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in adobe PSE and in Nion NX2, I open 2 group Photos, select a head in photo 1 and copy, go to photo 2 and paste. Than only the selection-line appears and no head is visible! Who can tell me what is going wrong? Thanks: Max.I am sorry to have to point [More]
I have looked on HP's site for My Calendar that is what it is called. I have HP computer and HP printer. So I'm not sure if I got it on computer or printer when setting it up.Hello alilhippie, Welcome to the HP Support forums.  I understand that you [More]
Dear PP gurus, When processing CS13 transaction, the result is not correct. e.g. BOM of material 12345, Component 67891 - Qty should be 4 PC instead of 0 PC This problem occurs for all materials for which item number is blank. I mean to say the resul [More]
Hello! Sometimes my iPhone switches to an "E" instead of 3G. I think it stands for Edge but what does it do? - Thanks in advance!It is slower than 3G. Have a look here for more info [More]
error no:10054 symptom: I can open logon screen, but when I typed in userid and password, in a few minutes, the error appeared,showed connection to partner broken. I use the same netrange, the error will disappear. so what's the matter? Do you have a [More]
Using ARD 3.1 I created a client installer and configured it to create a new user on the client system. This worked fine for most system. However on two of the clients are having problems: 1) ARD cannot access these clients. 2) When opening the Accou [More]
Hi Experts,       When we create a business system we get a dialog for entering logical system. My question is, for what business system, logical system in mandatory? Is it for ABAP? or third party? or Java? What is the real significance of a logical [More]
in Essbase 9.3 on Enterprise View, Business Rules, Repository view, Projects NONE of my scripts will launch. i can sort of open and but they won't execute. i can copy but i can't run them. i'm dying here because i have got to copy a version to versio [More]
Hello, I have a SL Data Source from the type 3fi_sl_xx_si. The question is that if one of the fields in the SL will be changed from char 10 into char 3 will the extraction fail? I mean will i have to generate the extraction strutre again and create i [More]
Hair trigger standby makes it difficult to end call. When I try to end a phone call, my iPhone goes into standby so quickly that I cannot end the call. I have to bring it out of standby to end the call and often it goes back into standby so quickly t [More]