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hi to all how to customize the ESS iview i want to delete some fields and some into IVIews iam new to this area (JDI) i need the informatiom from scratch could pls explain me how to import into NWDS and how we customize the iviewsHi, Here are some of [More]
I have a routine in my update rule that performs a lookup to another ODS.  To improve my performance I would like to try writing a temporary variable to memory that can then be referenced when loading each record.  For example here's some pseudo code [More]
Has anyone else noticed that flashupdater is filling their system.log with spew? This is happening on systems with and without flash installed. Sign, yet another blunder...Linc Davis wrote: That's the Flash updater included in Mac OS 10.7.4. It doesn [More]
I have shared my iphoto library and can read and transfer photo from one to another mac. but only with album? the events do not show up, only the album? is it possible to transfer one or more events from one to another mac? if I need to make album of [More]
Hallo expert, I want to add three field in ALV ME5A output. I copied program RM06BA00 into "ZRM06BA00". But when i execute and filled  "Scope of List" field as "ALV" in selection screen. It gives error  as "Scope of list [More]
We have report which diplays result in the ALV. The report works till it displays the result in ALV and even it works in downloading result to file in traditional way. My problem starts after succesful display of ALV. there can be many way to downloa [More]
Hi all, I am facing a problem while a copy control of one service order to another service order which are having the same text determination procedures, what settings i need to do, to copy the values entered in the "text" of text determination [More]
I'm exporting an InDesign file to pdf. It's 70+ pages of black and white, no colour, one page with four grayscale photos. The Summary section of the pdf export dialogue has a warning symbol, and says this: "1) The preset specifies source profiles tha [More]
Hello, from my university I received a "free" copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter. I played around with it, especially with setting up domains and all related Servers (dns, dc, dhcp, etc...) as Virtual Machines. This worked very well, but [More]
I am about to cry...or break something atleast. VerifyError: Error #1014: Class air.update::ApplicationUpdaterUI could not be found. I am on cs5.5 flash pro. I am creating an updater. Library path set for: applicationupdater_ui.swc code: var appUpdat [More]