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Hello everyone, How can I delete text messages from my iphone?  I do not want to reset my iphone setting. If it is nesscary to reset my iphone setting, will I lose everything? Please let me know, Thanks,Just delete them. Or, do you mean beyond just d [More]
My Kwin shortcuts (Maximize, tile-left, tile right) have stopped working since doing a pacman update yesterday. Any ideas on how to fix them? I am running Arch in a VirtualBox 4.3.10 VM. EDIT: Never mind, the problem was resolved for whatever reason [More]
Just installed a Radeon 9800 pro Mac edition to replace the original GeForce 5200 that came with the computer. The new card is great and gives 30 fps on the main LaCie electron blue 19" monitor when "Full screen" mode is selected. Problem i [More]
Hi Guys, If you help me for this question that would be really great. dim1, dim 2 fact1, fact2 and fact 3 dim 1 having join with fact 1 dim 2 having joing with all facts so, i want to have a report on dim1, fact2 and fact 3. Please let me know how I [More]
EBS provides reports and templates. As expected the template did not fit our needs and the data objects did not include all the elements required. I've built custom objects for both (thanks to help from the forum). Should the templates and data defin [More]
Hi, I'm installing LiveCycle PDFGenerator ES4 SP1 for a customer, and i need to know how can i get access to download the latest QF? it has a patch ID: 1018-003. Thanks.Latest Quick fix (QF) for PDF Generator ES4 SP1 is listed on LiveCycle Help | Liv [More]
On an old mac pro G5. Chime works, power button is solid, air refresher works but the mac doesn't start. The screen is blue with the mac start design but the bar is not moving and the mac doesn't start at all. Apple test hardware is returning a mothe [More]
I am trying to download iOS 5.1 and I get the same error on all of my devices: check network connection. Does anyone have a fix? I can access the Internet, download music, movies, and apps, and I am running iOS 5 but it will not let me download the u [More]
Hi experts, We have row wise init block for project1(Connected to db1). and there are other project2(Connected to DB2) in single rpd. When db1 is down then we got the error in obiee appication. Requirement is if db1 is down only project1 should be do [More]
Can someone who is beta testing Leopard confirm whether the latest garage band runs on it? Thanks.i'm not a beta tester, but i read that post in logic forums as well, and tend to agree with you, mike. i have a hard time believing that garageband '08 [More]