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Hi fellow SDNers, i am going through this peculiar problem of background job scheduling: scenario is like , i have an CSV (excel file) in aplication server which would load data into the infosource, which i have scheduled to run in backhround (in inf [More]
Experts I need to send JMS Type to the JMS Receiver. The following UDF was used. DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration) container.getTransformationParameters().get(StreamTransformationConstants.DYNAMIC_CONFIGURATION); DynamicConfiguration [More]
no problem with the camera just need an XP driver for webcam 2.There isn't a driver available for Windows XP but if you're using WebCam II USB version, there's a BETA driver available for Windows 2000 which you can try on the XP OS. You can get it fr [More]
hi we have a new unity connection 10.51 install . trying to create a 2nd mailbax store and get the following error: Unable to create the Mailbox Store. The database returned an error. creates the store but i can't open it to mount it / enable it.Sadl [More]
I have a second tine and date showing on the first display page, like a shadow under the correct date and time.  This is happenong on my iphone5, but was also there on my 4.  Any ideas?I would go to settings-general- reset all settings, if that doesn [More]
Hello I am new to this forum so I was hoping someone would kindly help me out. I have a soundblaster li've 5. with a creative sound card model SB0060 and has an audio extension (digital I/O) connector. Yes I know quite old stuff. I used to do a lot o [More]
This morning, my mom left my iPod out in the cold >:( When I tried to use it, I can hear it trying to start up but then a ticking sound comes on. Sort of like a clock. tic toc tic toc And then an icon appears on the screen of an iPod with a sad face [More]
Hi all! I'm preparing to exam 1z0-036, but i don't known how does the question? Can you tell me some hint? If you have tesking, or material, can you sent to me? Thanks!The book is available from any authorised centre. u can contact me at [email prote [More]
Hi all We are using long term planning and want to change Average plant stock in MRP4 view. Also we are implementation MDG. Now we cannot use MM02 and we have to follow change process to change anything in material master. Is there is âny way to chan [More]
Hi Please let me know the way of checking available data which was loaded into the Master data hierarchy objects. when i go into that particular infobject's hierarchy it is showing maintain hierarchy in its infoprovider execute function colum. How to [More]