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Hello All, I am creating automatic PO with ME59 and gettin the error message:" no updation of customer order .. from purchase order ". Can you all please help me in solvin this issue. Purchase Requisition is created. Regards, Smithahi i believe [More]
I have two R500 ThinkPads that came with Vista Home Basic sp1. I need to install Windows XP Pro sp2 on the laptops but I keep getting a BSOD when I boot from the XP installation cd.  The BSOD error is: A problem has been detected and windows has been [More]
payment for app cannot complete with no reasonHey @pb-29, Thanks for getting back to me regarding this issue. At this time I recommend continuing the support that you have already started with my colleague @Gemini02  under the following thread: Mirro [More]
Hi, I am storing the Documents in C:\Documents folder and storing the Path to the Document Library using Linktoodcument. Now  My requirement is  1. How to maintain the versioning in the Folder where i am storing the Documents.You cannot store the two [More]
How can I get book marks to automatically open in a new tab rather than the tab I am in when I select the bookmark?It would be good if this was made a user-defined Option (Tools -> Options -> Tabs) in the next update of Firefox rather than having to [More]
Hi all, i want to create a checklist for rpd..that tells about what are all the best practices that we have to do.. we have to write some script based on this script only it has to create the checklist. Thanks in advance Edited by: 988084 on 13/05/20 [More]
I am planning on upgrading my macbook (the old one, black&white) to a new aluminum macbook. Is there any I can take my computer to the apple store and have them transfer every bit of my hardrive to the new mac? Thank you!FireWire is a "Must Have& [More]
I uninstalled itunes and when I reinstalled it I get "Apple application support not not found."  Uninstall and then install.  Tried and not helping.With the Error 2, let's try a standalone Apple Application Support install. It still might not in [More]
So I run a query as shown below for clients and IP address, select distinct(clientusername), clientip from webproxylog  where logtime > '2013-01-01'  But what I get in IP field is certainly not IP or perhaps IP in different format which I am not able [More]
Greetings, I am using Oracle 10g ( on Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3). One of our database tables has a VALUE column. Valid values for this column is a string comprising any combination of the letters 'A', 'B', 'C' or 'D' whe [More]