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Hello Guys, I have a Problem with an ALV List. We use the FM REUSE_ALV_HIERSEQ_LIST_DISPLAY for a Document Journal. When I run it in foreground it works fine. But when I view the spool in background the list makes a break at excactly 80 signs, but th [More]
Hi friends, The following code sinept draws an arrowed line from a given point to the other point. I want to know how it can changed to be dashed line as well? I would appreciate it if anybody help me for doing such changes. Thanks in advance, Reza_m [More]
I updated to IOS4 on my iphone 3G & my mms ist working..when I send pictures the recipient tells me they get a blank message.I still have MMS messaging in my message 'folder' & I can turn it on or off..its on.what could I do to make it work again? [More]
Anyone else had this problem, or know of any workarounds? Things like the MPR radio, aSleep, WhiteNoise, and BinauralBeat are shutting off when the ipod screen is off, and turn back on as soon as i press the button again (no unlock swipe required) Ba [More]
Hello, I have a 10.9.5 macbook pro here that will not open a Powerpoint file under one user account. It is up-to-date with Software updates and Office 2008 is up-to-date as well. When I try to open the PowerPoint file, I get the message, "PowerPoint [More]
I just got phone support from apple France where I am located for now but they could not solve the problem. Here are the main Problem elements : 1/ Purchased iPhone 3GS in France for use worldwide with on my Chinese Telco SIM ( CHINA MOBILE ) as I li [More]
Since I've upgraded to iOS 6, when I shuffle a playlist (I push the shuffle button while a song is playing in a particular song or, while looking at the songs within the playlist I push the shuffle button) the playlist will shuffle into another playl [More]
Hi all I have A view invoice_track i want to check the code of this view please guide me how i will check Thanks And Regards Vikas singhalvikas singhal wrote: Hai asif same result SQL> set linesize 1200 SQL>  SELECT owner, text 2   FROM all_views WH [More]
Does anyone know why the Genius List will not recoginize certain artists? Especially when the iTunes store has the songs in the library and the said songs were purchsed through iTunes... A specific artist would be The Dixie Chicks.. I have updated th [More]
Hi, Sorry for my english. I would like to send a XML document to a server with AJAX XmlHttpRequest Object. I use the PUT method. Adobe Air sends the PUT request without the contents and set the contents-length header to 0. If I replace the PUT method [More]