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[DOM_10033] Service [informatica_repository] does not exist in domain [Domain_Shan]. [FAULT_PCSFCONFIGEXCEPTION]]. 08/05/2015 16:17:06-[REP_55102] Failed to connect to repository service [informatica_repository]

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Hi Experts, I have aquestion, I am getting phone number as A=123,B = 456C = 7890D= 123(Extension) I need to concatenate like this in informatica power center: (123)456-7890*123  If I dont get any extension, then we should only populate  (123)456-789[More]

Error while connecting to informatica repository server

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Hi, I am trying to connect to Informatica Repository Server, and getting following error: Failure connecting to "INFORMATICA_REP_Logical"! ANOMALY INFO::: Error while connecting to informatica repository server MESSAGE::: pmrep Connect Error ===[More]

Error while integarting the DAC with the Informatica Integration services

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Hi Experts, I am setting up the BI APPS. I am following the documentation provided by oracle. Everything went on smoothly but when when I am trying to integrate the DAC with the Integration service created in informatica it is giving me the following[More]

Registering Informatica service in DAC client Fails

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Hi we are configuring BI-application with Oracle11.5.10. we are successful in installing all the components. But we are stuck in registering Informatica service in DAC client (section 4.12.2 in install guide) we gave the setting details as below Name[More]

Difference between Source Qualifier and Target instance Pre/PostSQL ?

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Hi All, Please guide me on question.Hi All, I have installed informatica Powercemtre and Oracle on windows 7. Have completed the below steps:1. Installed Oracle2. Informatica server and client Configured domain and node3. Created repository and integ[More]

Hi All, I am facing one problem. I am trying to exeute application jar. through command java -jar cleint.jar In this jar I am ussing one class ProcessingFailureException this class is in process.jar file. I have set the process.jar in classpath. but [More]
Hi, My Lacie ext. f/w drive has just died during a backup session. I have a sequence cut on the timeline, my project files and the original tapes so I should be able to re-capture and re-connect to my back up drive (also a Lacie unfortunately, I'll n [More]
Hi there! I'm not sure if this is the proper forum to ask this. But is there a way to connect an Xperia tablet (or any Android tablet) to a PS3 via wifi in order to cast or stream off files such as photos or movies? Please advice. Thanks.If it can ac [More]
?i can not conect my touchsmart 600 to my TV using HDMI ports. Do anyone knows how to fix the problem?HP TouchSmart 600 refers to over 200 different computer models. When requesting assistance, please provide the complete model name and product numbe [More]
Respected Gurrs, In the following code  data frm LFA1 is not retrieved.Can anybody tell me where is the prob in my code here? Kindly help n reply ASAP. thanks and reagrds, SELECT SINGLE lifnr ebeln mblnr FROM mseg into itab_mseg       WHERE mblnr = m [More]
Hello, my site was with trouble when i try to see it on IE6, i have an xml object to load data from database to my flash site althought it work on IE 7 and Firefox in IE 6 the data didn't load. What is this problem ? Something with xml parser from IE [More]
I'm looking to buy some reliable storage to do 2 streams of uncompressed 8 bit with my MBP 2.16 Ghz c2d. I'm not sure wether i should go with G-Raid 500 or G-Sata 500 and the Sonnet Express/34 combo ??? I've tested using my Lacie drive with FW800 int [More]
Hi, I'm running a java application on a W2K o/s. My application needs to be able to access the user environment variables in Windows but I don't know how to do this. Can anyone help ? Thanks. other [More]
Greetings-   I posted this on another thread, but never received a response.  Now it seems to have been "lost" in the traffic for that previous thread!   Can someone clear this up for me so that I don't erase/remove the wrong program?   Thanks. [More]
Hi All, When I try to connect with Database(10g) through SQL*Plus, I generally login with sysdba user (like sqlplus "/as sysdba") there could be number of ways we can login to sql tool. normally I follow this ... sqlplus "/as sysdba" b [More]