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i've just got my first mac. I migrated files from old pc. This has created another user. Can I merge the two?Best to start over and use Setup Assistant, which appears on the first boot of the new Mac. This will avoid all of the hassles involved in tr [More]
hi... i m using EJB's for backend connection in WebDynpro .in which i m able to store data in sapdb .for this i followed one tutorial which i have mentioned bellow which works perfectly.Now in the same Tutorial i want to retrive the data from databas [More]
Since I updated to the newest software I haven't been able to connect to the internet. When I go to settings and go to Wifi, the network shows up and I am able to click on it and enter my password. However, despite saying that I am connected, the bar [More]
I too have the sam problem in charging my hp tab. I guess the charging port is loose and doesn't fit well (tightly)with the cable. Now my battery is drained out and i have no way of charging it. Have tried other cables also but din't help. The model [More]
Hi , I am planning to sell the same app to several customer ( clothing shop owners ) and I wonder if there is any kind of limitation on the number of apps a developer can upload to the apple store. Do you think there will be any problem because the a [More]
I have made an excel file, and use have put a picture in the footer as a background. When I make a print preview, it looks fine, but when I save it as a PDF file, it pops up at the front, over my text. How can I make sure the picture goes to the back [More]
Hey guys, is it possible to send my Xdisplay to a remote xserver but use the local mouse and keyboard? I would like to have the remote host just as monitor. Is there a way to do this with X11 only - without x2x, synergy, ... Cheers, StefanNot a Sysad [More]
In new update breaks wi-fi, not good to play video in HD, slows down the video when recording. What to do?Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result.Read other 5 answers [More]
Hello, I have saved a couple of swatches by applying the colors to squares, then saving them to the library and afterwards loading them in another file. One of the squares changes color when imported onto stage. In the library preview it looks ok. An [More]
So it seems the adapter is acting up.  It sees networking n linux it refuses to obtain an ip adress.  Windows 7 sees the network will connect sometimes but has a slooooooow connection and sometimes won't load the page.  Other times it won't connect.  [More]