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change safafri 4.1 to 32 but mode


Error 8003 & App store updates

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Hi, recently upgraded to Mountain Lion on my iMac (mid 2007). I did experience a crash soon after and had to use disk repair which found an issue with 'volumes' but then usesed the Apple recovery site to launch disk repair and repaired the volumes su[More]

Share bottom on safari 6.0.2

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Hi, I have mountain lion on my macbook pro 13'' and safafri 6.0.2. Recently i found that in safari the share botton doesn't work when i try to share a link, and the notification centre I can't post to facebook. I have a facebook account automatically[More]

Is there a way to have a GOOGLE search type box or bar in mavericks?

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Brand new to mac here.  I enjoy using Safafri, but I would ideally like to have a google type search box and/or bar.  Is this possible?  Thanks.I'm still not sure what you are asking for, but as said, if inside Safari just type anything you want Goog[More]

Safari won't recognize Real Audio

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I am having trouble getting safari to recognize real audio. I downloaded real audio for mac, but safari still doesn't recognize it. What can I do to remedy this?Hi ckermott , & all, Though not Universal, I downloaded Realplayer v. 10.0.0 (v.352) yest[More]

I had an Apple ID account that got shut down when I wrongly answered security questions.  I decided to open a new account and start fresh, but didn't realize all the songs,apps, and store credit I had from the old account would not transfer to my new [More]
how do i back up my ipod touch with out logging on to itJust what do you mean?Read other 2 answers [More]
Hi, when we create a bean in the MVC architecture why do we declare the variables private. Also when do we use the access specifier private. Regards, Prashantpksingh79 wrote: Hi ^^, thanks for replying.I had a discussion with one of my trainers and h [More]
For a long time, my iphone would see my home network intermittently, but it would always drop the signal. I have been searching the web to try to find a way to resolve this issue. Recently the wifi connectivity seems to have gone completely out. I ju [More]
Hi, I have a requirement from client where they want to configure a schedule manager for budget cycle and link it to a transaction code.So whenever a user logs into the schedule manager he gets an update as to when he has to update the budget.This is [More]
In Lion, I can no longer double click a window menu bar to minimize it. I can't find an option in the System Preferences for it. Is it really gone or can I just not find it? ThanksIt doesn't appear in my General preferences either.Read other 6 answer [More]
Hi Gurus, We have a bank who wanted to use the Bank State Branch(BSB) code instead of Swift in its beneficiary bank account. The BSB code is a code used by the banking industry to identify bank, state and branch locations. But currently we only maint [More]
Hi, I am making a java web start application. I have so many jar files, which are being used by that application...I am adding the jar files like this: <jar href="lib/appframework-1.0.3.jar"/> <jar href="lib/swing-worker-1.1.jar&qu [More]
Hi, I've been having a big crash issue on Premiere Pro CC 2014, since the 2014.1 update. 2014.0 has been working fine this year but the update has crashed some of my biggest current projects. Programs just starts fine, workspace responds, but anythin [More]
Definitely I can't make it to work. I get allways this error : ORA-12537 (TNS Connection closed) with SQL Plus. I use Login "system", password "system", host "" I tried also login "system", password not [More]