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[DOM_10033] Service [informatica_repository] does not exist in domain [Domain_Shan]. [FAULT_PCSFCONFIGEXCEPTION]]. 08/05/2015 16:17:06-[REP_55102] Failed to connect to repository service [informatica_repository]

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Hi Experts, I have aquestion, I am getting phone number as A=123,B = 456C = 7890D= 123(Extension) I need to concatenate like this in informatica power center: (123)456-7890*123  If I dont get any extension, then we should only populate  (123)456-789[More]

Error while connecting to informatica repository server

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Hi, I am trying to connect to Informatica Repository Server, and getting following error: Failure connecting to "INFORMATICA_REP_Logical"! ANOMALY INFO::: Error while connecting to informatica repository server MESSAGE::: pmrep Connect Error ===[More]

Error while integarting the DAC with the Informatica Integration services

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Hi Experts, I am setting up the BI APPS. I am following the documentation provided by oracle. Everything went on smoothly but when when I am trying to integrate the DAC with the Integration service created in informatica it is giving me the following[More]

Registering Informatica service in DAC client Fails

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Hi we are configuring BI-application with Oracle11.5.10. we are successful in installing all the components. But we are stuck in registering Informatica service in DAC client (section 4.12.2 in install guide) we gave the setting details as below Name[More]

Difference between Source Qualifier and Target instance Pre/PostSQL ?

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Hi All, Please guide me on question.Hi All, I have installed informatica Powercemtre and Oracle on windows 7. Have completed the below steps:1. Installed Oracle2. Informatica server and client Configured domain and node3. Created repository and integ[More]

I have 2 Hotmail accounts on my computer. I can only seem to be able to open 1 of them.When I try to get into the other hotmail account message comes up that says Server not found.However I do have an Ipod and I can open both accounts and check my em [More]
hi,    i need to select particular fields(not select * )   from bsis table in my Logical database. how can i write code for this? for eg,    In Ordinary report , we can write (select belnnr into   itab_bsis-belnr)  like this.    but in Logical Databa [More]
When I started my account I was in Ireland but recently moved to New Zealand & I cant swap to the New Zealand iTunes store because I have 65cents credit in my account! I can't top up my account because my credit card is with a New Zealand bank. The i [More]
Hi ,     Can any one give me some clear idea about <b>"Repeated Strucutres is ABAP HR "</b> and what is the main use of <b>Repeted Structures</b>. If u have any material on that plz give me.    Thanks,   SureshHi, check i [More]
Hi, I have created an PieChart with a Legend. The FontSize of the Legend is too small and I want to change it but it doesn't work: <mx:Legend dataProvider="{chartLief}" height="80%" width="25%" fontSize="24"> [More]
What are Providers and consumers in Xcelsius? How I can import live data into Xcelsius from BI using Providers/ ConsumersI would recommend to take a look to the user's guide: [More]
Hi guys, Just purchased a nice new iMac (2.66Ghz model), and used the migration assistant to copy files across from my old powerbook to the new machine! Generally it went OK, though I was surprised that my docs and photo's etc., didn't migrate with t [More]
Been working on some sketches using Flash and Kuler themes. Here is the first one. If people want I might turn it into a screensaver.Very nice! Would love to see some sliders/controls for messing with the bands a bit, [More]
I've lost my FCP serial number, doesn't Apple keep a database of all my registered products, if so, how do I get it?If you still have the documentation that came with the FCP package, you should find the serial number on two stickers affixed to the f [More]
Hi All, Just a little help here please. I have a query in my Transaction Notification that I only want to run for service type documents however when I put the code in I am getting an error. Below you will see my query and the part I put in for servi [More]