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I just have a generic icon on my start bar (and in the menus). The Firefox icon does not appear. This has no impact on the operation of Firefox. It is only on the desktop and menus. == This happened == Every time Firefox opened == Within a day or two [More]
I have this JSP with two forms calling the same servlet. Problem is, when I use a submit button in the second form, I am unable to retrieve the request parameters from the form through the servlet. I am wondering if anybody could give me some info on [More]
Over the years, I have aquired user and pass words fo iCloud,, Apple id, Apple iPod, Apple iTouch and Apple iTunes. Can I link all of these to my new Apple ID?All Apple services use your Apple ID, so just sign into the service using the new [More]
I have been battling this problem to the point that I'm ready to abandon my T42.  About a month ago, my CD/DVD RAM Mat**bleep**a UJ-812 drive stopped working.  It has gone from being completely absent in Windows XP to now where it has the yellow excl [More]
Hi, I've been tasked with writing a custom report simular to transaction KSB1 ( Display actual cost line items for cost centers )but with vendor no & name added. I can write the ABAP but need some help to identify the source tables. The fields on the [More]
I'm not talking about the electric current that is mentioned on the boards sometimes... When I put my MBP on a hard surface like a wooden desk or glass table, I can feel some kind of vibration and a hum coming from the machine. You can even feel the [More]
I got my iphone wet awhile ago and I have a deadstrip area (keypad 7,8,9), everything else works fine. I am now using my phone just as an ipod since I can't use the keypad, about to upgrade to 3g phone. I upgraded my iphone os to v2 last night and th [More]
Hi All, We are trying to integrate our customer with one of its trading partner using EDI. The sample file available from earlier web methods implementation is little perplexing. Sample file: ISA~00~          ~00~          ~ZZ~PARTNER           ~ZZ~H [More]
Hello, My Ipad2 (and the Iphone 3Gs of my wife) is stuck after trying updating my devic with iOS 5. Error 3200 occured and then the screen only shows the usb plug to Itunes, and that's it !! Any idea please ? Regards,Well, after attempting every kind [More]
Hello everyone, I have performance problems with AFRU table. Every day, the first time I run a "Z" transaction, it takes around 100-120 seconds, but the second time and following it only takes four seconds. What could I do, in order to reduce th [More]