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I am new to Apple products I have a problem when I'm on a site I don't always see away to go back a page, screen or to my initial search.The navigation arrows on the top left allow you to move forward and back on a tab. The Address Bar and Search Bar [More]
I have a USB2.0 Hard Drive formatted with ntfs, which holds my music. I have an fstab entry for it using ntfs-3g and I can mount it fine after booting up. But the drive doesn't automatically mount like it should. It looks like the system is mounting [More]
Hi Experts!! How to charge expense on PO after goods receipt (MIGO). Actually, some expenses are included on provisional basis in PO (purchase order) and for the sake of operations, we have to post goods receipt (MIGO) and later on, at invoicing stag [More]
Hi all, I want to develope a Flash or Flex application that can stream a video file in H.264 codec. It's easy to do this with FMS, but it becomes difficult with my budget I have an idea to do the streaming (not really streamming ) via HTTP. My idea i [More]
can not talk on skype, sound system not workingMaybe you have the same problem as me, you just turned on your PC and audio didint worked?  Maybe try checking your volume settings, maybe you accidently muted it. (My original post http://h30434.www3.hp [More]
I have opened a file the fonts were used in previously. Illustrator behaves as though the fonts were never installed.Hello, I'm sorry that you ran into trouble with this! In case you weren't aware, the Creative Cloud application needs to be running o [More]
Hi ALL, While doing duplicate database using RMAN i m getting following error. released channel: d1 RMAN-00571: ================================= RMAN-00569: === ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ====== RMAN-00571: ======================================= R [More]
Hello, I am trying to use FP06 (account maintenance) for a collective account. The system doesn't allows to me to select debit documents (collective bill - statistical key S) at all. Someone knows about account maintenance restrictions for collective [More]
Hello all! I'm new to Mac and Aperature and sure would appreciate a little help. I'm wondering if I can add color to a black and white photo. For example, a picture of my daughter, and I'd like to add color to the flowers in her hair. Thank you! dwat [More]
For the last 5 years or so I have had two extra drives installed internally in my Quicksilver G4. Both are Maxtor N256 drives. Both have shown up on both OS9 and OSX and worked fine all this time. Now they show up on OS9 and work fine, but the icons [More]