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When I go to open my itunes program, i get this error message. not all of my purchased songs are downloading onto my ipod either. had to reset my ipod to original settings and like i said not all of my purchased songs downloaded. thanksI have a Windo [More]
So I recently had a problem with my Apple ID while still under AppleCare, and it turned out that AppleiD was saved with .con instead of .com. I was told to make a new Apple ID and use this new one for everything, and so I did. I forgot my password fo [More]
I am getting below error while I am starting the agent $ ./emctl start agent TZ set to US/Central Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release Copyright (c) 1996, 2005 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. Error in tempfile() using /tmp/XXXXXX [More]
Forgot your security question in my account and I want to get it backProvided your still able to log in to your Apple ID, you should be able to follow this link through and change them [More]
I forgot them and I got a new iPhone and on want to download stuf HELP!!!!Asked and answered 3 or 4 times an hour here. Call Apple Care for your country and the 1st tier agent should be able to assist you or transfer your call to the Account Security [More]
I attempted to rent a movie on my iPhone 4S and play it through airplay to my Apple TV. I could not at any time view any video from that rental but could here the soundtrack. Is there some setting/adjustment that I failed to complete?To answer quickl [More]
I am trying to upgrade to the latest version of itunes, but whenever i try, an error comes up. I have found that the same error occurs when i simply try to uninstall itunes from the control panel. Im wondering if this is an itunes problem that i can [More]
Hi Masaya, Do FN objects exist in SAP? Were they created prior to indexing or do you have the delta indexes setup? Kind regards, LukeDear Luke, Thank you for your great help. This SAP note seems very helpful for our issue. I will try this SAP note (S [More]
I've got an InDesign document open and I'm making a few color-filled boxes and type for the web. I'm setting all my colors to RGB, but when I place certain PSD and AI files in the same document, the color of the boxes and type change to CMYK. Or shou [More]
Is it possible to have separate email icons on my main screen - one for my personal account and one for my work account?Yes you can. You just have to download the app for that email..... with your Mail app taken by one email you can download a differ [More]