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So I just recently installed a new security update on my imac g5 w/tiger and reset like I was told to. I then went to bed as it was resetting. The next morning I had a hard time getting it to wake up from sleep mode. So I restarted it. It then restar [More]
I recently lost all of my content on iTunes and have been looking for a way to transfer my content from my iPod over to my PC. I have no idea how I can do it, and my iPod is going screwy, so I need to transfer my content before my iPod finally breaks [More]
I transferred all my music from my pc to my new mac and added new music, but when i try to sync my iPhone with the mac it doesn't sync anything new I put on it. I believe backing it up will solve it , but if I back up my iPhone will it erase what I h [More]
Hi We have a requirement to develop a Pie chart for top 20 Order value locations.but i am not able to plug in top 20 logic in a pie chart.This functionality (TOP N) is avilable in bar chart , but it is not avilable in Pie chart. Could some help me to [More]
Hi, I need to select all rows in af:table, not only on current page. I have following code on custom select all action: getTable2().getSelectionState().addAll()and on button that needs to perform some action on selected rows I have this code         [More]
Are there any plans to renew this feature that was lost in CS6???? Our company can no longer navigate our catalogs that need to be set up as individual spread files. We have copywriters, designers, art directors, and production artists that all need [More]
Hi experts, In this idoc type  INVOICE01, where I can see the customer number? I created a function module to process this inbound IDOC and trying to get sales orders by BAPI function module BAPI _ SALES_GETLIST , but I don't know how to get the cust [More]
Once our website is setup, is there a Search option? I'd like to import photos from iPhoto into a photo album webpage, but I need to have the keywords also. Are the keywords automatically exported also, or is there a way to add them to the photos aft [More]
If I rename (system call) a db file after closing it - Can thiis coorupt the environment ? What is the difference between renaming a file(closed) using BDB interface and the os system call ? Any help with theses questions will be appreciated.user1118 [More]
Hey, what do the second set of numbers mean in parenthesis? I don't recall seeing them before.You have the resolution of that composition set to Half. Those are the numbers of vertical and horizontal pixels being rendered for that composition.Read ot [More]