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Hi friends, Iam checking a report in production.  where lead time values are displayed as 0 for 1 key figure lead time3 (w/0 dim) . i found there is a formula for this it shows like NODIM ( 'Lead Time 3' ).and there is a value for cal.lead time how c [More]
Hi, I have problem with web report. The web report with bar charts used to show with different colours earlier. Now when I execute the web report, the chart displays in single colour (All the rectangular bars in the charts are displayed in single col [More]
hi guys, Recently, I've got a problem with reading file from specific location. I've actually followed this post OSB 11g - Read or Poll File in OSB - Oracle Fusion Middleware Blog, and then I know how to read a file. However, it does not as expected. [More]
How to Configure Mighty Mouse in Windows 7? For example the 3rd and 4th Buttons on the Mighty Mouse. How to configure those actions in Windows 7?There is no need for additional drivers. Why? If you have a Wireless Mighty Mouse you have to turn your c [More]
I am sick of getting hacked..... This is the 3rd time my account has been hacked.  This time it has only been for $30-40 but it is very alarming that it is getting hacked at all.  I have changed my password agian to a random thing.   Lets see how lon [More]
Hey guys, I need help. My iPod mini displays "no battery power remains connect to power" or watever but the simple fact is that i actually have heaps of battery power. I found the iPod useless to me, and decided to get a new one. My dad paid for [More]
Hi I am working on a presentation of the uses of AR, OM, CE in the Telecommunications Industry. Anybody with information , please email me.Hi, You can implement GL without Oracle AP and AR, but you will need to develop integration between your financ [More]
Hi, Getting ABAP dump while executing transaction PC00_M99_CIPE  ,hence cannot do payroll posting .     Information on where terminated     Termination occurred in the ABAP program "CL_HRFPM_CD_CLOSING_HANDLER===CP" -      in "GET_FM_POS_CH [More]
Hi All, I want to add fields in ALV in transaction S_ALR_87013570. The way i find is to copy the program but it seems very complicated because of 2 things: First one, there are a lot of programs to copy and if a update comes, the copy will not be upd [More]
Hi all, I get the following error when using "Discover" to import dimensions in endeca develoepr studio This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Has anyone else encountered this issue?Hi, Another way to " [More]