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Hello All, We are working on BW-BO integration and creating Webi reports based on Bex queries. The question is regarding passing of a hierachy node value from BW to BO through open doc link. I see that when we pass hierarchy node value, we have to as [More]
After a problem with my Apple TV (Gen1) that required that I deauthorize /re-authorize my MacBook Pro, my iPad2 no longer will connect by WiFi with iTunes. When physically connected, it is seen, appears under Devices, and syncs as expected. Something [More]
A number of my apps won't go online today via WiFi. Anyone know what would cause this? For Example What's On? (TV grids) say "No Data Available - No schedule data is currently available for the selected day. Please try again later.". The App sto [More]
Hello, I recently bought my Vado HD, on first using it the video and audio are not in synch on the playback. The video runs slower than the video. I am wary to upgrade the firmware because it seems a lot of people on this forum have gotten more probl [More]
I have a JVC Everio HDD Camcorder and want to import movie files to my MBP and use in a video analysis package and FCE. The camcorder hooks up ok and I can see it in the Finder but none of the file formats seem to be of any use. Files are either.MOI [More]
Dear Gurus, My client has 4 Business areas in 4.7.  Upgradation is going on now to ECC 6.0.  Now, the issue is with one Business Area in which there are two division.  Client wants to create 5 profit centers in ECC 6.0 by dividing one Business Area i [More] Done my best to check everything obvious. thanks!Thanks Nancy! That fixed the problem on that page. Is it a mistake to have a wrapper wider than a table inside it? (i had 1000, you made it 700 [More]
Hi all, There's a file on my hard drive that systematically generates a kernel panic whenever I try to access it. In particular, I cannot delete it. I can send it to the Trash, but then trying to empty the Trash generates a kernel panic. Here what pa [More]
Is there an automated way to "un"-deploy an EJB? ...or, is removing the generated classes and unpublishing the object sufficient? (Does that leave anything behind?) nullHi John, following are steps. ->Using the bean JAR file that contains the [More]
I have been bouncing back and forth between my Aperture 2 and Lightroom trial for a bit. I really have to say that I am leaning towards Aperture but there is one thing that LightRoom (seems?) to have up on Aperture, the gallery generation. Building a [More]