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I never had this problem with lightroom 3, I purchased the upgrade and since then i have done all the updates including my photoshop and it still will not work. HelpI am six minutes into the video and while Jan is doing a great (terrific, actually) j [More]
Dear SAP Workflow Experts . Friends i found workFlow for Training & Event Mgmt , it is : PE_APPROVE01 . workflow event : WS01200151 . activated the object type : PDRELA_025 . After Activation it become green then i ran this workflow . But issue is re [More]
Have CS5 and CS6.  Need to reduce size of file from 6Mb to 2 Mb for contest purposes without losing originalJust save the document to a new jpeg file name using a lower quality setting or re-size the image down in  size the save a high quality smalle [More]
Who progams the TV show names on the guide?  The DVR does not work correctly because of the wording on the guide.  For example MTV Real World, instead of it saying just Real World our guides say Real World "San diego" then "Chicago" or [More]
I am getting this error message when trying to open iDVD project files from external drive on new mac book pro Project Locked By other user The project NYFA MARK Submission is locked by the user johncriscitello (user ID 501): 2009-12-29 01:06:50 +000 [More]
My daughter gave me her old MacBook Pro; How can I change the computer name and users account to mine; I have alraedy an Apple IDHere are the steps to follow when giving away or selling a Mac. [More]
Wow, am I having problems with version 7.01. first, could not import a simple I movie hd project of less than five mins of movie. Second, crashed at least ten times will importing movie files from my hard drive. third, would crash while generating th [More]
I have a belkin 7 adapter for additional usb ports for my mac pro. It worked fine without problems till recently when the message regarding usb port drawing too much power and the computer shuts the port on the mac pro down. The strip comes with its [More]
I am not computer savvy, so bare with me.  I have OSX Lion 10.7.5.  I only use it to surf and for photos.  I keep getting reminders that software updates are ready to install.  And for months and months I have continued to ignore them because their e [More]
I have installed the BPEL manger server in windows 2000, I could not start the BPEL server and I could not launch the BPEL console either. What is the possible problems? MarkHi Mark, Did you get any errors during installation? If you have installed i [More]