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I'm working on a quote report which has narrative sections as well as a table. I can get the report to look great in the application but it has formatting problems once exported to excel. In one of my narrative reports I have a simple table with a fe [More]
Hi, I am using Jdev My table is getting updated twice on running this below code :- 1.  Once for the default values and form values with ID as null. 2.  second time with default values and only ID . Form field values are null for the secon [More]
This server (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with SP1) is used to host thin clients as well as RDP sessions.  One morning the office is fine, they come back from lunch and all of the sudden they can't load certain web pages, such as and pan [More]
I have an iPhone 4 a iPad 2 with iOS5.1 and a 2nd generation iPod... I am having problems with mail being seen on all my devices.  For instance if I open my email account on the iPad the mail is not displayed in the iPhone unless I power off the phon [More]
Hi all. I have a VO where there is an attribute (isDefault [String]) that identifies the default record in the view. The possible values are 'Y' for yes and 'N' for no. Obviously only one record can have the 'Y' value. In my page I have created an AD [More]
hello, I have a more or less corrupt installation of 10.4 (you know, boot issues, permissions going whack every now and then, lots of procrastinating about it) that I'm finally going to wipe completely clean so I can start over with 10.6. but since I [More]
Firefox 3.6 allowed me to play games, Firefox 4 upgrade doesn't.Question After updating to Firefox 4, I have lost 4 plugins/add ons due to their NOT being compatible. I can no longer play my bejewelled game. Please help me here. Can I get Firefx 3.6 [More]
Ok! I am on my second returned IPOD nano. I returned the first one because it completely went out, now this one has went out and I'm started to think it is because of me. I don't listen too my IPOD nowhere else but inside of the house. I don't run, j [More]
Purchased the LaserJet  Pro400 M401dne yesterday and tried to install.  Wasted about 6 hours.  First with the disc that came with the printer, Next by downloading directly from the HP site for this printer and drivers  After downloading and running t [More]
I want to 'draw' a vertical cylinder in 3-D to use as a pedestal on which to display various sculpture pieces. Using the ellipse tool, I have created a relatively flat ellipse in Layer 1 and have painted it a light gray to represent the top of the pe [More]