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Hello All, I have a table with a few columns. I want to colour some of the column headers. I want to do this as these columns represent a KEY. Regards, AayushHi Aayush, As such there doesn't exist any way to colour only some column <b>headers</b& [More]
As described above, I have several instances of plugin-container.exe running, which is OK. It would make me feel safer to know which plugins are running inside each of these, since I would be better able to know whether there is malware running insid [More]
Hi, I can do a video chat perfectly when I initiate it from my Tiger PB (last version) to a Panther eMac (last version), but it doesn't work when the other party tries to initiate it with me. I get the invitation, I accept and then wait and wait and [More]
It was the first time I tried out connecting my Nokia E51 to the PC.I was loading the CD and without reading much started downloading the new firmware. There was a warning about contents being lost some how i was so excited had started saying ok to t [More]
I have a question about how to choose colors in the New Color Swatch window. I think that I understand the difference between spot and process colors, but the dropdown options confuse me because whether I choose Spot or Process in the Color Type drop [More]
Hi, Is there cluster HA agent available for Oracle EBS on Oracle cluster-ware or Linux Cluster? Regards, IqbalHi Iqbal, Oracle clusterware has bundled agents available for Oracle GoldenGate, Siebel, Apache, Peoplesoft and MySQL. [More]
I have enjoyed creating web journals when travelling using iPhoto. With the update to iOS8, iPhoto has disappeared and we have the inferior Photos. And no web journals. So, I have web journals in the Cloud but I can't update or modify them. Is anyone [More]
How can you return a cursor or a resultSet as an OUT parameter? - Any info will be greatly appreciated. A code ex will be great vjAssuming you mean as an output parameter of pl/sql procedure being called from pl/sql... declare   type refcur_type is r [More]
Greetings, I'm building a JSP application with JBuilder 2005 and whenever I try to compile the JSP I get "addenlaceentry.jsp": C:\Documents and Settings\progweb\jbproject\consultas\classes\Generated Source\.jsp\Consultas\com\sybase\jsp\Consultas [More]
Hello all, I was under the impression that the latest patchset for the Server does not cover CRS, and therefore was not to be applied, since, according to CRS's documentation it (CRS) must be equal or later version than RAC. But as i was reading Doc. [More]