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Is it safe to download and use DiskMaker x

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Is it safe to use DiskMaker X for creating a bootable drive for Mavericks?But that you are saying that by using DiskMaker, you are capable of maintaining bootable clones which contain the entire contents of your hard drive and thereby capable of reco[More]

Update on 10.6.8 fails due to digital signature on update is missing

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wanting to install the Parallels version 10 and it won't work on 10.6.8 version of my Mac OS so I learned how to go to the software update which indicates an update is available. When I go ahead and load the update it runs fine and then stops with a[More]

How do i install lion on a different drive when i'm running mountain lion

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Lotus notes is incompatible with 10.8. The app store will not let me redownload lion even though i paid for it. I do have the "installESD.dmg" and I get the message that the new system is newer so it won't install it. Any suggestions? I need to[More]

How do I Install Mountain Lion on a Mac with 2 Drives

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Good day ALL, I am upgrading my Mac mini to add a second hard drive (solid state).  After the HD install is complete I plan to re-install Mountain Lion and transfer my Applications, Files, etc from my backup.  I am very comfortable with installing Mo[More]

White MacBook: Why aren't my ports working?

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Hey y'all, I'm using a 2006 White MacBook running on Mac OS X 10.7.5, and the USB ports aren't working. If I restart the laptop, the ports will work for a little little bit and then as soon as it finishes the reboot, they won't work. It's weird. It w[More]

New SSD will not boot internally, only from USB.

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I'm trying to install a 480gb Crucial m500 SSD in my late 2011 13 inch macbook pro (i5 2.4 ghz).  I can connect the ssd via usb and format/partition/erase/clone it however I want.  Once it is cloned from my current HD, I can boot from the ssd while i[More]

MacBook Pro will not boot from Apple Logo Screen - No HD recognised

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Hi all, I encountered a problem booting my mid 2010 MacBook Pro yesterday. I currently run OSX Mavericks. The computer has been great for the last 4 years and has never encountered any major issues. Yesterday I dropped it on carpet while sitting on t[More]

Problem with Reinstalling Lion on macbook pro.

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Hi I have a problem with reinstalling the Lion but because i had snow leopard so i can't sign in to reinstall can u help me please. ThanksIf you ever do redownload OS X from the Store, save the package first, you can then use that to boot from and do[More]

Canon stopped supporting Canoscan 9950F on Apple, but still on Windows 8.  What can I do to fix this?

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Upon upgrading to the latest Apple release, my Canon Canoscan 9950F no longer works.  After dialoging with the Canon representatives, the offered me a "discounted price" on new hardware.  They support Windows 8, but decided not to support Mounta[More]

I would like to know how I might find the OSX 10.9 Install file that the app store put on my hard drive.  Any help is greatly appreciated in advance.

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The app store download is so slow at my house that I don't want to do it more than once and I don't see the file anywhere, even looked for hidden files.  But Directory structure is dense and I surely haven't looked everywhere yet.  I would like to ar[More]

Macbook Pro 2011 will not book Mavericks from SSD (I have tried E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.)

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I have a late 2011 15" i7 MBP with 10GB of RAM (8GB + 2GB) running Mavericks 10.9.1 that I want to install an internal SSD on and run just the OS and all of my apps off of, while keeping my Home folder with all of my media on the orignal HDD. I resea[More]

It just works... You've got to be kidding

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The following is an example of how Apple really hasn’t got their Intel machines and OS right when it comes to the much advertised feature of also being able to run Windows. If you are not interested in running Windows on an Apple machine, you may as[More]

Questions on previous Yosemite upgrade posts

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I had the following questions on previous Yoemite upgrade posts: 1.  how do you acquire and make a bootable thumb drive installer? 2.  how do you boot the system in safe mode? 3.  what applications and versions of these are Yosemite compatible? 4.  i[More]

I have a 2007 Mac Pro running 10.7.5 and I want to replace a drive and install Lion

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I have a 2007 Mac Pro running 10.7.5 with dual core intel 2.66 with 13 GB ram. I want to replace my startup disk 250GB (which has all my apps) but has been lagging ( I thinks it's an original drive) with the new HD in bay 2 (4 T drive) which I instal[More]

Mountain lion on iMac compatible with retina Macbook pro?

