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Numbers spreadsheet not downloading from iCloudNo that's not my experience, it's clearly not working as it should. Perhaps you should restore your iPad.Read other 2 answers [More]
I am trying to configure home directories but currently am being presented with "Access forbidden!". I am trying to follow the "piter" advice note on the wiki as I don't want users to be able to read from other users home folders. [roo [More]
please help now my brothers contacts has all of my contactsFirst, turn off using iCloud for your contacts. Go to: Settings --> Mail, Contacts, Calendars --> (your iCloud account) Switch "Contacts" to OFF. You should get a dialog box asking [More]
   Hi All, I am sending in a signal from a pic to labview. I am sampling at 480 hz. I can plot it perfectly(i just use a time scaler of 1/480 in the graph) but I'd also like to show three seperate plots... narrowband filter at 0-5 hz, 5-8, and 8 - 30 [More]
Hello Experts, Can we change the values in driver program from the sapscript program during runtime? Because it always generates 2 pages well in fact the main window only has 1 line of content! I also cannot change the driver program since it is a st [More]
Dear Experts, I want to do not see the Print Screen List pop-up message with standard T-code. Ex, sm66, sm51 click on print button -> Print Screen List pop-up message(SAPGUI) -> print windows dialog (X) click on print button -> print windows dial [More]
Hi, unfortunately I've had no luck with attempting to fix my FF install. Here is what I've done so far. * Multiple clean installs, including removal of all files/history. Relocating any remaining directory files. * Update NVidia video driver package, [More]
Hello everyone, has anyone been able to define a default validfrom and validto date for time-based (lifetime) publishing?  I'd like to se the default validto date to a date one year out or some date that I can default; ie. today+360 days.Hi , Unfortu [More]
Ipad mini disabled and password is not working. Unable to get serial because can't unlock ipad. Have not previously synced with a computer.How can I unlock my iPad if I forgot the passcode? [More]
Hi,   As we create subcontracting PO with ME21N with item category as L  if BOM exist then all compoenet comes in the purchase order and if we want to add some moew componet that we can add  but in which table those component are stored ref. to purch [More]