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Dear Friends , I am using Oracle database 10g . Every week I take full export backup using 'expdp' . Beetween the days of the week, I dont take any backup . Now I need backup of two days ago . In this moment , is it possible to take backup using data [More]
Hi - Im using the FileWriter and BufferedWriter classes to output text into a .txt file. The text I am writing is taken from another text file using the FileReader and BufferedReader classes. The text is reading from the file, and will also output to [More]
I do not use iCloud and do not want to have iCal send email when I accept into my calendar an event invitation or modify one. Every time I accept an event, iCal tries to launch Mail, which I do NOT use for email (Thunderbird instead). I have already [More]
Hi, we installed latest pathches and Packages for soalris10 x86 on Sunfire X4100 Server. after finishing the patch, we can't able to work this commands "mv , cp" command is not working. Error1: # mv hariganesh /opt mv: fatal: [More]
Hi I have raised a Pr for 100 and i could make PO with referance to PR for more than 100 and to any unlimited quantity. Is it standard setting? I am getting an warning message when i exceeded the PR quantity, the message is: Materials of requisition [More]
I am using Audio Queues for playback and recording. For the playback, I need sometimes to start at a specific position, or to jump at a specific position. Is there a way to do that? Also, is there a way to retrieve the current position where the play [More]
Hi! I was just wondering if development is still continuting on Spry. I like Spry a lot, so it would be saddening if Spry is a "dead fish in the water".Read Donald Booths reply in this topic; o [More]
Hey guys, I am putting together an application <attached>. Currently I have the ai/sampleclock wired to its timing VI.  When I run this with highlighting on, it just goes to the read for the digital in task and waits there like it has not yet acquir [More]
I really want to play wmv files in quicktime. I read that quicktime pro should be able to do so. I have quicktime pro but nether Quicktime Player X or Quicktime 7 Pro can open it, and I know the file isn't corrupted cause it plays on a windows comput [More]
Hi All, Can you please provide me the functional spec related to any scenario in SAP SD. ThanksDear Friend... As a functional consultant , we may often come across certain situations from clients to modify / create or design a new requirement or a re [More]