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I'm sending and email to several people using the BCC field.  However, when the recipients receives the email, I want the recipient's name to appear in the TO field and the recipient not know the email was sent using the BCC.  Right now, the recipien [More]
Setting up iCloud Drive for a family is a nightmare!  I have spent the last two hours trying to figure out a smart way to make it work!  First off, even though the name is similar, iCloud Drive seems to be a very different thing than Google Drive or [More]
Hi Alex/ All,        That  was great job. You have implemented smooth scrolling for List..  Based  upon that I have implemented the same in datagrid also..But I am facing  couple of issues...     1.  I have Item renderer Text..  With in that text I a [More]
i am on my second magic mouse. Neither work properly. The mouse loses connection and I am continually having to turn it off and on.The graphics shutter.How long have you had your latest mouse.   Was it new when you purchased it?    What brand of batt [More]
Hi I need to program a piece of code that retrieves a specific value out of a deriviation rule on SPART. Anyone now of a functionmodule/BAPI that can do this. Have been debugging transaction KEDE hours on end but have not found the "holy grail" [More]
I'm trying to edit a .plist file in the system/library/launchdaemons folder but can't figure out how to get permissions to work.  I have Xcode but when I try to edit it says "you don't own parent folder, can't unlock".  I tried changing ownershi [More]
Dear Experts, I want the field of NORBM, APLFZ, EKGRP in other tables except EINA, EINE and ENT5035. Because WERKS and NORBM will not update constantly in above tables i.e. EINA, EINE and ENT5035. regards, MadhuriHi, The Field <b>NORBM</b> is [More]
I installed the new version of iTunes (8.0) and I lost my whole library of music. I uninstalled it, removed it from my computer, restored my computer to an earlier date to see if the old version still exisited. No luck. A message just tells me that t [More]
Hi All, I am trying to print an invoice receipt using Bluetooth printer BTP 110. When I try to print the data does not get printed completely i.e the print stops in the middle. If I go on printing 5 to 10 reciepts (not full reciept though) the blueto [More]
Upgrading to Mavericks from OSX 10.7.5 on a air 13 late 2010 4g ram, 2.16ghz 256g storage, about 2/3 in use. I tried 3 times the night before last and it acted normal but after a few minutes it popped up to restart. Then starting yesterday morning, a [More]