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In the past couple of weeks, every time I launch Firefox, a full-size pop-under ad is also launched, regardless of what site I'm browsing. The original ad was for a You Tube survey, and contains a link to, where there's a menu opti [More]
Hello Experts, Is it possible to access the value of variable set by the user and set the default value of another variable using the user entered value for the first variable? Example: Date variable Week variable Month variable User enters one of th [More]
Illustrator CC won't launch. I am running Mac OS 10.6.8. (Note, this is not Illustrator CC 2014, this is Illustrator CC) I go to reinstall Illustrator and I get a message stating "You are running an operating system that Illustrator no longer support [More]
When I open my picture folder while in Finder, some of the nested folders will show previews of the photos as icons, while other folders only show the generic "jpeg" icon. Does anyone know why? My goal is to have the pictures themselves be displ [More]
Hi, I upgraded my iCloud storage to 500 GB a few weeks ago.  When I go into iCloud under system preferences I can see that 460GB of that is still available.  However, when I try to store things in iCloud Drive on my computer it tells me there is only [More]
I have Ver. 6.1 of Labview, Ver. 6.0 of IIMAQ Vision Builder and PCI1409, I have my aplication ready too. But I want ti create av executable aplication. I wanto to Know If is necesary to have a special version of LabView or to have another software, [More]
Hi Diadem experts! I am trying to concote a script that basically does exactly what the ChnNovHandle function does. ChnNovHandle removes NoValue numbers from a channel, optionally with multiple channels. I want to use this function, except that I hav [More]
Hi all The standard BPC copy package only allows you to copy data on a one to one relationship. Our user would like to copy a value from a specific member to several other members. The system prompts to says "The number of selected members in the sou [More]
I recently installed Montain Lion on my 2009 iMac.  Now when I try to access my iTunes library through my second generation Apple TV I receive the following message: "Could not connect to ...Library". I have done the following to resolve the pro [More]
I seem to be having trouble tuning in to some of the music choice channels, but not all of them. I called yesterday but they didn't seem to know anything. Is anyone else having this issue? I get a message saying Free with Subscription or One Moment P [More]