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[DOM_10033] Service [informatica_repository] does not exist in domain [Domain_Shan]. [FAULT_PCSFCONFIGEXCEPTION]]. 08/05/2015 16:17:06-[REP_55102] Failed to connect to repository service [informatica_repository]

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Hi Experts, I have aquestion, I am getting phone number as A=123,B = 456C = 7890D= 123(Extension) I need to concatenate like this in informatica power center: (123)456-7890*123  If I dont get any extension, then we should only populate  (123)456-789[More]

Error while connecting to informatica repository server

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Hi, I am trying to connect to Informatica Repository Server, and getting following error: Failure connecting to "INFORMATICA_REP_Logical"! ANOMALY INFO::: Error while connecting to informatica repository server MESSAGE::: pmrep Connect Error ===[More]

Error while integarting the DAC with the Informatica Integration services

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Hi Experts, I am setting up the BI APPS. I am following the documentation provided by oracle. Everything went on smoothly but when when I am trying to integrate the DAC with the Integration service created in informatica it is giving me the following[More]

Registering Informatica service in DAC client Fails

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Hi we are configuring BI-application with Oracle11.5.10. we are successful in installing all the components. But we are stuck in registering Informatica service in DAC client (section 4.12.2 in install guide) we gave the setting details as below Name[More]

Difference between Source Qualifier and Target instance Pre/PostSQL ?

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Hi All, Please guide me on question.Hi All, I have installed informatica Powercemtre and Oracle on windows 7. Have completed the below steps:1. Installed Oracle2. Informatica server and client Configured domain and node3. Created repository and integ[More]

Can't view video in iPhoto on my iMac but I can view it on my iPad! Source of video iPhone, sent to me via email. Appears in iPhoto on my iMac as a blank folder. Using OSX 10.9.5 Maverick. Any ideas? I have the same problem with a voice recording sen [More]
Can iTunes sync on a single computer sync more than one device? If I keep the old, deactivated iPhone as an iPod/iTouch, can I sync it one the same computer as my new iPhone 3GS? Will iTunes recognize that each has a unique sync protocol?Although I'm [More]
Hi Everyone. I have been trolling on here for months but this is my first post so I hope I am putting this in the correct place. What I am trying to do is simple in theory but I have tried over and over and am having no luck in getting this to work. [More]
I am compiling a monthly "motivational" CD for my company with a mix of motivational songs and podcasts relating to our industry. I need to burn 50 copies and understand that songs purchased through itunes can only be burned 7 times. Is there a [More]
Before I trash and reinstall GB 09, I would like to find out if anyone else has this issue. I write a lot in Score view. If I mess up on a note and try to move it, it takes several seconds for GB to do it. It's frustrating since a lot of time is spen [More]
I have been trying to sync my playlists so that I can listen offline. On some of my playlists, most of my tracks have a green arrow, but the entire playlist has a grey arrow next to it. Does this mean I can still listen to those songs offline even th [More]
Dear sir, I want to control the rawmaterials usage at the time of production confirmation (t -code co6rn) users use rawmaterials as per their wish. This is process industries . please give me the exact solution and process to solve that issue. Thanks [More]
I don't know why some program such as Gimp, Deadbeef or Sublime-Text take about 1.5 or 2 seconds to close. I have tried to run it in terminal, there is not other error ouput except missing GTK theme "adwaita". My Arch is up to date and it work p [More]
Hello When I search on podcast from DR (Danmarks Radio) it is not all podcast shown. Last in the list says "Show 42 more" and when I press that nothing happens and therefore I can not see the last 42 Podcast.I have run the lastest update but I h [More]
I want to add a text box in the form of item master.Is it possible to access it thorugh .net. I access the newly created forms as, SBO_Application.Forms.ActiveFormHi Dilip, The following code provide u an example for accessing system form.Try this Co [More]