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Hi. I am printing a total summary of flight data and then calculating the total price in Smart forms. I would like to group the fetched data according to it's Carrid and Connid. I would like to ask for some guidance at this point, Sr.No     Carrid    [More]
Hello, I need to restore a backup database, made with Oracle Enterprise Manager, in a new one, because the original is dropped. I've tried it with the recovery tools but fails, i suppose because the dbid's are not the same. Then, Is it possible creat [More]
Hi All, I am trying to call a workflow from idm user interface (from login.jsp itself). I followed the following steps: 1. Created a link in user/login.jsp <p class='subtitle'><a href="<%=p.encodeRedirectURL(user/anonProcessLaunch.jsp?id= [More]
Hi All, Where does Master Data Store? What are limitations while deleting master data? <b>All the answers will be rewarded with points.</b> <b>Regards, Jackie.</b>Hi, Master Data is stored in the tables that are generated when you [More]
Hi friends , I have created on RFC in R/3 to update saftystock in MARC table . when i execute this in SE37 it is updating the MARC table . The proble is when i execute this RFC from BW system with the    CALL FUNCTION 'ZSCPI033' destination 'TCOCLNT1 [More]
Hi. I recently started having a problem with USB drive. Everyday it would block/hang so nothing could access it anymore. And I couldn't kill programs accessing it. I thought it was my hard drive dying, but since I downgraded to this problem [More]
Hi, I am wondering if we can use decode/sign functions to achieve the following. If so I would like to know how without using stored procedures. Depending on a person's age, I need to determine the person's AGE_GROUP. I will be decoding AGE and I nee [More]
It fails no mater what codec settings I have tried.....forcing me to use the HD Link that came with NeoScene( Cineform)....Once converted by HDLink, the Adobe Media Encoder is fine transcoding the Cineform avi's to any format it normally works with. [More]
Hello, I have one cluster of WebCache, but whit different ip address on diferent physical host, ?how a I can whit one URL in the brower realize load balance acrros the WebCache clusters. I not have a hardware load balancer. thanks any idea. for other [More]
Hi , I am having difficulty undertsanding the import export using these different characterset. In UNIX environment Server:US7ASCII character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set DB:AL32UTF8 In WINDOWS environment Server:WE8MSWIN1252 character set a [More]