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I have been having 2 macbook pros and a new imac sync ical, mail and address book.  The imac is on Lion, the laptops are 10.6.8.  They were syncing fine until a week or so ago.  Is this because the 2 are not Lion?  I am using mobileme, not yet switch [More]
Hey everyone, So I have a 2.2 C2D MBP that I purchased in July 2007, and I'm currently running the most up to date version of Leopard on it. Ever since the 10.5.2 update however -- or just after it -- I've noticed that about 50% of the time that I wa [More]
Hi everybody I'm developing some special custom tags and I have a main tag and several nested ones. I want the nested ones to put their output String into JspWriter buffer when the main tag doEndTag() happens or use the JspWriter and print a sign whe [More]
The address book looks different now. And some of my addresses are not there. How do I get them back?It makes sense to save tabs/sites as bookmarks, maybe in groups as a folder so that you are able to open say 10 or so related tabs in one go. see als [More]
Things were going fine until about a month or so ago, now when I take files from older illustrator programs or other programs that ran fine with illustrator before, the colors change. This is a BIG problem for me right now! I tried the on line help t [More]
Hi, seeing the value in PowerShell 3.0 workflow for machine / classroom installation I am trying to automate the entire installation of a SharePoint 2013 machine. First steps include making the server a domain controller. To promote the domain contro [More]
Hi I am experiencing a problem on the app store. I try to buy something off of the app store and it asks me to answer two security questions. The problem is the security questions are in spanish. I dont know what they are saying! How do I change the [More]
Is apple's magic mouse compatible with windows that has Bluetooth?I asked a similar question a few hours back and no answers yet. I think nobody knows since nobody has had the chance to test them. If previous releases are any indication, you'll proba [More]
Hello, It appears that our database is missing a file and are not sure how it happened as we cannot recall the events that took place prior to the error. The SEVERE log entries of the dbverify are pasted below. The database is fairly large (586GB on [More]
Hi I'm using the Oracle BI Administration Tool and I'm creating users and groups. Where do I map my users and groups to the repository objects?. Regards, Néstor BoscánHi, I was reading your reply for this post. Could you please tell me in which tool [More]