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Hi to all, I am new to SAP, that too in payroll, currently iam working in outsourcing payroll for US project, where we have to create interface between SAP to ADP (third party) where they will process the gross payroll to net payroll, I don’t have id [More]
I am new to Flash and XML so I hope I am not asking a completely dumb question. I have figured out how to retrieve data from and XML file by the node possition but now I would like to know how to pull it by a specific node name. Here is what I curren [More]
The feature which I will like to see in Firefox is the ability to type a first letter of the Bookmark that I want to get to in the listing. In Windows Internet Explorer 7 favorites listing, I can easily reach the part of my favorites list by typing t [More]
I am having trouble trying to figure out this design that is being used for a simple indication that a weight is being applied to a peice of equipment. the actual pcb that I have to go off of does not give a good view of where or how it is wired.  I [More]
Hi everyone, I had this problem in the past with my iPod and suddenly the same is happening to my iPhone: Calendars are no longer syncing to my "iDevices". This started with 10.5 for me, but ymmv. There are lots of  Discussions suggesting to ex [More]
Do you need to select the "face" in the photos tab in iTunes when synching? I use Aperture 3, and I am synching a subset of my very large photo library. I would like to be able to see the faces from the photos I sync, but I do not want to sync a [More]
Hi All, I am working on a HTTP -> SOAP synchronous scenario. I am using the wftetch tool to send HTTP request. I am getting the following error in the Wfetch tool  when I try to execute the same: URL-Parameter service (sender service) in URL is missi [More]
Hello and thank you for taking your time. I have been facing some problems with my project for a while regarding the LoadFile  method . I have a project in Which I can can select several things and show them in a different RichTextBox. Now, through t [More]
Hello all I am new to this forum and very happy I have found it. Anyways I need some help with my 5600 fx 128. I play americas army and some others games and before the new direct x came out I had no problems with video card.When I tried upgarding to [More]
Clean Leopard Server install. Fairly clean Leopard client, too. Tried to setup an L2TP VPN service, and connect to it from the client machine, and I get this in the client's log: 11/6/07 2007-11-06 T 20:23:52 (PST) pppd[374] IPSec connection establis [More]