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Hello anyone! I have all the requirements to meet Adobe's standards for GPU requirements, but this check box (Hardware Accelerate Composition, Layer, and Footage Panels)[Edit>Preferences>Display] is disabled for me, why? Do I need to worry about thi [More]
hi gurus, i had a confusion in this area.  please let me know the difference.  as per as my knowledge in KP06 u have to give ur COST ELEMENT and COST CENTER,  in KP26 we have to give ATY TYPE and COST CENTER. in above senario, we have to do planning [More]
I just got a strange email from youtube. They claim a movie clip of mine contains material which possibly is the property of "GoDigital MG For a Third Party". I only used sound effects and music from imovie. Isn't this material free to use and p [More]
Hi We have 15 enterprise project types, when we create a  project we will select that EPT's and create projects. After create the project -- saving and Publishing -- server settings -- change or restart work flow -- it must show the project under the [More]
i really can not directly download update Vision Assistant Version 7.1 from this site Is there any altenative website that easily can download the [More]
Hi guys, A clustered 2 nodes on HP-UX with MC service guard (active/standby), have a running oracle 10g db in one of the nodes. I am planning to implement data guard on the 2 node. But MC service guard is responsible for failover of the nodes, which [More]
can i sync whats on my ipod to a new itunes acct without losing whats on my ipod??? im scared to death to sync right nowSee Here Adding content to iTunes From the How To section here other 2 answers [More]
Hello! I started to play around with 3d area of photoshop (cs5 64bit) and after couple renders i noticed that edges are not going to be antialiased. Look at the sample image. So can i get antialiasing  (render options doesnt give it) for 3d objects?? [More]
Hi there, I am trying to compile a few sample with new release of jdk1.4.0. It does with DOS-Promt. I get an error like """: Error #: 750 : initialization error: com.borland.compiler.symtab.LoadError: class file has wrong version [More]
Greetings my name is Elizabeth and I was syncing my iphone giving an upgrade in itunes and now this is the message that tells me all the time. message on iphone Your iPone Could not ne activade Because the activation server is temporarly unavailabe. [More]