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Interface port-channel btw N2K and Brocade VDX

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Dear all, I tried to configure a port-channel between a nexus 2K (2FEX) and a brocade VDX (VDX6710). As you seen below, my configuration : N2K Po10 switchport access vlan 200 Eth101/1/6 switchport access vlan 200 channel-group 10 mode active (used LA[More]

Connecting N5K and Brocade CNA 1860

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Tried 1, 3 and 7 m Cisco twinax cables, but Brocade is always reporting unsupported SFP. What should be used? Is there any twinax vendor that's is supported by both? Thanks.yeah, I found that link to and this part is disturbing: "If you want to conne[More]

N7K & N2K Connectivity

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Hi All, I would like to connect N2K with N7K for that do I need to have 10G port in dedeciated mode ?? or ports in shared mode will work ?? also If i want to connect N7K with another N7K switch do I need port  in dedicated mode ??? Please clarify...[More]

Connecting backup server to brocade switch help

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Hi all We are implementing a new backup server for our SAN, the server currently had one connection to our brocade switch, is it possible to put a second connection to the brocade switch from the server? and will it team them or become a failover con[More]

Adding N2K to existing infrastructure

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Hi, I have to add a pair of N2Ks to Existing N5Ks. There is already a pair of N2Ks attached to N5Ks.  What are the steps required to perform this task ? Also, can I combine FETs with SFPs for N2K connection on a single switch.  Do I need any downtime[More]

SAN Port-Channel between Nexus 5000 and Brocade 5100

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I have a Nexus 5000 running in NPV mode connected to a Brocade 5100 FC switch using two FC ports on a native FC module in the Nexus 5000. I would like to configure these two physical links as one logical link using a SAN Port-Channel/ISL-Trunk. An IS[More]

Using FCoE connection to non Cisco switches

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Hello, does anyone know what port configuration needs to be configured on a Nexus switch that is connected to say Brocade switch or any other vendor that supports FCoE. I have created VLAN to VSAN mapping, i assume next step is to create a vfc device[More]

Cisco NPV and Brocade fabrics

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Greetings, There is a very informative page that describes adding switches configured for NPV with other Cisco core switches. It discusses lots of interesting features but it seems very focused on Cisco gear which is understandable. I need to add som[More]

Windows Server 2012 - Disk IO & High Latency

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We have a very strange issue on what appears to be all of our Windows 2012 servers. We can build a basic server, HP Proliant DL 380 Gen 8 - RAID 0 (2x 300GB 15K SAS). Install Windows 2012, patch to latest levels, all HP firmware and drivers at latest[More]

Solaris 11.1 Comstar FC target

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Hello, I have a problem with the comstar as a FC target. New install of Solaris 11.1 HBA is an Emulex LPe11002 Brocade 5100B switches 2x 10x 3TB NL-SAS disks in raidz2 in pool It all works, but the speed is unusable slow to the LUN. iSCSI work and I[More]

Windows 2012 Hyper-V Virtual SAN Switch Best Practice

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 I have a four node cluster running W2012 Datacenter edition on each.  All systems have Emulex HBA compatible with Hyper-V and Virtual SAN technology. The hosts are connected to a Brocade SAN Switch with NPIV Enabled. I've created a Virtual SAN on ea[More]

Third party SFP optics on a ONS15216 DWDM Mux solution

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We have an existing DWDM network utilising 15216-SC-4B band splitters and 15216-FLA-8 8 port Mux filters. The devices connected to the filters already are an ONS15454 with MXP_MR_10DME and some 10GE Xenpaks in 6509s. We need to connect in some Brocad[More]


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Hi all, OK after minor heart attack this morning this is what happened! Built raid 50 with 14 500GB disks on brand new raid. After formatting for a few days etc it was good to go. Starting dumping all my 3TB's (7 yrs of work) onto the raid from local[More]

Network Refresh

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Between the two options I would go with Cisco. Have you considered a 3850? They stack just like the 3750X's and have a built in WLC.Okay so you have 19 switches, a combination of ProCurve and Dell PowerConnect 6224 and 6248's. 6 server/core switches,[More]

2540 / RDAC path failover time

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Hi, I have a RHEL 5.3 server with two single port HBAs. These connect to a Brocade 300 switch and are zoned to two controllers on a 2540. Each HBA is zoned to see each controller. RDAC is used as the multipathing driver. When testing the solution, if[More]

Strange disk name with Emulex 10000 HBA

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Hi, I have a newly installed V210 with one single port Emulex 10000 HBA connected via a brocade switch to our san (1 100 GB disk). I Use the SFS 4.4.10 with all the latest patches and recommended cluster is also installed. We use the Sun emlxs driver[More]

Nexus 5548 and vfc Interfaces - WHY?

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What is a vfc and why do we need to configure it? I find this extremely tedious. I  have a Dell blade CNA connected to a Dell M8024-k FCoE transit module,  which is then connected to a Cisco Nexus 5K. The Cisco 5K's FC port is  in NPIV mode and is co[More]

Warning - Firmware update with ESX server vmfs volumes

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I just updated one of my Xserve RAID controllers to the new 1.5.1 firmware which is connected via a Brocade switch to an ESX 3.0 server. After the update, ESX is unable to recognise vmfs3 volumes. So ESX users, be very careful! I don't know if anyone[More]

SAN Pin Groups

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A customer of mine has asked about SAN Pin Groups for connectivity to upstream Brocades. My preference has been to create vSAN's and assign multiple uplinks from each fabric to the upstream Brocades as they don't recognize vSAN's but only NPIV, thus[More]

Nexus 7004 with N2K-B22HP-P FEX won't connect

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Hello I'm trying to connect an HP Blade server with an N2K-B22HP-P to our Nexus 7004 but it stays in de download mode. # sh fex   FEX         FEX           FEX                       FEX Number    Description      State            Model            Ser[More]

Hi, Can anyone help? While on line and surfing on the web my Safari suddenly quit... I didn't think it was a big deal because it has happened a few times and I just restarted it and no problem. This last time it suddenly everytime I try to restart it [More]
Circa 12 hours ago, I've made it to first install Snow Leopard on my Mac Pro 3.1, and, using BootCamp, I put Windows 7 64-bit on it and made it my default boot partition. After installing a few simple programs on it (VLC, Firefox) plus a few automati [More]
Dear All, I need a help in Developing a BW report, required the functional logic for the same, The report format will be as follows 1. Asset Asset Class / Opening balance   /  Additions  /  Retirement  /   Closing Balance                              [More]
Hi All, I've been trying to test the failover exception handling feature in partnerlink and were not able to replicate it. Can you please assist me on this? Here is the steps which I've carried out: 1.) Develop a web service and deploy to my localhos [More]
When executing distribution or assessment cycles the doc header text, reference field and line item text are all left blank in the generated accounting document.  We would like to populate these fields with some reference to the cycle or segment name [More]
Two questions: 1)   Is there any way to install a leaked Version 10.2.1on the Q10 without having to re-initialize/restore? 2)   Is it true that installing a version upgarde using a AT&T release avoids having to re-initialize/restore? Thanks for any/a [More]
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Hi everyone, I have a new 13" MBP (Mavericks, i7, 16 GB, 256 GB) and I can't seem to update iPhoto.  It keeps telling me my library needs to be updated, despite the fact that I have only new photos on my machine. I've downloaded the updater, installe [More]
Hi, can anyone help me out with this, this is what I need to do: Write a Java class that represents a 2-dimensional array. It should include the following: ? class variables to represent the number of rows and columns ? a constructor that creates an [More]