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determination is performed online

Hi Guys... I had a requirement where i need to execute a sql statement and print the output in HTML page. This report has parameters to enter. So i created a HTML form which accepts parameters. When the submit button is pressed, the action tag in the [More]
I would greatly appreciate help with this, I have scoured the adobe forumns and google and am unable to find a solution.  I am trying to download Adobe Edge Animate from the creative cloud desktop application (PC) and it gives me this error !Installa [More]
IN URM, when the RMA_NOTIFY_AUTHOR service is activated from a disposition, all emails are listed "from" me. I have no idea why that is or how to correct it. I opened a request with Oracle support with no success as of yet. The best they could o [More]
HELLO GURRRUS,              i wish to modify teh name of one of the field name in the sales ordder. what is the procdure,path and steps involved in would be of great help of me if u take some  time and suggest me. bye take care hav a happy an [More]
Is it possible to split invoice Item category wiseIn trx VTFA (if your billing is sales order based) choose your billing type and SO type, there select your item categories and there select the field VBRK/VBRP data. In that field you will see the cur [More]
So, in LR 1.2, I could change some parameters in a preset (export presets) and then save the changed preset. But the upgraded LR 1.3 export form does not seem to have a "save" option. I can create a new preset, I can remove a preset, but I canno [More]
Greetings.  I am brand new to Mac and I was trying to figure out what shortcut I could use to reposition the playhead in Adobe AfterEffects to the beginning because my keyboard doesn't have a home key.  In the process of searching, I found some artic [More]
Hi, I have lost my complete iphoto library. I have just upgraded to OS X 10.8.2 from 10.5 and I did not back up previous to losing it. Is there anything tha I can do to retrieve it?There are no guarantees. You download the app and it will scan the di [More]
Hi, I'm in a mixed server infra (2008 and 2003) and would like to deploy GPE for rebooting, I've tried to approve KB9433729 but wsus will not approve as its expired, what is the quickest way to get this update out to the 2003 servers. Hi Ror73, After [More]
I need help because I need to use my screenshot function on my Mac Air (running with OSX Lion). Please help.Back up all data. Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it: ~/Library/Preferences/ Right [More]