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Emails are Blocked from domains which are added to "BypassedSenderDomains" in Exchange 2007 Edge server

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Hi, We have an Exchange server 2007 and an Edge server 2007 is configured in the perimeter network. Most of our clients use Public email domains such as Yahoo and Gmail. Last few weeks it has been a  major issue for us that most of the emails from Ya[More]

Obvious spam has SCL of -1?

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For some time now, our junk mail filtering has... I believe the technical term is "sucked". We get a LOT of spam and just wade through it manually. SBS2K8, Exchange 2010, Forefront Protection for Exchange server 2010, everything is up to date, I[More]

Exchange server 2013 content filter rejecting all incoming messages as spam.

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Hello All, Today out of the blue our Exchange server 2013 install started rejecting any inbound message as spam. It first started with only one user not being able to receive any mail because of this anomaly and then after 12 or so hours all users we[More]

Acrobat Forms--E-mail response-Digital ID, not desired?

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I have buillt a simple form I itend to distribute to people, and have respond with an auto-e-mail submit button.  Designed in Acrobat 8. When it comes to hitting the e-mail submit button, it asks for a digital ID, or to create one.  This is not a sig[More]

Mails Lost Exchange 2007

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Hi, I've some problems with the exchange server 2007. We are losing some mails and it looks like they getting lost between the Edge and the Hub role. All roles are installed on one physical device (no vms). I searched the one of the lost mails with t[More]

5.7.1 Sender ID (PRA) Not Permitted

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Today, we've gotten quite a few 550 5.7.1 Sender ID (PRA) Not Permitted rejections on our Hub Transport for 4 different domains. We have Sender ID enabled but have never had to whitelist anyone. I've checked both Test-SenderID and from NSLOOKUP. They[More]

Emails not being received

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Hi, We have exchange 2010 installed on our server. This is only happening with a few companies that email us (Error is below). The emails are hitting the server but then being discarded and I can't work out why. This all started happening when we cha[More]

Exchange Server catching message as SPAM

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Client has a hosted server connected over a VPN that sends reports from their LOB app on that server by bouncing them off their SBS server. The user runs a report and emails it to a user so the To/From is both from the same internal domain and hits t[More]

dear friends How can we see the report on the basis of material charactersctics report for viewing stocks at a particular plant, if so help me with transaction th anksHI,    Try this t-code RWBE Regards GKRead other 2 answers [More]
eg. Registration.jsp The data is accessed from an hidden field called course for example, if I have "Java programming" in the field course, and I use an expression to access the value from the hidden field. **My problem is that the data gets tru [More]
Hi All, I am using JDeveloper . I am not able to start the weblogic server .I am getting below Exception .I am not sure where I  need to check,, Error at line:2333 col:31  '' expected a valid beginning name character at weblogic.xml.babel.s [More]
Help Please! I am a noooooooooobbbbbb! I have searched this forum looking for a procedure that will write records from my database into certain col (positions) in a text file. Example: 1234 TONY TEST 84889922 Y 34 TORCHCOMP 34 5678 BOB JOHNS 43534534 [More]
I installed windows phone 10 on my phone (lumia 730) and after a survey decided to turn back to WP 8.1. So, I installed windows phone recovery tool on my lap top and connected my phone with in. In the middle of recovery process the connection failed [More]
When I tried upgrading before, iTunes told me I was up to date with 1.1.4. Now it tells me there's an upgrade (2.0) and to press the update button. When I do, a pop-up window tells me I can purchase the update, and Cancel and Learn More buttons appea [More]
When I want to save a copy of a pdf the dialog screen always opens in My Documents. I want to change this location. I can't find this in the preferences. Does anybody know where I can change this?You cannot. Aandi InstonRead other 3 answers [More]
can any1 help me find a free download of os x 10.5. I'm using 10.4.11 on an imac g5 powerpcThe only "free" downloads are from illegal sites that buy one license and share with the world.  They also tend to place "suprises" in that down [More]
Hello I have created a motion picture with 3 live type fonts. I import to DVD SP 4 and I do the quick button over each text, so when selected I have it set to have a faded box over the title. All works great. Was think of doing something neat, was th [More]
Hi Friends, Advance Greeting for Ganesh Chathurthi. Can any one please tell me the difference between Userexit and Programmes. Where should we execute the programe given by the Abapers. Thanks and have a great day, VishalDear vishal sunkari,  User ex [More]