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Do I need to upgrade both LR 5.7 and Camera Raw 8.7 to import files from Canon 7dMark2?  or is LR 5.7 enough or is camera raw 8.7 enough

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Do I need to upgrade both LR 5.7 and Camera Raw 8.7 to import files from Canon 7dMark2?  or is LR 5.7 enough or is camera raw 8.7 enoughLightroom is a complete stand alone program and does not require you to have any other Adobe product on your compu[More]

Adobe bridge raw not working with windows vista in photoshop cc, why?

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adobe bridge raw not working in photoshop cc, is there a fix?Your sure your using photoshop cc on windows vista? I was under the impression that photoshop cc would not even install on windows vista. What version of camera raw do you have? In photosho[More]

Adobe Bridge in Photoshop - How to install Bridge and camera raw? And what is it all about?

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Hi everyone! I am actually in love with this adobe photoshop. I used PSCS2 before, but later on upgraded to CS4. But I feel tired in upgrading to CS5. One time, I found a tutorial in youtube about camera raw, and would really want to use it. But I wa[More]

I am unable to open raw files from my Canon T1i in Adobe Camera Raw of my version CS3 of Photoshop.  I have tried to update my ACR by downloading version 4.6 from the Adobe website but I am still unable to open raw files, just JPEG.  Is there a way to use

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I am unable to open raw files taken on my Canon Rebel T1i in my version of Photoshop CS3.  When I import raw files into Bridge they come up as patches with CR2 on them and when clicked on, a notice comes up stating that Photoshop does not recognize t[More]

I am trying to open CR2 files from a Cannon EOS 1DX camera in Photoshop CS6 and I have already updated the Camera Raw Plug in but Photoshop is still giving me the cannot open files dialog box? Help?

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I am trying to open CR2 files from a Cannon EOS 1DX camera in Photoshop CS6 and I have already updated the Camera Raw Plug in but Photoshop is still giving me the cannot open files dialog box? Help?Canon 1DX support was added to ACR in version 6.7, 7[More]

Images once exported (RAW) do not show up in catalog or previous imorts not film strips in library nor develop.  They are in the files to which they were exported

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Not sure how to get this going seems rather redundant. In the last 4 - 5 days I have imported several hundred RAW files, done some minimal post processing and exported these images to various files (I have verified that the images are in the files to[More]

How can I process a linearly converted raw file while preserving color?

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Hi, I want to convert my raw files in a linear format (to preserve all the dynamic range and detail and prevent unnecessary clipping). My question is "how can I modify the brightness or luminance while preserving the hue and saturation of every color[More]

Is there a way to edit raw files from the Canon 5DMkIII in Lightroom 2?

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I rented a Canon 5DMkIII this past weekend and shot in RAW. I'm running Lightroom 2.7 on my laptop because I have a pre-Intel dual-G5 tower at home and can't run LR3 or LR4 on a pre-Intel chip machine and I tend to share my libraries across my laptop[More]

Cannot Use Camera Raw out of LightRoom 4

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Below is a lengthy dialogue that I just had with Tech Support via Chat regarding accessing Camera Raw directly out of LightRoom 4.  The end result is that it can't be done.  LightRoom 4 has it's own "Develop" section and if you try to "Edit[More]

Adobe Bridge CS6, Camera Raw

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Hello, I need urgently help. I'm working on a MacBook Pro with Adobe Bridge CS6 since more than 1 year, using Camera Raw, v without any problems. Last month I bought a Mac Book Air and installed Photoshop Elements 12, Adobe Bridge CS6 and P[More]

Camera Raw Preferences in Adobe Bridge CS6

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I can click on Camera Raw Preferences from the Adobe CS6 Menu, but nothing happens. No error meesages come up, but nothing happens. I recently installed ACR7.3. I did have some problems getting ACR7.3 installed. The updater from Photoshop and Bridge[More]

Problems with Viewing Canon EOS Rebel t1i Raw Files in Adobe PS and Bridge CS 4

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I am unable to preview the thumnails of my raw files from my Canon EOS Rebel T1i camera in Adobe Photoshop or Bridge (CS4)?  I've looked everywhere for a plugin? Am I unable to view these files in these programs. Please help. Thanks!You prolly need t[More]

No longer able to view NEF files in Bridge or edit in Camera Raw 4.6

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I have found similar questions in various Adobe forums, but I have not located a solution to my problem. Bridge CS3 Photoshop CS3 Extended XP Camera Raw version Nikon D300s Up until 2 weeks ago I have been copying my NEF files from my CF car[More]

How to open multiple jpgs in Adobe Camera Raw PSE 9 Mac

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I am using Adobe Elements 9 on a Mac.  I can open a single jpeg file in ACR with the file open command.  There is no "Open As" in my version, probably because this is the Mac version.  But, there is an additional dialog which allows me to open t[More]

How to view previous state in Camera Raw?

