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I upgraded to on windows 7 and I can no longer add any music to my libaries. It makes a notification sound, but there is no message, and it just doesn't do anything. How frustrating. Considering apple make excellent products, iTunes is ter [More]
I just received my new 17" Late 2011 MacBook Pro to replace my older model MBP.  I had configured the older MBP with two 500Gb SSD drives by replacing the original hard drive and the DVD with 500Gb SSDs.  Works fine.  I then simply installed these tw [More]
Hey everyone, I wanted to share my experience as I've seen threads saying it can't be done and a lot of people confused as to, why not? Here's my method of working so hopefully everyone can enjoy this feature like I am. The image below IS a Word docu [More]
i want to Download  350MB(Around 2.5Million record of Table BSEG) of data from Application Server to Presentation server.. i have tried with the transaction CG3Y and program using open dataset,read dataset,close dataset,ws_download...but went in vain [More]
hi friends ,     help me for the following situation in finding the tables and fields requred. · To created an Interactive Report for displaying vendor information. Based on the selection made by the corresponding Vendor Bank Details are listed such [More]
pls tell the differnce b'w lsmw and bdc . when we use bdc and when we use lsmw .for uploading master data (ex: cusomer data ) in tosap which method s u prrefer out of thhse  4 method scall transaction session input lsmw bapi  whic one is the better o [More]
Hi! I have simple CR JRC application under Oracle AS, made from Crystal's sample codes. It works fine, but there is little problem: after closing vievwer's page JDBC connections stays alive. How can I close them? Here is my 2 jsp: -------- [More]
since installing the latest update, Firefox first operated with some errors but now will not load at all; it gives me the following error -- XML Parsing Error: not well formed locations chrome://browser/content/browser.xml Line Number 1191, column 20 [More]
How can I move all my bookmarks from different Firefox profiles (would like to move whole bookmark folders at once if possible) into one area to organize them and then place them into the different Firefox profiles? This is all under one window user [More]
Query select acct_no,        gl_code,        CASE          WHEN entry_type_label IN ('Earned Revenue') THEN           'Earned Revenue'          ELSE           'Deferred Revenue Credit'        END AS entry_type_label,        CASE          WHEN entry_t [More]