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Hi all.. I am using Drive Genius to find all duplcates in my apple loops folder in order to remove from my system.  My question is, after I delete the dupes can I just reindex or do I have to delete any other files except the dupes to avoid still hav [More]
Does ANYONE have a problem with SCRAMBLE with friends crashing on your iPod or iPhone?  I've tried contacting Zynga to no avail, and then it hit me . . . could it be that the iOS on the iPod 4G not be strong enough?Mine crashes too.  It does not even [More]
Dear All, In SAP there is a Function Module BAPI_GETGLACCPERIODBALANCES to carry forward balance GL account. But in this case GL account (Balance Sheet) that i used (BS200150)  using IO Number as is cost object, I want to know if there is a function [More]
Hi, Is there any way to send the classic report as an email attachment in xls format. Regards, SasiHi, No, you cant to it for classical report. Convert it as an interactive report and check the email option under download section. Regards, NatarajanR [More]
Hi Experts, In a business transaction, for example there is the field Last name. I need to apply a BRF in order to check if the field is initial or not. Can anyone suggest how can the link between the field in the business transaction and the BRF obj [More]
Hi, We are on EP Portal support pack 12 and going live soon. As I know SAPs current support pack is at level 16. I am trying to make a list of SAP Notes fixpacks which might be relevant to our Support Pack 12. I came up with huge number of notes whic [More]
Hello All, Oracle 11g and 9i on redhat5 I am trying to run the following procedure: begin -- Call the procedure com.lex_tys_get_random(p_county => 15, p_how_many => 25); end; I get the following error message: (The schema is 'com') ERROR at line 5: [More]
Here's a strange one. Currently running Mac OS X 10.7.3, LR 3.6 installed as well as the 30-day demo of the release version of LR 4.0.  Importing from a camera-formatted Sandisk 8GB Extreme Pro (45MB/sec) Camera - Sony A77. Problem - Importing RAW+JP [More]
Dear Gurus:         We perform CTM run based a prioritized demand. For example: Fulfill sales order first then safty stock request. So, after CTM, system will try to fulfill sales order first and generate related SNP PR.         If we wanna use deplo [More]
GW 8.0.2 We have route.cfg set up to send mail for some destination domains direct instead of through the default relay. One of the destination domains we want to add to route.cfg has multiple MX hosts they can receive mail on. Is it possible to add [More]