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Cant get on ps3 with btfon


Make a BTFON and OPENZONE WiFi Receiver! (SIGNAL B...

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I dont have broadband, i have a ps3 and cannot get a good enough signal from BTFON in order to connect, can you imagine what its like for me?.... knowing that if i had 20% more of a signal i could get online with my ps3 and other devices... i thought[More]

Hi, can i use my macbook air as a display for my PS3?

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Hi, I want to connect my PS3 to my macbook air as its display.  Is it possible? If it is. what cable do i need?It can actually be done, yes. You just need an application called "type2phone", which is available in the Mac App Store. Note that it[More]

How to connect my ps3 via thunderbolt to my imac 27'late 2012?

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I have a new imac an old ps3 and will buy the new ps4 once available. Is anyone aware comcerning a solution to connect these devices? I need a solution video in (thunderbolt) to video out (hdmi) would prefer of course if sound would go the same way.[More]

How to connect my PS3 to my iMac (Late 2012)

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Hello every one, I have a question. Can I connect my PS3 to my late 2012 iMac with 27 inch over HDMI? I looked in the internet but I only found such Adapters, for the older iMac's. If I can do this, please let me know what I need and where I could ge[More]

HT4437 How do I get my Air Play to access my two WD Share Space and my booklive duo?. Able to access with PS3 but not Apple TV Ver 3.  Have all my movies and music on it and do not want to have a computer on for it.

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I had bought two Network Drives so I could watch my own movies anywhere in my house and clear up the clutter of all the DVDs, Blurays and CDs, Works greate with the PS3,  Bought the Apple TV version 3 because it was smaller and resently bought the IP[More]

How to connect a PS3 to BT Openzone or Bt FON

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I thought I would post this information as it has taken me all morning, a lot of phone calls and reading on google to sort this out!! Problem I had:  I want to take my PS3 to my parents house when visiting and they dont have any access to the interne[More]

Can i use a mini display port on hdmi cabel to connect a ps3 or something??

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the hdmi connector of the ps3 or a sat reciever is an output and on the 27" imac the minidisplayport is an input/output , so my question is, can i connect my ps3 or my sat reciever to my imac with a hdmi on minidisplayport cabel to watch tv or play p[More]

Anyone ever try recording from PS3  to Mac using EyeTVHD  ?

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Hello, I am connecting my PS3 with a multi AV cable to the back of my PS3 and connecting the blue green red cables to the EyeTVHD but I always get a NO SIGNAL message on the Mac. Has anyone tried this and got it to work? Is it possible to record game[More]

PS3 (blu-ray player) will not play movie after menu selection on this particular project?

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When trying to play my finished Blu-ray disc on PS3 the menus display and work good. However, when I choose a selection to play the movie it returns back to the main menu. It doesn't matter if I choose the main play button or one of the chapters on t[More]

PS3 and Internet Sharing

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Hello all, I'm having a strange problem with the internet sharing in general... but basically I have to restart the internet sharing to allow my PS3 to connect. My building has a wifi access point that I connect to via my macbook internal airport - w[More]

Setting up PS3 to work through Airport Extreme

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I've checked various message boards and many seem to have this problem but I can't find a clear solution. I have a new PS3, it locations my Airport Extreme network, which uses a WEP password, but when I type in my password it won't accept it. I don't[More]

Multi PS3's on one network unable to use applicati...

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Multi PS3's on one network unable to use application sharing on all only one. Can this be changed or is the a fix for it? Plz help i wannaa be able to play on the ps3 with my bro and sis.disabe the firewall in the hub and you should be able to connec[More]

WRT54G with PS3 NAT TYPE 3 needs to be changed!

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Hi all, I've been trying to change my Nat type from a 3 to a 2. I have a ps3 20gig (sadly) that is directly connected to my laptop (wired). My laptop has wifi and I'm able to play games online. The only problem is that I'm not able to invite friends[More]

Can't open RAW Nikon files (NEF) using PS3 10.0 running 10.6.8 , think there is a conflict with camera Raw plug-in. Can't open raw images in bridge or photoshop.

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I think I may have a Camera Raw plug-in conflict or plug in may be in the wrong place. In both PS3 and Bridge Nikon raw files (NEF) will not open. I've noticed that in photoshop in the pull down menu-about plug-in, I have 2 Camera Raw (s) listed, get[More]

Time Capsule will only allow Apple products to connect to internet, PC ad PS3 shows excellent signal from TC but won't allow connection.

