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Third party tool link for EDI 810

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Hi,   What is the third party tool for mapping EDI 810 and link. Thanks aviHi avinash, Check the links below[More]

Revolve 810 G1 Unlock Computer when in Tablet Mode. Press CTRL-ALT-DEL or Windows Security Button

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1.  I have an Revolve 810 G1      Running Windows 7 Pro (64 Bit). When I change the screen to Tablet Mode   (Folding tablet over keyboard and using as tablet). I lock my computer. 2.  What to know how to unlock without having to Open back up and use[More]

HP Revolve 810 - HP Executive Tablet Pen Does Not Work

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Any suggestions as to how to get the Revolve 810 to recognize the Executive Tablet Pen in "tablet mode" to be able to take handwritten notes in an application like Microsoft One Note? I have been unable to get my HP Executive Tablet Pen to work[More]

Several issues with Lumia 810/820

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I am a tech reviewer looking at the 810 (T-Mobile) and 820 (AT&T). There are some issues I want to address before I publish to make sure it has not been resolved or if I am doing something wrong. Here are some excerpts. Comments/corrections are welco[More]

How can I install a Dell A10 810 printer on my Macbook?

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how can I install a Dell A10 810 printer on my Macbook? ThanksJust double-click the zip file to open it. There is no Mac version of Access, so how you're going to open the Access file remains to be seen.Read other 3 answers[More]

Nokia Lumia 810 (T-Mobile) Experiencing Freezes Li...

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I got a new Nokia Lumia 810 almost a month ago, and I seem to be experiencing the same sort of freezes as the 820 and 920 owners. The first freeze occurred almost immediately after setup, the second the next day, and since then the freezes vary betwe[More]

HT4356 I'm using my iPod and an Epson XP-810 printer to print pages from websites and emails and etc.  How do I print just 1 page out of 14 pages .  I don't see any settings on my iPod and can't find settings on the printer .   Can someone help with this

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I'm using my iPod and an Epson XP-810 printer to print pages from websites and emails and etc.  How do I print just 1 page out of 14 pages .  I don't see any settings on my iPod and can't find settings on the printer .   Can someone help with this pr[More]

How can I print from my iPad 2 using an HP Artisan 810 printer.

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How can I print from the iPad 2 using an Epson Artisan 810 printer.You said HP in your post title and Epson in your body text, but I think it is actually an Epson Artisan 810. If that's right, then the free Epson iPrint app should work for you - it l[More]

My Book 3.0 (1TB, USB 3.0) detection problem with Envy Phoenix 810-135qe

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I have  a My Book 3.0 (1TB, USB 3.0)... The older My Book not the newer one... "My Book Essential" or something like that. I was using it with W7 x64 backup utility on an older HP desktop (HP Pavilion a6560t) without issue up to the day my new H[More]

B2B adapter is not polling any data from EDI X12 810 ECS file

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Hi All, I am new to Oracle B2B. I am using Jdev Oracle Editor : Document Protocol : EDI_X12 Document type : 810 (Invoice ) Version: 4010 Weblogic server : Requirement is : i had an EDI file and i need to translate the E[More]

The persistent store record 6,810 could not be found

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Under heavy load, we get an exception stack trace in the log, that says that an expired message could not be deleted. This message is repeated every 15-30 minutes for other records. 5 hours later, it says that a thread is stuck and the server is bloc[More]

Epson Artisan 810 -- Can't Scan to PC using Wireless or USB

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I can scan using the Epson Scan Utility on my iMac and do so wirelessly, but cannot use the one-touch functionality of the Artisan 810 to either Scan to PC by Wireless Connection or by USB Connection. Wireless Connection doesn't even appear on the to[More]

The photo print quality from my Mac to my Epson Artisan 810 is poor.  When I take the same photo files (JPEGs) to my PC to print to the same printer without even uploading them to the PC, they print brighter and crisper from my PC.

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The photo print quality from my Mac to my Epson Artisan 810 is poor.  I just purchased my iMac for my photography business in Jan. (this is my first Mac).  When I first tried printing, I noticed the quality wasn't as good as I expected it to be.  The[More]

Lumia 810 (T-mobile) - SD card issue, any updates?

