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DIAdem GPI: import groups in Data Portal

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Hello, I've developed a GPI-DLL to import my XML file, with the GPI extension toolkit (10.2). So now, from my GPI, I can read the XML file (C++ function), but I don't know how to create a group in the data portal, (then the channel). Which function c[More]

Diadem GPI Einzelwertverarbeitung Signaltyp in GPI Driver abfragen?

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Hallo, Bei der Definition eines Eingangs Zusatztreiber kann man in der Erfassung-Liste einen Signaltyp definieren. In der Diadem Help beschrieben unter Einzelwertverarbeitung: Eingaenge Treiber:  Eigenschaften des Signaltypen: Signaltyp      Bezeichn[More]

Diadem GPI

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Hello, all I'm just trying to programm an GPI-file driver for reading a measurment file with some comments. The question is, how can I set in the dataset properties of the global header informations in the *.dat-file ---- EXAMPLE ----- #BEGINGLOBALHE[More]

GPI Dll Driver for DAC-Bock with in- and output

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Hello, i've a little problem creating a Diadem GPI Driver Dll. When i program a driver dll that only has outputs (output from the gpi-block to diadem) every thing works fine. But i need a driverblock with both, in- and outputs. This block has to calc[More]

Using a .dll file in Diadem2012

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Dear folks, I've got a .dll which was created using the Diadem GPI toolkit 10.2 and Microsoft Visual Studio 8.0, I guess. I'm currently using this DLL under Diadem 9.0. Now I'd like to use this same DLL under Diadem 2012, but it won't work. When load[More]

How to call a function of a dll

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Hello, I have to call a function from a dll. I have a description how to do that in Visual Basic but I don't find those command in Diadem 9.1. Here is the command in Visual Basic: Declare Sub oLIC Lib "LICENSE.DLL" (ByVal PrgNam As String, ByVal[More]

ISO MME Data Set Issues

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We are experiencing some difficulties/awkwardness with the DIAdem MME data import function. Please consider the following: 1. The keywords from the channel file are stored in a vector (MME_ChnInfoDesc) and the related values are stored in a matrix (M[More]

Inability to Register GPI Index with DIAdem 10.2

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Hello, I am trying to use a Spider8 from HBM with DIAdem 10.2, DAC Bundle.  My previous version of 9.1 Professional DAC Kit did not have any problems with the .dll DIAdem needed.  Now, when I try to perform the same setup to register the Spider withi[More]

GPI-Toolkit für 64bit Version von DIADEM

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Hallo, kürzlich wurde ich von einem Kunden gefragt, ob ich die vorhandenen Addon-DLLs (32bit) auch als 64bit Version erstellen kann (Einsatz mit 64bit Version von DIADEM). Die Frage ist, ob es in Zukunft ein GPI-Toolkit geben wird, mit dem man 64bit[More]

DIAdem Application Error (mfc71u.dll)

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Hi, I'm working with an application in DIAdem who analize some data that LABview acquire and save the result in one file ("BRAKE_#.TDM") every test. I've got some error saving this files: 23   19:15:34 Error:      Error while executing "DAT[More]

Debugging a vc dll from the diadem?

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Hi all,   I want to debug a vc dll that is  being used in the diadem script. I Have registered the dll in the diadem. My primary aim is to debug the vc++ code from the diadem once the function in the vc dll is occured in the diadem script. My version[More]

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