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I have a Mac, iPad, iPhone and several iPod touch devices that can connect to the internet through Time Capsule without a problem.  There are times when my work PC and PS3 won't connect to the internet through TC.  There doesn't seem to be any reason[More]

PS3 Freezing and can't connect the wifi

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First of all I was playing Minecraft then I had a error code (forgot which one) and I was signed out of PSN and I my wifi could not connect to my PS3 and i did the connection test all over Youtube and for hours I was sitting in front of the T.V. don'[More]

I'm using 116 ezgamer capture card to record my PS3, this is on a windows laptop, Im then moving the recorded videos in mpg format over to my MacBook Pro to use IMovie to edit them to upload to youtube but it won't let me import them.

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I'm using 116 ezgamer capture card to record my PS3, this is on a windows laptop, Im then moving the recorded videos in mpg format over to my MacBook Pro to use IMovie to edit them so i can upload them to youtube but it won't let me import t[More]

Can you use the same Hulu Plus subscription on both the iPad and PS3?

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Can anyone confirm whether a Hulu Plus subscription for the iPad also works for Sony's PS3 (or vice versa)? That is, can you pay ONE $9.99/month fee and have access from both the iPad and the PS3? The Hulu website seems to suggest that this is possib[More]

How do I stream iTunes content to my home theatre using any combination of a MacBook Pro, an iPhone 4s, and a PS3 using only a LOCAL network?

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I have found many solutions to this problem assuming home internet access, but I only have access to the internet via my iPhone. I do not want online capability in my PS3. All I want to be able to do is control iTunes on my MacBook, and hear/view the[More]

I would sell my PS3 and buy an Apple TV if...

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130 could view/record Freeview or Freesat (UK). At the moment I have the PS3 with PlayTV, which works well, but I find myself hardly ever playing games on it any more, and using it mostly for music, photos, videos and TV. At the moment, we are real[More]

My husband uses the dual USB late 2001 iBook more than I do, mainly with Toast and a Griffin iMic to copy our old vinyl records to CDs, and to run VirtualPC for his PC model railroad design app. He does all this in OS 9.2.2. I used the iBook yesterda [More]
dear experts, what are the tables( with fields)  and conditions to develope a report on daily cash receipts.Depending on your Requirements, you can begin looking at the Tables BKPF, BSIS, BSID, BSAD, KNA1, and KNVV.Read other 2 answers [More]
Hello, I have MSI H-61MU-E35 (B3) motherboard with Ivy Bridge Processor, and everything was working fine,  Using Windows XP, I may have updated BIOS with different model no, so upon booting I was getting message that "BIOS File Not Found..."  In [More]
Hi everyone, I enabled view site map for my version of Dreamweaver CS4 and when I select "map view" I get a dialog box that pulls up that says: The site map cannot be built due to one of the following reasons: -A home page hasn't been specified. [More]
I would like to know what fonts in the Adobe catalog support the Latin Extended Additional character set and/or display all of the following diacritics & characters: Macrons: ā  ī ū Dot below: ṭ ḍ ṇ ḷ ṃ Dot above: ṅ Tilde: ñ Thanks, MZAll those chara [More]
Hi first of all thanks in advanced for any help you can offer. I have purchased Video off of itunes and i was wondering if i can burn the video to a DVD and watch the Video i have bought off itunes on my T.V. Thanks for your help Bye Advent   Windows [More]
Hello I currently connect my 2.5 Ghz Core 2 Duo 17" MacBook Pro to my Panasonic 37" Plasma ( 1080i ) via HDMI and everything works perfectly. I use mounted server volumes over a wireless network to allow access to my movies through Front Row.No [More]
Incoming ports (UDP) are destination ports on the computer while outgoing ports (TCP) are destination ports on the HP printer. • Incoming (UDP) ports: 137, 138, 161, 427 • Outgoing (TCP) ports: 137, 139, 427, 9100, 9220, 9500 The ports are used for t [More]
Cannot connect to an existing (and workin) wifi system. My MacBook connects no problem!You have the latest iOS 5.1.1 on your iPad? Reset your modem/router (turn off power for some minutes) On your iPad go to Settings, General > Reset > Reset all set [More]
Hi Experts, I have a work book which I assigned to menu roles in Dev BW and need to get it transported to BW prod system. I normally save this work book in roles and in my customised role and collect that work book in request to transport to prod. I [More]