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I'm just wondering if I can use icloud to transfer purchases (music) made from itunes on my iphone to my PC? I know that if I turn on icloud with my other Apple devices it will sync to them & I believe I have icloud on my PC. But I'm not even sure if [More]
After restart a remote machine in PS, I need to test when it is available to connect in Remote Desktop. I tired to use Test-Connection. But when it returns True, Remote Desktop still get error when connect. I tried the following and working ok (i.e. [More]
I cannot use iTunes on my PC using windows vista home, I cannot remove it or try to do another install. I cannot reinstall using the disk or updates to install, remove, or repair it: Whenever I install via the download from, the install sto [More]
I have a form that I am trying to create for our company that will allow our field nurses to select what they need and print it more effieciently.  The problem is that some of the selections are too long and I can't get the Combo box feature to allow [More]
Has anyone out there had a problem with the PSE 11 Organizer starting an automatic update when you open the program?  This happens even when I have just minimized the screen and left the Organizer open.  Yesterday it remained in the update status for [More]
I've been getting this error code for quite some time:  U43M1D207 I'm finally getting around to addressing it but the current link is for CC.  I keep going around in circles, trying to find the old CS5 Application Manger...I just want the full versio [More]
I have over 1.6GB of photos that I want to write to a DVD so that I can play them through my DVD player on the TV. What piece of Linux software would be best for this?Haven't tried it, but DVD-Slideshow looks fairly advanced. There are also links to [More]
Setting up a pop up menu using spry and each time I try to load a child under the original menu, Dreamweaver hangs up. I am using CS3 and running Snow Leopard. Anyone know of potential conflicts/problems?See if this helps: [More]
i cant synchronize apps fro ipad 3 / iphone 4 to older ipodtouch3 with iOS5.1.1. What is my mistake?What do you mean by syncronize?Read other 2 answers [More]
I am getting ready to switch from IE to Chrome or Firefox. I have read numerous complaints about the Auto Update feature on Firefox. Below is a copy of one of them. How common is this problem?Firefox has almost 1/2 billion users. Chances are there ar [More]