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Hi everyone, i've a problem with my mp3 tags, i'm trying to organize my library trough updating the ID3 tags but it won't work. For example, I've 2 artists: ACDC and AC/DC, when I change the info artist into ACDC, it won't change anything and i'll st [More]
I have a PDF form with some signature fields. I am attempting to mark some of the fields in the document as read-only when the document is signed. This is what I did: 1. Modify the "Signed" properties of the signature field. 2. Choose "Mark [More]
Hello All, We have a scenario related to Inter Company Billing: The IDOC for AP posting shows that there is a session created in SM35, when I analyse the session it shown me that the doument is successfully posted but giving me below error: Tax enter [More]
Hi Experts, I need to upload pdf files using webdynpro question is where to upload this files and how to upload this files, and how to display this pdf file. Please Provide Requried Information. Waiting for Reply. Thanks & Regards. Bhushan.Hi [More]
Hi, We have changed the OID sever for an 11i instance Hence I think some users who were in the old OID server are not present in the new one And the FND users of 11i are not able to get authenticated Shall I - Create the user in new OID server - Conf [More]
Hiya everyone. I accidentally dropped my Video iPod(30GIG) last night off of the counter. A meer 2 some feet made my iPod stop playing and display a completely white screen. I let the battery die overnight, and I plugged it back in this morning. It d [More]
Hi, I have a issue with calculating total value in the Query which is used for other calculations. A   B   C 1   2    Total value of A * B2 1   3     Total value of A * B3 2   4      Total value of A * B4 I cannot use SUM GT as it is sensitive to the [More]
Hello, Im trying to setup access for our guests to go out a specific interface/ISP We have our main connection to our datacenter. We also have a little SAT Receiver that we get internet from (10MB). I want a specific vlan to go out ONLY to that SAT R [More]
Hi All, We are in the process of testing a new software load balancer on top of Oracle E Business Suite R12.1.3. The configurations are done and from the load balancer software itself we can see the requests are forwarded to different application ser [More]
Hi, is it possible to connect with Client to Oracle Database which runs under I just need a client to create a tnsnames.ora on the client-pcs. Greets Alexis it possible to connect with Client to Oracle Database which runs [More]