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Recently bought the ATV2, all working well until 2-3 songs played and it drops out and returns to the main menu.  I have rebooted/restarted everything, and checked the event log in my router which shows no drop outs in WiFi connection.  When I tested [More]
it just wont unzoom no matter what i do. wen i enter an app it unzooms then enters the app and then zooms in again and does the same thing when exiting an appTry going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom and turn it Off.Read other 3 answ [More]
I am confused. Here is the story. I have the following drive and directory structure: c:\MyDir\check I have the following two files ( and in C:\MyDir directory. package check; public class mine public int x = 9; import check.*; pu [More]
Can anyone help me out. I have a web site ( If you look on the site the white lines around the text boxes are the last to load and seem to hold up the site. I have used html optimiser but this just seems to cut the image size. I was [More]
I am a photographer now i am using snow leapord my pictures are stored on a 1.5 gb external drive . But now i am useing icloud on my ipad ,  but i am not able to use icoud .photostream on my mac with snow leapord , so i am considering upgrading to li [More]
Hi all, I'm trying to find the best configuration for my AEBS. I have a number of MBPs and MBs in my house but they all get terrible range. The speed is good when it's within about 30-40 feet, but it just drops off right after that. I've got a good a [More]
Friends, FileName: ABC.txt destination path: c:\mydocument\YYYYMMDD (currentdate) i have a requirement to create a destination folder and drop a file in this folder. above example: biztalk picks up a file from one location and drops a file in c:\mydo [More]
Hi !!! I am not able to set an Alias for the Forms and Reports, I have edited the 6iserver.conf and set the Alias, still the server is not recognising my application directory. I have also mentioned the FORMS60_PATH in .bash_profile and also in the f [More]
brand new ipod shuffle is not holding battery chargeWhy would you throw it away if it is in warranty? Why not exchange it? What kind of laptop is it?Read other 2 answers [More]
Hi everyone! I have a question about SIRI: I know that, at the moment, the SIRI software is available only in a few languages (english, french, german?). If, for example, I'll buy the new Iphone 4s in UK, with the english language, it will possible t [More]