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I have had MyWebSearch install itself as my primary browser....I have needed to reset Firefox in safe mode but I am not sure that the changes have actually been done! In Options in the Options menu the window displays all the add on's and features th [More]
Hey everyone, I work as an IT technician for an Enterprise where the majority of end-users utilize iPhones (4 and 4s) and iPads (all versions) with varying versions of iOS. Many of these people have ActiveSync set up with our Exchange Server (2008RS, [More]
After I select burn in Iphoto it acts like its doing it then I get a message saying the Super Drive failed. The disk drive didnt respond properly and cant recover or retry. What can I do to fix this. Thanks JenAre you able to burn a disk of any kind [More]
I could not find anything about this in a search, and a visual scan of the discussions. After two weeks of being shut down (vacation), and occasionally during that time accessing email through dotMac, I encountered the following when I restarted my h [More]
Reporting a problem from my bill just gets me sent around in circles. This has happened before last month, and seems to be linked with the upgrade to iOS 6.0.1. as problems started immediately after the upgrade. My subscription just seems to lock its [More]
I set up my new Airport Extreme and can connect to the network with any IOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad).  When attempting to connect to network with my work laptop (Windows 7), I get an error that it cannot connect.  I have no problem connect [More]
Hi, I am using MDMGX tool to import the data(Cost center, Accounts, company, Profit center) from ECC to MDG hub. can I use the same tool MDMGX for importing Cost center group, cost center group hierachy data ? also for Profit centers as well. Please [More]
hello, i would like support to get the adobe flasher for pogp games. i was able to play pogo games but now i cant please help. thanks. other 2 answers [More]
So I have read that U2's new album is available to everyone free on their iTunes account, and it should already be in their music catalogue.  However, I can't seem to find it.  How do I access this?Click here and follow the instructions. (113241)Read [More]
Hi all I have a curious case that seems to be unexplained... The inactive conditions of type Y When are the condition types deemed inactive if type Y ?? There was no entries maintained in the condition records upon the existing entry or the entry exi [More]