hi, I installed the whole CS5.5 Master Collection on my MacBook Pro, typed in my serial number and everything was fine. But when I opened Acobat Pro the Application Manager asked again for the serial number. When I typed it in it was wrong. Every Ado [More]
We are printing photos and/or scans of my wife's paintings as well as some of her photography.  Using a canon ip4820 and a Red river satin paper (or canvas paper) and the corresponding recommendation from Red river including their icc profile for the [More]