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How do I use Aggregate formulas with multiple measures from different tables?

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I have three measures: Cash - this sums the £ column in my 'Cash' table. Online - this sums the £ column in my 'Online' table Phone - this sums the £ column in my 'Phone' table How do I now do aggregate formulas that combine this three measures, for[More]

Errors in the high-level relational engine. The data source view does not contain a definition for the table or view. The Source property may not have been set.

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Hi All, I have a cube in which i'm using the TIME DIM that i created in the warehouse. But now i wanted a new measure in the cube which is Average over time and when i wanted to created the new measure i got a message that no time dim was defined, so[More]

How to calculate an average of YTD measures?

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Hi all, I'm working on BPC 10 for NW. We use an account-type dimension for Personnel inventory (Personnel to fixed-term contracts, to permanent contracts, number of executives, staff etc.). The corresponding ACCTYPE is AST because people are seen as[More]


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Hello u2013 I have 4 application sets with periodic applications in which all measures are set up exactly the same in BPC 7.5 NW SP8. Time in each of the appsets includes months, quarters, seasons and year. Measures include Periodic, QTD, STD, YTD an[More]

Hi Gurus, While creating SES sheet, after entering the PO and period details, we are encountering the error message " Error in account coding allocation". We had checked the PO and the account details were picked correctly. could you please sugg [More]
Hi All, Can we get data from business views  in CR 2008/XI? If its possible, pls let us know how to get connect with Business View in both of these versions and what is the tool that we have to use to create Business Views. Thank you, Krishna Pingali [More]
Hi, i want to know if apple store charges money for free aplications in DPS?...i made a personal brochure in dps and this information will be important for me. What´s the fees in apple store? ThanksIf your app is free and all your content is free, Ap [More]
All, I recently had a Verizon tech visit my house due to constant DVR and remote control freezing. TV content was freezing whether it was locally recorded, pulled from another DVR in the house, or On Demand. On a hunch after the tech tested everythin [More]
Hi Guys, My Customer is having the problem about DST (date summer time) specifically about IP Phone 7940 and 7960. When finish the date summer time this model don´t change the time, only after restart logical or phisical. I simulated the problem in t [More]
Hi On hols my lap top died and I replaced it while away - so Lap top is Fijian, but my Apple I Tunes account is British - in case that's relevant. Trying to download iTunes to the lap top, (windows 7) but I get the same error each time.  I have tried [More]
They are still on my Itunes account but wont move back over to my phone. I lost them when I last updated with all that icloud stuff. Does anyone have any idea [More]
Hi All, I have a problem in my report that in 10-12 records, data not picking the values against Document Number...means from where i pick the lifnr, there a few records not showing related information... I tell u in detail.. I pick Document Number f [More]
HI there! My ipod was working fine over a week ago and now it wont work! I try to sync it and it says it has synced it but only puts on about 200 songs out of 2000- not even that, before it says unknown error and then wipes it all off,and wont sync! [More]
I've read up on it a little I know I have two empty slots for extra space but I'm too scared to mess with it myself, can apple do it for me? how much will it cost? my primary reason for doing this is to add more space for my music library so I can fi [More]