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Anyone knows how to use Adobe Photoshop CS6 on Mac? I've downloaded from cnet and it seems not working. Asking for a stable Adobe application Manager. Downloaded and not working..System requirements are v10.6.8 and v10.7  >  System requirements | Ado [More]
Hi experts, I encounter an error message while posting GR for subcontract PO, *Delivery note not found* I understood that delivery note is a reference no only, ever I enter some number still the error message persists. Plz guide me how to overcome th [More]
As partially detailed here: I'm having this issue again. The Blogger service spontaneously starting working, when setting it to upload via sFTP. Now this no longer works. Blogger backg [More]
It is taking from 5-more then 15 MINUTES !! to save a file in PS CC I ma at a loss to know what to do. I have plenty of space on my external hard drive ...any suggestions? has anyone else had this issue?File save speeds are usually a result of not ha [More]
I'm using Measurement Studio 2012 Professional and need to generate a sine wave with quadrature output (idealy with a little noise thrown in). I've examined the SignalGenerator class and cannot find how to have it generate complex data. I understand [More]
Hi, £ is being reported in Oracle reports instead of £, when actually "£" is stored in the database tables. I am using Oracle Reports version with encoding="UTF-8" Any idea why? Cheers, GautamCould be a NLS_LANG setup proble [More]
Why is mail not receiving Calendar email alerts?i have it also where is everybody? Do I have to go to another site ?Read other 2 answers [More]
hi all i lost my original applications for my nokia 6300 can anyone help me please thanks in advance chelseainblue1. This isn't Nokia Care. Its a user to user forum. I'm also a user like you. 2. Yes. It will be required. I also know that its around 6 [More]
hi, Can any one tell how to go about integrating Oracle 11.0.28 with it possible with Oracle Integration server.Hi Swathi, Once your done with successful installation of Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Unified Content Management. Planni [More]
Hello I have a parent-child scenario. What happens if the parent table is completely refreshed? What happens to the child table (that has cascade delete)? If RI exists, will a complete refresh of parent be possible? What is the best way to handle thi [More]