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Hi,    How to forbid any further changes for PO (QTY and price ) after it has been done GR and LIV? Thanks.Better to post this in logistic forum. THere will be some config option to do so but normal FI perosn would need to dig deep, a MM perosn shoul [More]
Hi I am new to BIP and I am facing problem to display pdf format in BI Publisher Here is my my generated by 10g Report Developer. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="WINDOWS-1256"?> <!-- Generated by Oracle Reports version [More]
A co-worker (Super Brent) and I were working on using iChat as an internal IM server after having used Openfire for a couple days. The reason for switching was basically that we had a Mac Mini Server that was available so we decided to take this on. [More]
Hi, During creation of purchase order with account assignment category: Q, consumption GL account is getting triggered instead of Project Stock GL Account. What could be the reason for this? Regards, Srinivas.Check what account modification key is as [More]
Hello all, I got two errors at the upgrade: declare ERROR at line 1: ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kokegPinLob1], [], [], [], [], [], ORA-06512: at line 548 declare ERROR at line 1: ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kokegPinLo [More]
Hi All, In my requirement, 1. I need a copy screen 2800 of function group LMOB into Custom screen 9800(subscreen) of Function group XLRF. - done. 2. Created the variant 1 for the custom screen 9800 3.I need to check the shipment status based on the s [More]
When I first started Weblogic, at that time, the database server wasn't available, so there was a lot of error about the database connection pool, and definitely the application didn't work properly, so I realized that because of the database server [More]
Hi Gurus, I need to write a custom connector for the target. I know the steps to be followed for provisioning. Can someone guide me how to write the reconciliation tasks in this custom connector. My schedule task should iterate over all the records, [More]
Just wondering if folks have used complex formulas or sql expressions for the rule column for an advanced style. If yes please post examples in response. The rule column used in an advanced style can be a sql expression. e.g. (TOTPOP/LANDSQMI) POPDEN [More]
Dear Experts, For refurbishment order after the service entry sheet is confirmation of activities required ? If required it should be carried out before service entry sheet or after that ? Please advice. Regards, VividDear Thiagarajan, Thanks for the [More]