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I have collected all my digital media into a NAS unit, available on my LAN. All users have their own users on to the LAN, but I would like to share one "profile" for all when it comes to the PSE view of my pictures, so that we can all use the sa [More]
I created a query rule to promote a result on exact searches of my name among local SharePoint results. The promoted result is configured with the URL to my My Site blog. I have setup My Sites as a separate web application in the farm with a unique d [More]
Hi there! I have two questions related to migrating data from Oracle to SQL. 1) I have an Oracle database with several schemas.  At the time of the connection SSMA loads all objects for all schemas presented in Oracle, which takes 1 hour to finish.  [More]
I'm trying to save an Appleworks 6 database as a text file so that I can import into Microsoft Access on my PC. When I go to file>save as in Appleworks it only lists Appleworks 6, 5 and ClarisWorks as file format options. Can anyone tell me how to do [More]
We just acquired a big company. Now we are converting new employees benefit information from their system to our OAB. As per Note:365034.1 suggested, I have been trying to use API 'ben_election_information.election_information_w' to create new enroll [More]
Hi folks, after recent upgrade of yaourt (to version 0.9.4-2) its behavior has changed. Previously, when there were a dependency conflict, it printed the reason. But now, there's only generic message. In yaourt and yaourtrc manuals isn't said anythin [More]
One things these forums do is allow detailed discussions of say, how to do X task in Y software. BUT ... the whole "suite" of video programs is designed for an over-arching process, and I can't find ANYWHERE that the main process is being discus [More]
I am installing Consice Oxford Englis Dictionary that i down loadad from but its displaying System: Unable to find the specfied object. Any one have idea whyt his error is coming. Dictionary is compatible for Symbin Os.The [More]
Anyone have any ideas of why most of the time importing photos into a PSE file works but occasionally it only opens the photo in preview on my macbook?I don't really follow you, but do you mean that double clicking a file in bridge usually opens the [More]
Since 4 days ago, suddenly  I've missed almost all my notes, most of them, very important to me, maybe it happened after an Office for Mac actualization, particularly, an Outlook actualization. I know that it is a common situation, can somebody help [More]