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Hi all, I am new to check boxes. I have a existing report where I have to add a check box to the selection screen. So i said PARAMETERS: p_cncldc AS CHECKBOX. everythibng is fine and I get the check box on the selection screen. when i execute the rep [More]
Hi,   I am creating JDBC request 1)I defined STATEMENTNAME 2) specified Table name i.e., TEST in my case 3)action element 4) table name Here the problem appears 5) Heee the problem appears  for access also i am getting <b>element</b> in catego [More]
Hallo, I've programmed a simple swing-application that was til now functionning correctly. But today I can't launch this application. If I launch it with java -jar myprog.jar I get following information: Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" ja [More]
I was previously able to charge my ipod while the lid was closed on my laptop. Now, however, I am unable to do this. I am now required to leave my laptop open overnight just to charge the ipod. Can't remember when this started happening. I know i was [More]
i had 138 songs after i synced my phone it left me with 44. and they were my most recent purcheses. now the only thing in iTunes is like 30 sum songs. HOW DO I FIND THE LOST MUSIC???? please this is so important. im a dj i have to have my musicYOu ca [More]
When you go to the host:port it works but when you go to the link in a clustered environment they stop working. Any suggestions?I am using jdev I have 3 progress bars on the page. two of them render and the third one does not. It renders pe [More]
hi Gurus, i am new to webdynpro for abap. the problem i have is. i have a table with two columns. first one is a check box column and the second one is a value field. the table is populated with data(second field only) upon pressing some button. whil [More]
I know this question has little (to absolutely nothing) to do with anything tech support-related, but a lot of people (including me of course), are curious to know the name of that unique song playing in the latest "Breakaway" commercial for the [More]
I have an external hard drive (EHD) that has 2 partitions on it. It's a complete image of an old PC of mine whose power supply broke, so the 2 partitions are as follows: (01) Personal Data (PC's C drive, basically) and (02) the "Recovery" partit [More]
Hello all In cairngorm, is it okay if I don't define any event properties? Thanks and Regards ShiVikHi, yes, it's ok. You should define a name for event and it's enought. All other info and data you can get from model.Read other 2 answers [More]