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I need to create a report that lists the GL Account numbers according to selection screen parameter "Account Group" . Hi i need to find a way\(tables and fields) between the  "Account Group"  and the "GL Account number". to v [More]
I have Time Machine backup on an external drive. I want to mirgrate all my files onto the new Mac Pro but migration is getting hung up and cant find the drive. Can I set up Time Machine for the new mac on this same drive and then select the old macs [More]
I tryed to open Firefox but instead, it came out an error saying something like "Firefox is already running but is not responding." So, I desided to uninstall it. Now when I go to Install it again on, the system does not run autom [More]
dear friends,       I have created a function module for creating sales order in BSP page. Because i dont want to include all the structure in BW system. so i just pass required parameters and i will only sales order from that function module. so whe [More]
I have an application that users use from within the company network and from outside. A web page opens an adobe form that the users fill out and save back to the server, in the form of an FDF. Some change in Adobe versions has started to save the ip [More]
Hi, I have seen a tutorial/inspiration video earlier when somebody (I think a Swedish girl) showed how to create a sketch of a lovely dragon figure. Can somebody help me find that video? It was part of the Create Now world tour (if I am right). THANK [More]
Hi all, Can anyone solve this problem. I am starting weblogic server and it gives me message "Unable to load performance pack, using java i/o. It starts the server but it gives me above exception also. Thanks. Zahid.Zahid, Can you please provide the [More]
My programme dosen't work at j2se1.4, but it is correct in j2se1.3.1? Counld anybody tell me the reason?Could be anything.Read other 2 answers [More]
A fellow programmer on my team, though good, often refuses to abide by naming conventions, or seem even to be aware that many have existed and use that knowledge accordingly. Today, for example, he created a class (not an interface) called Createable [More]
Hi I have created a component which extendsJButton, but is customised into various different shapes. I want to be able to drag and drop this button. I have added mouselisteners and also mousemotionlisteners, but am at a loss as to how to actually mov [More]