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Hi Guys, This is really starting to frustrate me. I'm trying to move quickly some large quantities of files however, for some reason all I get is a error tone when I attemp to reject a image with the quick key after selecting it, or in full screen pr [More]
what do i do if my ipod touch wont turn on/off, shows a white screen, wont do anything, and will not connect to itunesLet the battery fully drain. After charging for an hour try a reset Reset iPod touch:  Hold down the On/Off button and the Home butt [More]
Hello Gurus, Can any one tell me about the vendor evaluation. What is the transaction code for vendor evaluation? Reg/ Shankar GHi shankar, please go through this: step by step guide Please check whether you concidere [More]
I have recently updated my iphone 4 to version 5.0.1 and updated my itune to the latest version. Now the transfer of photos from my macbook to my iphone 4 is not possible. What went wrong here? Anybody please help me.You don't.  Those old photo album [More]
I have just completed a long document and the Pages application quit unexpectedly.  Is is lost irretrievably?Yes, unless you've saved manually or have autosave software for it installed, which is only preloaded when using the latest Pages version on [More]
I have a corrupted user in Leopard. So I am copying all the files I need over to a new user. Both are administrators. Can I take a whole folder (Docs) and tell it to change all the files in Docs to give me read/write permissions or do I have to do ea [More]
Hello I am using tomcat 6 I have to use the work directory as D:/projects/jsp1. Currently it is /webapps/hi, Currently used defualt <tomcat home>/webapps folder for deploying archives to Installed Tomcat container i.e getFileHandler().append(getCont [More]
Hello Moderators, I saw many theads in serveral forums asking for the SAP academy training material which are copyright material. People are also replying this thread by sending the copyright training material for the sack of 10 points. There are als [More]
I am trying to populate my LR3 libray with all the photos on my HD by importing them. Many have been tagged from Elements 8. I have found that when first rendering the photos in the Library, the keywards and tag icon are not shown prior to actually h [More]
A while back I tried to delete photos from Iphoto. I can still download photos from my camera and they go into the Iphoto library and i can see them in the library but when I try to open a photo, actually when I click on any part of the Iphoto screen [More]