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Error 8003 & App store updates

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Hi, recently upgraded to Mountain Lion on my iMac (mid 2007). I did experience a crash soon after and had to use disk repair which found an issue with 'volumes' but then usesed the Apple recovery site to launch disk repair and repaired the volumes su[More]

Share bottom on safari 6.0.2

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Hi, I have mountain lion on my macbook pro 13'' and safafri 6.0.2. Recently i found that in safari the share botton doesn't work when i try to share a link, and the notification centre I can't post to facebook. I have a facebook account automatically[More]

Is there a way to have a GOOGLE search type box or bar in mavericks?

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Brand new to mac here.  I enjoy using Safafri, but I would ideally like to have a google type search box and/or bar.  Is this possible?  Thanks.I'm still not sure what you are asking for, but as said, if inside Safari just type anything you want Goog[More]

Safari won't recognize Real Audio

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I am having trouble getting safari to recognize real audio. I downloaded real audio for mac, but safari still doesn't recognize it. What can I do to remedy this?Hi ckermott , & all, Though not Universal, I downloaded Realplayer v. 10.0.0 (v.352) yest[More]

My iphone 4 sound is only working in my music app and my videos and my ringtone but not on any apps such as snapchat,facebook,youtube,instagram, and more. what should i do?Standard user troubleshooting as outlined in the manual are restart, reset, re [More]
Hi all where we have to create depreciation key in asset accounting for as02 ? Regards SaimedhaHi, Saimedha.... AS02 is for Asset you can change only dpercaition keys....... You can define in AS93..........under Takeover values. [More]
Hi all, can anybody help me on the below issue.. i have a function like this: **create or replace** **function "IL_SUM_AVG_FN" return number is** **cursor c1 is** **     select     sum_avg_val value** **     from     wel_10_tab** **     where    [More]
Hi, I currently have a single Exchange 2010 Server that has all the roles supporting about 500 users. I plan to upgrade to 2013 and move to a four server HA Exchange setup (a CAS array with 2 Server as CAS servers  and one DAG with 2 mailbox Servers) [More]
Hello all I don't know if this is even possible but I thought I would throw it out there anyways. Does anyone know if it's possible to add an uncharge price on an attribute as a percentage of the sell price, instead of a fixed dollar amount? Thanks K [More]
i left an almost 5 minute long project rendering last friday only to find out this morning that the first 55 seconds where left out of the render, with my work area set to the entire timeline. in the past i've had some other issues such as no audio w [More]
Hi all I am working in an automobile company, which manufactures luxury buses. I have to develop BOM for these buses. At present there is no system. Can somebody please help me in building data dictionary for BOM of an automobile Company. I also have [More]
Hi, I have a question, when BP (Sold to) gets create in CRM & replicates in successfully ECC.When I see Tran SMW01, I found two bdocs are getting created for same Sold to. Why this is happening!! How I can remove the another Bdoc type (VEND_MAIN). Pl [More]
Hi friends. I have a problem with my java programming. Please don't laugh me if it is simple. I'm new in java. I want to take data from censor named RFIDreader. It use card like smartcard. When the card approach the censor, it send the ID which consi [More]
Hi, How can I improve an Import/ Export performance? Also any good links to learn about Datapump Please? Thanks, Felipe.F. Munoz Alvarez wrote: Dear Felipe, Please take a look on this excellent notes by Chris Foot about datapump: * http://www.dbazine [More]