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Hi, I just set up a leopard server 2 days back and everything seems to work properly. It is behind a router/switch. I configured my MBP as a directory client and that went fine too. Expect I'm having issues while accessing certain things: 1) Mail can [More]
After update to iOS8 over wifi, my iPad Mini with Retina Display is working perfectly, however I had an issue twice since yesterday. While using it, I observed the screen became totally blue (like Windows crashing) and the ipad restarted. Anyone faci [More]
Hi, I'm trying to create an encrypted file directory on an external HDD (My Book). I decided to try the OS X software to create one. I have tried both the following options, each of which has been buggy when transferring files into the created images [More]
If I remember correctly I have done this in the past but now I can't remember how to do it. Message was edited by: admiral_koa i finally found some other questions like mine which got answered. So I'm closing this out.That would be kind of you. Thank [More]
I've had 2 emails pop up as notifications and by the time I open mail to read them they have disappeared. They aren't in junk or deleted.Same issue since did the last update with my mac mail.  Will see an email for a second and then it disappears.   [More]
Does anyone know if you can pair an iphone with the apple wireless keyboard? Is this something that is coming?Currently you cannot do this. No one here knows if this is a feature that is or is not coming, unless Apple announces, which they rarely do. [More]
I am attempting to rename several of my primary key/foreign key constraints from the default "SYS" names to something actually meaningful. I have several "semi-dynamic" queries that look something like this: SELECT 'ALTER TABLE L_ROLE [More]
How do we import song from iTunes to any Apple device? I do have the songs in my iTunes in the laptop but I dnt know how to import it into my iPhone. PLEASE HELPNothing gets imported to iDevices. Read the Users Guide for the device, specifically the [More]
Hello I only have 15 port forwarding fields to enter all my programs and it is not enough since I have two pcs accessing the router getting two different ips for each one. Each aplicattion needs two forwards one for the other for 192.16 [More]
Hi Experts, I am using FM " Reuse_alv_grid_display" to dsplay the output. But defaultly it is not showing all the output in single view .I have large no of columns to show up.horizontal scroll bar is not set up defaultly. I would like to use CL_ [More]