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My late 2012 13" Retina Macbook pro running Mountain lion 10.8.4 is suddenly paralysingly slow due to kernel_task hogging my CPU. I have not been able to find a definite solution to this problem yet, but I am guessing some software installed is causi[More]

I am in the process of updating the os of my macbook pro and have installed from the snow leopard dvd and did the 10.6.8 combo v1.1 as well and wis to update further but i now cannot get preview so i am concerned about going forward. how to get prev

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I am updating the OS on my MacBook Pro from 10.5.8.  I have installed 10.6.8 and the 10.6.8 combo v1.1.  I cannot open my older version of Preview and do not appear to have a newer version which i thought would be on the Snow Leopard dvd.  How can I[More]

Upgrading to  Mountain Lion Pre Install Questions

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HI:   I will be installing Mountain Lion Next week. I have read through many of the turotrials and quired most of the following  I still have a few questions.   I have some concerns in particular regarding the contents of my mail boxes and mail. I ha[More]

System freezes when attempting to upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion

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I hope someone can help me out there.  I have downloaded the Lion upgrade install program and built an install disk on my jump drive using Lion Diskmaker 2.0.2, but when I tried to upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion using the jump drive, the install f[More]

Can't upgrade to from Snow Leopard to Lion or Mountain Lion though I have paid for both.

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Hi again! I lost all sound when upgrading to Mountain Lion from Lion and was told by Apple that the cause was likely to be a bad install of ML. I am using a Prism Sound Orpheus Sound Card which worked fine with Lion. Since then I have put in a new in[More]

How and where can i get an os installer file to copy to a flash drive

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I replaced a bad hard drive for a friend and need an os to copy to a flash drive cause her cd/dvd is not workingYou purchase the OS, then clone it to the flash drive like here. If we knew what OS you were planning to use, then we could be more specif[More]

Hello, I am currently working on creation of a Z custom table in SAP. There is data coming from mainframe for amount field in the form -9999.9999. To store data like this I am creating a custom Z data element with Z domain definition as follows: Data [More]
I want to restore data from external HD, which backed up with Time Machine, onto new internal HD. If I restore from date prior to 10.6.1 upgrade (which resulted in HD failure) will I be restoring from 10.5? Do I install Leopard on new HD first? Both [More]
i have recently downloaded the trail version of cs4 to see if i like it but when i try to install it goes to the checking system profile install thing but stops once it gets about 3/4 of the way done with it. also when it stops i get an install messa [More]
Hello Experts, We have to perform a filter for field Tax Code in the purchase order (ME21N / ME22N / ME23N). We've tried to use SH SH_T007A and SSH_T007A with search help exit (e.g. F4_TAXCODE_USER_EXIT) but it is not working. The ABAP programmer has [More]
Hi Need help with getting a count of different sums: Table: Stay Columns: Name, Nights each name can have multiple rows with different number of nights, now I have a select looking like this: select sum(nights),name from stay group by name The result [More]
Hello, I am getting dump "Exception condition "CNTL_ERROR" raised" for certain Sales order in VA02 while navigating to Text tab. I tried Note 316243, the error does not come for that paticular session. Once the system is logged in agai [More]
Hi, I get the error when I call webservice from Flex.Can you tell me why this happen? Thanks Mark [RPC Fault faultString="Security error accessing url" faultCode="Channel.Security.Error" faultDetail="Destination: DefaultHTTP" [More]
can anybody explain what is the use of status group in incompletion log?In this “incompleteness procedure”, important fields are assigned and by using <b>“status group”</b>, documents can be blocked at each level of processing, if values have [More]
Anybody knows where is the app instalapse for iphone please? I paid for it and there isn´t available in the app store. I would like to retrieve the app or my money.Stokese you can contact our support team at other 3 answer [More]
hi i was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions as how i could create an arraylist of rationals. i also need to sort the elements into increasing order. i believe i am to use a toArray method from the collection frame work. would appreciate [More]