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So my school just gave me a Macbook Pro and I already have a Macbook Pro. I would like to know if I could turn my school Macbook Pro into a second display for my regular Macbook Pro. Thank You! Both Macs are running Mavericks 10.9.4If you need admini [More]
hi friends this is a problem i faced the problem is i am encountering an exception like Connection timed out: connect      at com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPTransport.openServer (      at com.sun.mail.smtp.SM [More]
When I capture video from my TV I got a sharp image and everything, but the image is not in the center.  How can I correct the problem or is the problem my TV? The lowest part of the image is outside the screen if you know what I mean?The appearance [More]
Hi Guys, Does anybody know an equivalent of "default interface" for IOS XR or a smart way to delete hundreds of attachment circuits for single physical interface? Appreciate your comments. Regards, VasilHello Vasil, Use "no" with * to [More]
Hello We are new to Apple and have purcassed several MacMini's. We have been unable to install our Canon MultiPass F80, which is a multifunction Printer l Copier l Fax l Scanner. Can anyone help? While we have had these MacMini's since for some time, [More]
Hello In transaction FF7B can there be discrepancies between liquidity forecast and cash position? How can I find the cause? What I mean is that it seems the forecasted in and outflows do often not match with the actual in/outflows on the bank accoun [More]
I am porting an application from CF5 to CF7 and in the app I have working code that copies the the contents of a form to a session variable so that I can use the information throughout the rest of the app. <cfset session.stCustomerData = structCopy(f [More]
any ideas on why this happends? i have about 40 files i wanted to use for part of a larger product from my old s45 (I use it for underwater shots!) and the files themselves are fine, i can see them on my windows machine with photoshop with no problem [More]
I'm unable to send mail in IMAP accounts after installing Mavericks.  Incoming is OK. Any suggestions on how to resolve, please?I'm afraid that I have the very same problem. How did Apple not see this. Surly email is a major part of any opperating sy [More]
i had an ipodtouch 4g on iOS 5.1.1 and i'm thinking about updating. i had the backup but i want to know if i can still play my saved datas, like for example, Plants Vs. Zombies and i want to continue my profile on the iOS6. Is it possible?Yes, if all [More]