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connecting n2k to brocade vdx

Hello, SQL> desc news Name                                      Null?    Type NEWS_ID                                   NOT NULL NUMBER(14) NEWS_DATE                                          TIMESTAMP(0) SL_ID                                          [More]
Greetings All, I have created a .dll file in visual C++ 2005 Express... I have attached both the c file and header file I used to create this dll in the .txt files cfile and header file. I have also included the .dll file itself so that you can use t [More]
I never needed this feature, but decided that it would be handy for a  project that I am doing. I have a set of powerpoint slides that are all  layer comps (6 slides). I went Export Comps to JPG to get the slides to  build my powerpoint, but I also w [More]
Greetings all, My daughter's boyfriend has a 2012 MacBook Pro with a bug (yes, real insects) infestation. They live in a tropical climate and the insects are more adaptable than they are in, like, California. Anyway, the insects have gotten to the po [More]
I use VBA code to send emails from within Microsoft Project 2010 Standard to notify task owners of task status.  This code has been working fine until the last couple of weeks.  Now I get the error "Outlook does not recognize one or more names". [More]
Followed the Beginner's Guide step by step. I'm now on the 'Extra'. However I'm running into problems doing anything. The first thing I tried to do was change user password. I got 'Authentication token lock busy'. Tried to add user and got 'cannot lo [More]
hi, I am using labview 8.2 To programmatically assign a range to the y-scale of a plot I use a Property Node for the plot display and adjust Y.Scale.Range.Minimum. How can I assign the ranges of a plot with multiple y-scales? mietheOne of the problem [More]
Hello friends, I have following requirement. I have declared one select option. On that select options I'am having different search help paremeters on which I can restrict the search help values display. Can I specify the restriction in search help a [More]
I am suddenly seing weird "symbol" or "dingbat" characters on web pages instead of letters, and this is happening on all browsers I try (firefox, safari, explorer). How do I fix this?Most likely it's a bad font or font cache. Helvetica [More]
I've searched on Adobe forums and here and have heard rumblings about this issue but never a definitive answer. My problem is simple - files in Photoshop do not look the same when brought into Flash. I have my color settings set to web_color, aka RGB [More]