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I am the System Administrator of my computer. I have managed to limit most of what my nephew can do via general Windows functions. However, I need to prevent him from changing his Firefox Options (listed under the Tools menu). He has already changed [More]
Hi. I'm having this problem almost all the time when I do some color correction. "The application detected an error that prevents changes from being saved. To avoid losing your work, quit Final Cut Pro." Any ideas why this is happening? I'm on a [More]
When I open Firefox, it shows MSN as homepage. I tried in the internet options in the control panel in IE, but that might not be the correct location.See [[how to set the homepage]] you can even set a homepage by dragging and dropping the icon by the [More]
If I want to upgrade my operating system I must to backup my old app or they will be thare after the upgrade .You should always have a backup because your computer's hard disk can fail at anytime, just using it normally. Most upgrades perform without [More]
I have Master Collection CS5 installed on my computer.  I just purchased Premiere Pro CS6.  I would like to uninstall only PPro CS5 and then install PP CS6, but it's not apparent how to uninstall PP CS5.  Is this possible?CS6 Bug AVCHD http://forums. [More]
I purchased Lightroom 4 upgrade, installed it, converted my catalog, and set the preferences for "edit in" another application to Photoshop Elements 9. This works fine in Lightroom 3, but when I try to send aa photo from Lightroom 4 to Elements, [More]
I'm trying to search for some text in a pdf file using pdfbox. Once I find that text I mark the page so I can split that page out using the pdfsplitter. This has been working for a little over a year now. However, recently we received a new batch of [More]
I just bought the Plantronics Voyager Pro bluetooth headset to use with my iPhone in the car. It works great. As an experiment, I tried pairing it additionally with my 2007 Macbook Pro. I can hear sound output from some apps but not others, for examp [More]
Okay, I'm just starting to get into c# programming in vs, and I've run into some problems with what I am trying to create. Purpose of it. 1. Let my guild mates enter in their numbers (see below picture) 2. When they hit to map it brings up another fo [More]
The user enters a number between 1&15 and the system gives 1 up unitl that number, if a person enters a number that is less than 1 and greater than 15 I want the system to say, "Must Enter number between 1 & 15" then exit. My program jus [More]