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call bapi within workflow


Order blocked by user / Workflow error handling

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Hi Folks, I am getting this requirement quite often. Time to address it in a more efficient way than that I know. The following is the requirement: Workitem goes to approver. If the approver approves/rejects the workitem, there is a subsequent change[More]

List of BAPIs related to Workflow

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hello, I am currently working on a mobile application android my goal is to validate a workflow from a user that's why I want a list of BAPI with a link to the workflow thank you Moderator message: please do more research before asking, show what you[More]

Purchase requisition workflow - reset release via BSP and BAPI

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Hello, We have a small workflow to release purchase requisition. A mail is send to the approver. The approver opens an BSP application to release or refuse the PR. The approval works well. The rejection doesn't work well. I use the BAPI_REQUISITION_R[More]

Our family has many Apple Devices (Mac Book Air, iMac, iPhone 6, iPad 3rd Gen. iPod 5th Gen. and as of today a new iPhone 6 Plus.  All of our Devices have always been using one Apple ID.  This has created zero issues until now.  With my wife's new iP [More]
Ola Pessoal, Meu Cliente tem uma solução de CUCM e UCCX, versões 8.6.2 e 8.0.2 respectivamente. Gostariamos de saber se o CUCMS é capaz de monitorar a utilização das Portas IVR. Abri um TAC e fui informado que somente a partir da versão 9.x do UCCX é [More]
Hi, I'm currently writing a bdb database maintanance utility for the OS project Netatalk which uses bdb for some data storage. We're using transactions and therefor we open DB_ENV with (DB_CREATE | DB_INIT_LOCK | DB_INIT_LOG | DB_INIT_MPOOL | DB_INIT [More]
Hi @all, I want to call a report through Forms per web.show_document but Firefox don´t start. The URL is correct (I´ve tested it). I tried also to disable the Popup-Blocker but this didn´t solve the problem, too. I call the fmx with a JNLP File. Ther [More]
Please help, Safari crashes on my 7.0.4 iPad. It is usually on Facebook but also when using some Apps as well. I have been checking for an update each day as hoping that would stop this happening..Since you have posted this recommendation a couple of [More]
I have two Apple IDs current. One my iPhone one appears in Settings/iCloud and this is the ID associated with my iMac. The second appears on my iPhone when I connect to the App Store to purchase or update. I have forgottenthe password for this ID and [More]
When I want to save an email on my phone, I would like to create a file named "business" to store that email in for future reference. Is it possible to create a new file? The only files I have now are "inbox" "drafts" "s [More]
I haven't found any threads as of yet of other users experiencing this issue and wanted to post to see if anyone had any ideas on how to resolve this. Just for grins, I had a spare hard drive and erased the drive and performed a clean installation of [More]
I want to know if I can create a separate account from the one that my ipod belongs to and transfer all my music and movies to that new account which will have my iphone on it.  Not all of my music is bought from the Itunes store though.  I downloade [More]
Hi, there, in my project, after the user login successfully, I want to pop up a window using javascript to show some information retrieving from the database, for example, what's the user's firstname, lastname, visittimes, etc. these information is j [More]