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change safafri 4.1 to 32 but mode


Error 8003 & App store updates

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Hi, recently upgraded to Mountain Lion on my iMac (mid 2007). I did experience a crash soon after and had to use disk repair which found an issue with 'volumes' but then usesed the Apple recovery site to launch disk repair and repaired the volumes su[More]

Share bottom on safari 6.0.2

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Hi, I have mountain lion on my macbook pro 13'' and safafri 6.0.2. Recently i found that in safari the share botton doesn't work when i try to share a link, and the notification centre I can't post to facebook. I have a facebook account automatically[More]

Is there a way to have a GOOGLE search type box or bar in mavericks?

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Brand new to mac here.  I enjoy using Safafri, but I would ideally like to have a google type search box and/or bar.  Is this possible?  Thanks.I'm still not sure what you are asking for, but as said, if inside Safari just type anything you want Goog[More]

Safari won't recognize Real Audio

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I am having trouble getting safari to recognize real audio. I downloaded real audio for mac, but safari still doesn't recognize it. What can I do to remedy this?Hi ckermott , & all, Though not Universal, I downloaded Realplayer v. 10.0.0 (v.352) yest[More]

Hello - What are the steps and privileges required to create a materialized view in Oracle 8i? ThanksTo create a materialized view in your own schema: You must have been granted the CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW system privilege and either the CREATE TABL [More]
Greetings, I want to install oracle on my system which has the following properties. OS:WINDOWS SERVER 2003 Enterprise Edition Service pack2(64 bit) Processor:Dual Core AMD Opteron(TM)-2.39Ghz RAM-16GB Which Oracle 10g version i need to download so t [More]
Dear sapient As per our client requirement vendor payment is based on the basis of milestone i.e activity based. As per the contract agreement payment is made on the basis of certain percentage as mention below. 1st payment 5% of total order value (w [More]
how to restore my iphone 4try this link, it may help other 2 answers [More]
I've been trying to get LabVIEW to work with CI 4500Ls. I installed the driver, and tried to run it. I got error -2147418113 "Catastrophic failure" while initializing. Does anyone have any idea what's going on? I've googled, and got different an [More]
Can someone help me with my phone? i have already the gprs/wap,mms, and internet settings on my phone but i still cannot connect to the net? i cant browse using my phone cause my phone said that pocket data connection not available and link not avail [More]
Hi All, I would like to know the settings that are required to be maintained for a material which have alternative units of measure (Base unit of measure ; Order unit of measure and issue unit of measure ) I also have few questions 1) The materials f [More]
I've just installed Oracle 9iAS MapViewer 9.0.4 preview version. I am using: Oracle 9iAS MapViewer 9.0.4 Preview Version Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE When i receive picture of map there is no objects on it. On J2ee console i can see fol [More]
Hello, I'm configuring a 6509 core switch that has 4 blades and each blade has 48 ports by default the ports are shutdown.  I know I can do a port range with a no shutdown command to brings all ports up for each blade. However is there only one comma [More]
I need help getting the Adventure1.0 application to be installated and made runnable. I've run into an installation problem on Windows XP. I've installed j2eesdk-1_4_01-windows.exe, and can access the server via ports 8080 and 4848 just fine. I've fo [More]