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Hi have down loaded to set up moving files from pc to mac book pro but keep getting an error message on pc  saying error occurred whilst  preparing your info for transfer ! i am running visa on pc any help pls thanksLook at these links. *How to use y [More]
Hello When a mail is received and then opened, I have the options to answer to the sender or to all. In the account preferences, I can specify if the original message is copied or not. This option applies to ALL the answers. How can I choose when edi [More]
How do I convert this CN=zeeeComputerName,OU=cars,OU=sales,OU=employees,OU=Desktop,DC=carplace,DC=com to this the complete illustration --variable to hold your string declare @str varchar( [More]
Dear all I am facing a problem in database well whenever a insert statement is fired the system is hangout and in server when some inactive sessions are killed the statement gets completed and always have to do that whenever a insert statement is fir [More]
I purchased a Software License for Photoshop CS6 from Dell.  How do I download the software?you can download here and use your serial to install: other 3 answers [More]
I have developed an ERP using Forms 9i. I have kept my development workstation on 1024x768 screen resolution. This works fine on all the clients, which have the same resolution. But, if I change resolution on my development machine to 640x480 or 600x [More]
Hi All, I am doing an IDOC to EDI File scenario, and EDI Conversion using Conversion agent. I have designed the Serializer from the standard library in Conversion agent studio. I need to to add the Line wrap for the output EDI file. How can i do this [More]
i have a custom skin made- how do i save it to the skin selections so i can connect it to the flv's? tks!!Hang on - I think I just stumbled across the solution. I wan't pressing Enter after typing in the hex code. That seems to be the trick ;>)Read o [More]
I'm in a pre-press environment using Tiger 10.4.6, Suitcase Fusion 12.0.1 to manage postscript fonts & Quark 6.5. I'm having a problem with Address Book letting me do any editing to the templates or changing any contact information of a card. I get t [More]
Hi, for some unknown reason that came from the architecture fellows, I need to install 02 instances of WCS pointing to the same database server. I mean, both instances would need to "share" the database. They don't want a cluster schema because [More]