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I would like to be provided with a download for the older version of adobe shape 1.2.0 please!If you've been backing up to your local iTunes library, check your APPS pane to see if you have an older version of Shape stored locally. If you do, you can [More]
Hi, i am downloading a png image to the emulator. i get an out of memory exception.Ooops, my bad - I missed 'emulator' word. I would guess there's a problem with image itself. Try to re-save it in different graphics tool (using different bit depth, . [More]
When I open a large image (one larger in resolution than my monitor), it opens in a small window on the far right of my screen. When I move it to the middle of my screen, resize it so I can see more of it and zoom in again, the window snaps back to t [More]
Hi, O/s Linux 5 database= apps=12.1.2 patch 9058835 for Advance supply chain patch has been running since 4Hrs still in process check the workers working fine showing status some are running and some workers are on waiting is it a normal beha [More]
Hello all I have a comp in which a jpg logo moves quickly across frame into position, I have motion blur enabled for the composition and the layer and it works fine. I would now like to do more work on the composition that involves camera moves so I [More]
Hi Experts, I need read the filter dependent values in my Z Class implementation but I don´t know how to do it. In classic badi was via FT_VAL parameter. Now how can I do it ? Regars, BalaRogerio, In case of badis the field flt_val gets added automat [More]
I have all my itunes music and videos on my external hard drive. Will Time Machine delete these files. The hard drive is already formatted for mac.Note from Time Machine Help files: Time Machine works best if you use your backup disk only for Time Ma [More]
Hi, I'm getting the following error while trying to start the J2EE server how to overcome this SAP J2EE Engine Version 6.20 PatchLevel 67440.20 is starting... Loading: LogManager ... Loading: SystemThreadManager ... Loading: ThreadManager ... Loading [More]
When i go into my playlist and under artist there is more than 1 playlist fore some of the Artists. Can somebody tell me why this is or how to fix it. Windows XPI had the same problem, there may be a space after one of the entries. Of course you cant [More]
Hello, I need help. Is there anyway I can update my software from OSX 10.4.7 to 10.4.11 using a cd? I live in the sticks and only have dial-up. Last time I tried it would have taken over 30 hours to download and seeing as my ISP cuts me off after 2 h [More]