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I've just bought an iPad2, got it al set up and subscribed to the MobilMe search feature as the initial test. the location it came up with was nearly a mile off. Whose error is this and can it be corrected?Have you got the 3G + wifi version or the wi [More]
Hi Experts,   In one of my reports  i need to bring purchase order ,service entry sheet, goods receipt number . In ekbe i am getting the purchase order and its service entry sheet while keeping BEWTP = 'D'. so i am getting purchase orders and their s [More]
Hi everyone, I have a simple question. How can I transfer my iphone 4 music to my itunes ? I'm on PC and I have try to make this by the ''transfer d'achat'' option (sorry for french) but it's only work for video and app !!! Someone can help ?purchase [More]
Hi, Currenlty for some messages, Idocs are not getting genrated and outbound queue in moni for this messages shows as IENGINE instead of IDOC. Also the outbound flag doesn't have any status and there is no error information. We are using message pack [More]
Since "upgrading" to iTunes 9.2, our computer's iTunes can no longer successfully back up my 3GS iPhone (always encounters an "unknown error") and it will no longer recognize my husband's iPhone 3GS at all. Because I upgraded iTunes be [More]
How do i change the top sites that are resored after clear of history and top sites?Alternatives for Help Resetting Security Questions and/or Rescue Mail      1. If you have a rescue email address or a Security Questions issue, then see:          If [More]
hi everyone! i'm pretty new with Java and i wanted to know how to install a package i downloaded from "". the package name is poi and i have no clue how to do it so i'll be able to import some classes from it i [More]
I downloaded a screensaver I want to use, however don't know how to go about making it work. It's a .scr type file, the screensaver. how can i make it work? thanksIs that a Windows screen saver? You're SOL.Read other 2 answers [More]
Hi all, I am having problem to connect a Microsoft SQL Server Database with eclipse. Is it possible to do it? And could someone explain me how, please? When I want to create a connection from the data source explorer, I have in the list of connection [More]
I can login my CC account, download and install app via my Internet line for a Windows PC.  However, I have a slow Internet connection and I have a number of PCs more to install the apps.  Can I download offline installation folders for the CC Apps t [More]