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In Photoshop, all of the various image adjustments allow the user to view the previous state of the image, after the sliders are moved. This is very helpful while editing an image. However, I can find no similar ability in Adobe Camera Raw. Is there[More]

How can I edit a RAW image in Adobe Bridge and/or Photoshop?

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Whenever I drag and drop a photo or group of images from iPhoto. it automatically converts them to jpegs. Even when taken as RAW images. With iPhoto 09, you could do a search of the IMG_#### listed in iPhoto, and a normally-hidden folder full of the[More]

How to open Raw files from Canon 1100D and 650D in CS5?

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I need assistance please. I have a Canon 1100D and 650D. On Photoshop CS5 it does not recognise the 2 Cameras Raw files. What is my course of action. Help will be highly appreciatedevjems, As per the below article, Canon EOS 1100D needs minimum Adobe[More]

Can't view raw files in Adobe Bridge CS4

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Hi, I bought a new iMac OS X version 10.8.5 . I have a Canon 5d Mark ii and I shoot in RAW. I installed CS4.. I also downloaded the newest version of the camera raw plug-in (5.7). I placed the plug-in in applications--> adobe photoshop CS4 -->plug-i[More]

Camera raw changes color in adobe bridge and photoshop

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Hi all, I am quite new to use RAW. I have raw files that I want to edit. Unfortunately, the moment I click on the raw files, the color changes. Is there anything I should do to the color setting? I am using a canon 20d and Adobe Photoshop, Bridge CS[More]

Update failed. Windows - Creative Suite 5 Premium. Trying to update Camera Raw.

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My apologies if I'm not following the correct protocol on this forum. It's my first time here. I'm a novice with Photoshop and the Creative Suite, and until now I have only used its basic features. However, I tried to upload a RAW format image today,[More]

Hi All, I have a huge table with rows nearly 2 million. When this table is moved to another tablespace, the command failed giving the following error: ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace XYZ To overcome this error, an additi [More]
I get this message when I download from the Store. I am an Administrator on my PC. Anybody know how to fix it? "ITunes library file cannot be saved. You do not have enough access priviledges for this operation"Hello deborahjael, Thanks for using [More]
Hello All,    Is there any way I can change the position of fields on the selection screen of query. Also can I change the text of the selection fields. Thanks AtulIn SQ01 enter your query name and go into change mode, on the menu click "Goto" , [More]
Hi, I want to make a select consult but I have a lot of problems. The idea of the query is that it must return the pre months of that the user select. For example, If the user select in the enviorement 2009.MAY, the query must returns 2009.JUN,2009.F [More]
Hi,  I would like to list the contents of the menu bar dynamically by reading it from a text file. Is there a way to do this?  Thanks! Sinnas Solved! Go to Solution.I suppose you can do it by using InstallMenuDimmerCallback () function: this command [More]
In 6.1 SP1, ServletContext.getResourcePaths(String path) returns paths which use the string "//" as one of the directory separators, instead of paths with only one "/". Example: application.getResourcePaths("/webapp/")would r [More]
Is there a way to get a csv file to open into larger columns without having to increase the column size by hand.  Maybe by opening a downloaded csv into a custom template,  or to have it open so you can see all the text/numbers in the columns?RM, May [More]
I have turned off photo stream on my 4s 7 ios but the icloud photos are still on my phone taking up data space, HELP!Welcome to the Apple Community Ed. They sound like they are in the camera roll or synced from a computer, rather than in photo stream [More]
why apple don´t include slingplayer in apple tv?Who knows? Lack of staff options? Austria has an embargo on Serbia... so idk if that's a reason or not, but either way. We're volunteers on the forum Apple hosts, no one here works for Apple.Read other [More]
I have some information (currently stored on the header template) as below Operator: &APP_USER. 10-JUL-2009 Version: 123.456 Screen Id: 38636.1 This information is to be displayed on all pages (and is based on application_items). Our application is t [More]