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I traveled to a different country and using a new sim/new carrier. With the change in the sim, I have been unable to use the iMessage--outside of WiFi coverage area, and FaceTime at all time. I believe it is due to the phone number registered as an a [More]
Dear all, We have a corporate customer, which has 10 authorized buyers. We have created a Customer number for this company. But at time of sales order creation, we need enter the authorized buyer name in sales order for the record purpose. we are not [More]
I can't get a video that I have in iPhoto to move to my iPhone. I have "include videos" checked in the "sync photos from iPhoto" section in iTunes when I have my iPhone connected, but the videos don't sync. I've tried dragging and drop [More]
Hello everybody, After my upgrade to OS 10.3.1 in my Q10 smartphone I have a problem with my BB ID. I can acces to my BB ID perfectly from my PC but I can´t acces or use it in BB World in my Q10 and now even in my Playbook. What can I do? Thanks.Hi a [More]
Hello, I just tried to enhance with some error report my scenario that was: File (XML) -> RFC (BAPI_EMPLOYEE_GETDATA) - > File (XML) As in the request file I have the PERNR, an employee is uniquely identified. I want now to send back an error messag [More]
I imported some vob files from a dvd and it only gives me the first audio track in premiere but i need the 2nd audio track. How do i tell premiere i only want the 2nd track?function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))} Colin Brougham [More]
Thanks very much!Hi zhouen & Andrea, Actually you should avoid using the SQL tags for antyhing but a trivial application. I previously posted on this topic here; [More]
Hello I have 8+ year experience in ERP, most of the work in Sage ERP. I have good knowledge in all ERP modules. Apart from working experience, I have done Graduate in commerce, Advance diploma in management and PGDBM in finance but all education in d [More]
I now have about 50 total pages ready to upload to my host, and have a huge problem. Seems that all the images, and links are going to: file:///C|/Documents and Settings/ bla bla !! I did a find and replace, on my templates but it does not update the [More]
I have recently started updating my company's website. I would like to use iWeb as an FTP client. I have the connection set up, but I do not have the website files on my computer. The site was originally managed through GoDaddy, and the previous webm [More]