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Hi all, i am trying to put a error message into a table...any idea how i can get this without doing move 'matnr & is in error' into my table? thanxHi, There's a few ways you could do this; Construct your message first (i.e. combine the message text a [More]
I use a mac and I just recently changed my name servers with my purchased domain name at As a result, I am no longer able to receive emails in my domain name's email address as I have to change some info with Adobe according to godaddy.  [More]
I have looked everywhere and can't figure out how to find the video controls in Safari. I have version 4.04, and Quicktime 10, running Snow Leopard. Videos run fine and pause w/spacebar, but I can't fast forward, or rewind until I find those elusive [More] 2/3 the way down, Atomic sent me a link, that says 'HERE" create a centered full screen flash pop up that works on all browsers and fixes the 'click to activate' bug. But I can't recreate i [More]
Hi, I am working on an interesting solution that invloves modifying the definitions of External Tables dynamically. I have created a Procedure that alters the delimiters ( ROW and COLUMN ) using Dynamic SQL. CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE SP_CHANGE_DELI [More]
Hi, I am new to Java and am taking a Java class. I am trying to put a social security number in "nnn-nn-nnnn" format where n is a digit 0-9. I don't know if it would work with the charAt method of the String class. Does anyone have any suggestio [More]
I have an adapter to accept the xml message from sap, I encounter the issue, when I stop the server and notifiy the ServerDataProvider to delete the connection resource, and unregister the provider too. but the following exception will be throw in jc [More]
Hi,   I am creating wbse in my project and assigning milestones to it.I am assigning various invoice percentages to these milestones. I am copying these milestones details into Sales Contract. Later on I am changing the invoice %age in milestones. My [More]
I had a hard drive crash and need to reinstall my PSE 8, need help pleasePSE 7, 8, 9 - Find your serial number quicklyRead other 2 answers [More]
Hi All,    I am facing an issue in AP delta extarction, The problem is, AP extarctor is taking some time to get the delta records from r3 system to BW, I have cross checked, it is talking around 15+hours to get the delta records to BW from R3. Becaus [More]