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Hi, In my application Jtextfield is there. Which takes the all Uppercase,Lowercase alphabets, Numbers,and the Special symbols.Send the document class for that if any one knows.It is the subclass. In super class only take the uppercase alphabets. Rega [More]
I have sound but no picture In AirPlay. How can I solve?depend on what the airplay source is if it's not a source which support airtunes mirror you will likely never get anything else ipad2 and later iphone4s and later support mirror macs http://supp [More]
Greetings, I am having a problem with sharing internet connection to virtual machine. I tried to create external virtual switch but without success. From time to time I got an error: Error applying Virtual Switch Properties changes An internal error [More]
Hi! I have trouble activating or upgrading to the newest version of Acrobat Reader extension to Firefox. Whenever I try opening a pdf in the browser, I get a message that I don't have the newest version (although the one installed is v. I [More]
I download Adobe Reader 11 to my XP machine.  When I run the .exe file is just deletes itself and then shuts down.  No trace of it ever existed. Have tried many downloads.Without further information, I would suggest that you download the offline Read [More]
Hello! I started to use Ubuntu OS some time ago and Im wondering if there is a proper version of Toshiba Assist driver for Linux. I looked for it but neither the browser on the drivers' download page nor I can't find it ;| What I want is i.e. the FN [More]
Hi, I've downloaded and installed my photo lab's printing profile. When I soft proof, everything looks washed out and lacks defnition. Blacks look gray and have little detail. Kind of an overall washed out look. I've tried adjusting contrast and satu [More]
How do I get the latest version of itunes for an imac with an os 10.4.11?You can get if from the link Klaus1 provided but note that iTunes 9.2.1 is several releases behind the current version and no longer provides access to the iTunes Store.  For th [More]
Hello, is it possible to add parameters in the address-field? Like this: http://bondbmstst01.eba.local:7777/pls/htmldb/f?p=101:1:USERNAME=ORACLE Can I start so my application to set a field USERNAME on a page or something like this? Regards, MarkHell [More]
"Capture device off line" message when attempting to add additional clips to existing project in Premiere Pro CS5.5.2. Previous capture was accomplished, but, then when trying to add additional clips from same device it failed. All 40 minutes of [More]