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how can I return my ipad 1 to pre OS5? Ive been reading the forums all over the place to find the solution to my ipad 1 continually crashing. it does it mainly in safari and the app store. Its really annoying when you're halfway through composing a l [More]
I help a friend who bought Photoshop Elements 6 a long time ago but never openned the box. I inserted the CD and started the Set Up bottun but there was a window pop up saying Setup Error Setup has encountered an error and cannot continue. Contact Ad [More]
We need to configure the Limit PO functionality so we can add Account Assignments that are orders. At this time, we are only able to use Cost Centers on our limit Purchase Orders. Please direct me to the SPRO location where I can change the config fo [More]
how to unlock the screen if i forgot the passwordThere are instructions on this page for resetting a device when you can't remember its passcode : other 2 answers [More]
Hi Experts, During the IQC process (inspection type 01), first I use the 103 to post the stock to GR Block stock (100 pcs), then after the Usage Decision, I post the stock 80 to  unrestricted use stock, 20 remain in the GR blocked stock. So, the 20 s [More]
as of yesterday i have been recieveing an alert when i try to move a jpeg into a new photoshop doc stating that my target document has a different depth than my source document and will (which it definiately does) result in lower than expected qualit [More]
Hi Gurus, We are building SRM 7 with ECS. Product categories are replicated froom ECC 6 EHP4. When we are searching product categories in SC with match code it leads to a time out with the following error message : Error application is coming up. htt [More]
i had to uninstall my printer and then reinstall. I printed out some shipping lables after that and it did fine. Now the window on my printer  reads print cartrige problem. Ive tried everything they said cleaned it,rebooted.ect.... any suggestions? T [More]
Hello, I'm using Oracle JDeveloper 11g Release 2 ( I have a form that the user must enter some values, one of these values is a password. I need to pick up that value before commit and encrypt it. Actually the password is stored in the da [More]
Hi What are the reason a wip not found for a wbs  for a particular month while doing rrb billing ,while it is again found in the next monthhi please chec in that particular WBS whether WIP - is defined or not in status profile. in BS02. balajiaRead o [More]