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I keep receiving this error every time I open LR, "Lightroom encountered and error when reading from its preview cache and needs to quit" and the app won't open. It said LR would try and fix this error next time I opened it but the error remains [More]
Welcome to this Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the Cisco Prime Service Catalog and Process Orchestrator solutions. Cisco expert Jason Davis will discuss Cisco’s network man [More]
If an RFC is called from a on SAP system, say a button on the front-end, if I want to delay two simultaneous calls from frontend, so that they call RFC say 10 seconds of each other, can this be done at the RFC level, or does fron-end need to delay th [More]
Hello all, i am writing because i would like to know if there is a way to get a list of speciffic reports on GRC 10 Access Dashboards - Dashboard for access risk analysis, BRM, User management Acces Request Reports - Reports related to access, SLA, e [More]
Hi all, We have reversed a F2 type invoice with VF11 transaction with Cancellation of Invoice S1. The original invoice date was 19/12/07 (period 12 2007)and the cancellation invoice has posted the documents with the same date (period 13 2007). The us [More]
I am trying to run a Business Rule in EAS. However, when I log in to Essbase and when I clcik the plus in front of the Business Rule, it give a message "Business Rule Login Failed" Also, when I go to HSS, I do see the item called HP.. under the [More]
explain me about the release procedure for purchase order i am comfortable with all steps but for the last step were we will be defining the settings  for workflowIt's all fine and dandy that you want to be polite and reply to every reply with a "tha [More]
Hi, We have ECC 6.0 SR2 with Microsoft Cluster on Oracle 10.2 & Windows 2003 Enterprise edition 64bit. Installation is ABAP+java stack Installation of CI and DB on same host. Virtual hostname for database is ORACLEOT1 Virtual hostname for CI is SAPOT [More]
Hi. - I know how to create a Keynote theme for Mac. But how can I move the theme over to iPad and keep it as an theme for the future? - Can I create a theme in iPad with iPad Keynote? Thanks.Here is someone else's answer.  In short not really. https: [More]
Help!  I purchased both Premier and Photoshop Elements and have installed photoshop but the Premier code doesn't work.  When trying to contact customer services it keeps on sending me to the forum.  How do I find anyone to talk to? Thanks,Here is a l [More]