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As I've found by searching around, it seems like the new Nokia Windows 8 phones have issues when using Class 10 micro-SD cards.  I'm using a 32GB Aopen Class 10 micro-SD card in my Lumia 810, and I'm experiencing the following issues: *Attempting to[More]

HP ENVY Phoenix 810-270st CTO Desktop -Bluetooth and Windows 8.1

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I recently purchased a Phoenix 810 with Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 and Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac featuring Dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) 2 x 2 MIMO technology.  when I purchased the system I used the Bluetooth to connect to external bluetooth speak[More]

Nokia 5800 XM and LACK OF Nokia 810 Contact Downlo...

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I had nokia n82 with this app from nokia 810. I transferred contacts to my BT car kit and it worked perfectly. Now I cannot find such application and cannot transfer contact in any way. I read in forum several different ways, but it didnt help. I tri[More]

How to do Customization of EDI 4010 810 Invoice

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Hi , We have to send data to a trading partner in EDI_X12-4010-810 (Invoice) format . But the format is not exactly same as the Standard 810 format which is generated using the B2B Document Editor. There are few Custom elements to be added to the Sta[More]

Deskjet 710/720/810/820/1000 Series printers - Patch for 64 bit Vista and Windows 7

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There is an issue with the 64 bit Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 or 8.1 drivers that causes the spooler to crash with the following HP Deskjet printers: Deskjet 710     Deskjet 712  Deskjet 720  Deskjet 722  Deskjet 810  Deskjet 812  Deskjet 820  Des[More]

Inbound Invoices (EDI 810) with multiple items that are the same keys.

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One of our Vendors just started sending us 810's that have multiple items with the same P.O., Delivery, P/N, Price, etc.  The reason is that they (and we) track inbound batches for the purpose of traceability, so the only difference between items on[More]

Issues with 32GB micro SD with Windows Phone 8 and Lumia 810

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I bought 32 GB micro SDHC card (Sandisk) that causes issues such as: (1) tap Settings - then blank screen - then go back to Home (2) when shutting down WP8, it says "goodbye" forever and it does not go away. I have to detach the battery. (3) Occ[More]

Hello everyone. i am completely new to MAC's and very new to scripting. Thanks in advance for any help. I am tying to run an Apple Script that is called Scheduled Delivery. I'm running 10.4.10 and have the most recent version of the script. Basically [More]
ORIGINAL MESSAGE POSTED TO APPLE SUPPORT Ever since .MAC was recently down - and converted to Mobile Me - I have been having problems with my iWEB site: 1. Frames around Photo Albums no longer display (on mac or win web browsers) - On Windows Compute [More]
airport (snow) network with g3 ibook, intel imac and g4 imac. g4 was tuned off for couple days and will now not see home wireless network. airport symbol appears gray and it shows up in system profile, so i think it is functioning. in addition, the o [More]
Im lolking for Audigy NX but someone can tell me that can i use the remote of Audigy NX to control Windows Media Center. Thanks!As far as I'm aware MCE isn't officially supported, I presume you are installing the standard XP drivers/CD, is that corre [More]
Hi Can any one give me the query for finding which all tables in the database contains a particular field. Like I want to find out all the tables which has fields with field name like '%LOC%' Thank You .Sselect table_name from dba_tab_columns where c [More]
I have updated Adobe AIR and unable to open previouly instalkled applications which works on adobe AIR. While updating the application iam getting an ERROR # 16824 and iam unable to run the software as well. iam not a coder, so plz help me reactify t [More]
Hi There. Because my new Thinkpad T410s 2912WA6 (Optimus) and it's Bugs Features are quite time-consuming while i would need a reliable system to get things done, (that is why i spent over 1800 Euros on dock+thinkpad), i have to make it short. 1) opt [More]
Is there a way to create menu buttons in PS Elements 8 for an Encore project or do I need to upgrade to PS CS5? Thanks!I have never used PSE, but my understanding is that it can only edit Button Layer Sets, and NOT create them. This might have been a [More]
Hi! In iphoto I could search for text in the name of an album. For example by typing "copenhagen" I would see all the pictures that are in albums whose name contained the word copenhagen. (xmas in copenhagen, copenhagen opera, my friend molly in [More]
It's on the right side of start bar (says "100%" in Explorer). Menu allows customized enlargement/reduction to exact degree and has a huge range, to over 800%, I believe, down to 10%. Firefox performs similar function using "control" a [More]